”Oh, Snowball, where are you? ” A pleasant voice hummed out without any rush.

”Come on Leo! Weve got to go! ” Another voice spoke next to the previous voice, they seemed much younger.

”Ev, its okay, we
e not in a rush. ” The pleasant voice responded.

”Yeah, but Mom, he does this every time we have to go somewhere… ” The young voice, Evelyn, retorted with a slight groan. She was around the age of eighteen and had very dark hair and blue eyes. She wore a plain dress that she found in her closet as she didn like dressing up.

”That- Yes, I suppose thats true. ” The pleasant voice giggled slightly. ”But you were like this when you were younger as well. Leos growing up, you have to remember that. ”

”Lily, did you or Ev find him yet? ” An upbeat masculine voice asked while entering the same room as the other two. The man was wearing a very sharp suit, but he seemed a bit uncomfortable being in it. His jet-black hair was slicked back, and his eyes were a deep blue. He was also a giant, towering over the other two in the room, although Evelyn was getting there in height. He was an entire torso and head taller than Lily.

”Ah, Felix! There you are. Where were you? ” Lily, the owner of the pleasant voice whipped around with a smile and spoke to the man entering the room. She wore a nice white dress covered in frills. She had black hair and emerald, green eyes.

”Looking for Leo, what else. ” He chuckled before continuing, ”Ive finished checking the other rooms so either hes in here or outside. Also, the boys are meeting us there. ”

”Hmm, alright. ” Lily responded as her eyes narrowed to slits and a devious smile appeared on her lips. She erased any and all sounds she was making and slowly started walking around the room.

”Is he… ” Suddenly she dropped to the floor and looked under Leos bed, ”here?! ”

Seeing a dark and empty space, save some toys that had made there way under there, Lilys face froze slightly before she smiled and got back up.

”Alright, check the closet, Ill check the cabinet. ” Felix said chuckling.

The group started searching the room quickly before everyone suddenly came to a halt when they heard a noise at the door. Lily turned and saw that the bottom of the doorframe was occupied by a small child trying to get the last remaining drops of juice out of their juice box. His large eyes stared at the three people in the room trying to find him.

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

All four individuals were silent until the little child, Leo, raised the box up and asked, stumbling over his words, ”Can have more juice? ”

Lily and Felix both held their heads in defeat with slight smiles on their faces. Instantly, Lily appeared before Leo, and she started tickling him.

”Oh?! My little Snowball wants more juice?! ” Her face was one of pure joy as she tickled Leo.

Leo on the other hand was squirming around, trying to evade his mothers fingers as he laughed nonstop.

Felix and Ev had hopeless smiles on their faces as they watched the scene. Lily absolutely adored Leo and could never help herself when it came to playing with him. That included when they were heading out to see their other sons who had already moved out of the house, like right now.

Felix scratched his head and spoke up, ”Lily, its a bit of a drive, we should head out. Ill go get Leo some more juice, you take him and Ev to the car. ”

Lily nodded and hummed affirmatively although she didn even hear what Felix said.

”Lily, I cut myself earlier when making food. ” Felix said while staring at her.

”Thats nice dear. ” She said, once again, not paying him any attention as she continued to tickle and play with Leo.

Ev stared at Felix and shrugged, he saw this and chuckled. He patted her head before running over quickly and scooped Leo into his arms before quickly bolting it to the refrigerator across the house. He quickly grabbed the jug of juice and closed the door. When he did, he looked to his left and saw Lily who seemed like a devil who had just crawled through hell. She stared ominously into Felixs eyes, and she lowered herself to pounce and steal Leo back.

”Mom. ” Ev said and tugged at Lilys sleeve, which napped her out of her angry stupor, ”We really should go. ”

Hearing this, Lily looked a bit sad, but she nodded and took Leo from Felix who was trying to pour the juice. Leo started playing with Lilys hair without much thought as his eyes started getting heavier and heavier.

Noticing Leo had stopped playing with her hair and had fallen asleep, they put him in the car before they all hopped in and left their nice house.

They drove and drove until they found themselves entering an archipelago and crossed bridge after bridge. Each island was densely packed with forest, but many old towns sprouted out here and there along the roads they took. Eventually, after a few hours, they reached the largest island which was home to a massive city that had tons of classic architecture.

Driving under the evening sky, the buildings were now highlighted with nice red, orange, and pink colors and many lights were coming on. They made their way over to the restaurant their sons wanted to meet at, and they eventually pulled over and left their car. The family all wore excellent suits and dresses as they walked in the city. Eventually

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