Li, who was confused because he didn know what Commander Zhang meant at all, could only follow him from behind who kept running. Strength that was almost exhausted but instead was told to run, in his heart he kept complaining.

”What is it, Commander? What do you see? ” ask Li

”Just follow me! ” Commander Zhang replied.

A wooden house is quite large, with minimal lighting but there are quite a lot of people guarding the house. Commander Zhang saw the mysterious person enter the house. He guessed that the house was the headquarters of the Mesui Group. Commander Zhang told Li to be quiet and hide.

”Whose house is that, Commander? ” ask Li

”Could it be Mesuis headquarters? ” he added.

”There is such a possibility. I accidentally saw someone running into the house. Thats why I asked you to run, ” said Commander Zhang.

”Yeah, what are you waiting for? Come on, lets just go in, ” said Li, who was suddenly excited.

”Wait a minute! We can be careless! We have to make sure first whether the house is really their headquarters. If so, its just the two of us, theres no way we can just go in there. We have to strategize first, ” said Commander Zhang.

After confirming that the house was indeed Mesuis mark, the two of them then changed into black clothes like them. From the beginning he had guessed that bringing the clothes would be very useful later.

”Ming Hao will be my direct target, you control the situation inside ” said Commander Zhang.

”If you hear a commotion, without a second thought just get out of here! ” he added

”Okay, Commander, ” Li said

The mission began, the two of them slowly began to enter Mesuis headquarters. Luck seemed to be on their side that night, no one knew that the two of them were in disguise. Commander Zhang began to look for the whereabouts of Ming Hoa, while Li remained on the initial plan of pretending as closely as possible to be Ming Haos subordinates.

”Where is she? Is he not here at the moment? ” mumbled Commander Zhang who was starting to get frustrated because he couldn find Ming Haos whereabouts.

Accidentally in the middle of his search, Commander Zhang heard the voice of someone who was similar to Ming Haos voice was joking with a woman in the room. Commander Zhang then approached the room and peeked at it.

”Thats right! It turns out that he is having fun with the women here, ” said Commander Zhang, who was making out with a woman on his bed.

Look at the situation around the room. Commander Zhang without a second thought entered the room slowly. The womans presence turned out to be very disturbing Commander Zhangs mission.

”Shouldn I just kill him? ” Commander Zhang muttered.

”Who are you? How dare you enter my room! ” snapped Ming Hoa who knew of Commander Zhangs whereabouts.

”Quickly get out! ” he snapped again.

Ignoring Ming Haos chatter, Commander Zhang remained standing quietly in front of the bedroom door as he prepared with his sword.

Ming Hao who looked annoyed because he was disturbed, with a completely naked body he stood up while taking a sword and approached Commander Zhang.

”You really want to die tonight! ” said Ming Hoa as he walked over to Commander Zhang who he thought was his subordinate.

Only halfway through, Commander Zhang quickly drew his sword and threw it right through Ming Haos left chest. Immediately Ming Hao lay helplessly on the floor. Seeing that there was a murder in front of her eyes, the woman immediately screamed for help. Ming Haos men quickly ran to their bosss room.

”Its done ” Li muttered and then walked out of the house.

According to the mission, Li will wait for Commander Zhan in the forest. Even though he was actually very worried about Commander Zhans safety, it was an order from him. Li had been waiting in the forest for a long time, but Commander Zhang never returned. Lis feelings of worry were getting worse.

”Hes been back for so long! Maybe something happened to him, ” said Li.

”Should I follow him? ” he muttered.

Tired of struggling with uncertainty, Li decided to follow Commander Zhang to the Mesui headquarters again. If he had to die there with Commander Zhang, he would have been sincere. This mission happened because of him, so he should be fully responsible for this mission.

”Where are you going? ” came a male voice from the darkness as it sounded like it was holding back pain.

”Commander Zhang! You
e all right, ” said Li.

”Im fine. Ming Haos head is already in my hands, ” said Commander Zhang while showing a sack.

”Lets go quickly before they find us ” he added.

”Okay, ” said Li

Without thinking they immediately left the forest to secure themselves.


Some time after they came out of the forest and entered the royal gates, and morning had come…

”Thank God we got here safely, ” said Commander Zhang, who suddenly collapsed on the ground.

”Commander! Whats wrong with you? ” Li said panic

Unbeknownst to Li, it turned out that Commander Zhang had a fairly wide and deep cut on his back, and an arrow stuck there. It turned out that since they were walking home, Commander Zhang was in excruciating pain without Lis knowledge.

”Commander! Wake up, Commander! ” Li said

Commander Zhangs face was already pale, his back shirt was drenched in blood, it seemed that he had lost a lot of blood. Without thinking, Li immediately carried Commander Zhang while riding a horse to take him home to get help immediately.

”Whoever is there, quickly call a healer! ” shouted Li after entering Commander Zhangs house

Commander Zhangs wife, Fang Yin, who heard Lis shout, rushed out to meet him.

”Whats wrong with my husband, Li! Why is he like that? ” asked a panicked Fang Yin.

”The commander-in-chief is injured, Miss! Quick, please send someone to call a healer! ” Li said

Fang Yin ordered the servants to immediately find a healer and brought Commander Zhang into the house. Commander Zhangs body was starting to feel cold, his pulse was getting weaker. Fang Yin burst into tears when he saw her husband like that.

”Why is my husband used to be like this, Li? ” Fang Yin asked.

”Im sorry, Miss! Forgive me! ” said Li who could only apologize because he really felt very guilty.

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