The Legend of the Fox Demon

Fourteen Years Later

ck hair, wearing a perfectly fitting black suit walked in the room. He was as pale as the moon and had dark bags under his eyes. Like the angel from before, he also had an extremely nice face. On his hands were black rings and tattoos slightly peaked out from under his suit. He was nonchalantly smoking a cigarette.

As he entered, all eyes were drawn to him.

The muscular man adorned in gold mumbled, ”Whats that **er doing here? ”

The so-called 13th apostle, the angel who was covered in thorns, got up from their chair and walked over to the man. Upon reaching the man, the two figures contrasted each other in just about every way. But they ignored their differences and shook each other hands.

They both started heading towards a table with three chairs. The apostle left the group he sat with and joined the new guest in sitting at the table.

The couple watched this scene play out, but the husband couldn help but ask, ”Whos the new guy? ”

The old man and the muscular man laughed out of their noses but didn answer. The greasy, overweight man from before did instead, wearing a mocking grin on his face, ”That, my friend, is the lightning demon, John Doe. ”

”Why is a demon here? ”

”The demons say they don have anything to do with the murders, as do the angels. So, the angels got the new apostle and the demons got John and sent them both over here. I wonder if the war will ever start at this rate. ” The greasy man chuckled as if even he didn believe what he was saying.

Selina just rolled her eyes.

The apostle and the lightning demon both sat in their chairs talking quietly to each other for some time. Eventually everyone had arrived and was settled, save for the single empty chair between the two.

”I must say, hes got some balls standing the two of us up. ” The apostle said with an annoyed voice.

”I wonder if thats the only thing well ever agree on… Probably! ” The lightning demon laughed while flicking the ash off of his cigarette.

After a couple more minutes they both got up. When they did the eyes of everyone at the party darted to the two. They were, without a doubt, the strongest individuals here. One of them alone could most likely kill everyone here and get away with it.

But luckily for the guests they just called over an attendant. After speaking for several moments, the attendant quickly walked away talking into a microphone in their sleeve.

Although it was a large mansion, it wasn that big considering it was in a city. Thus, when a scream was heard across the mansion, nearly everyone freaked out.

A blood-curdling scream rang out from the mansions library. The apostle and John were the first to start running towards the screaming, but eventually the rest did as well. As they all entered the library, they saw someone trembling on the floor.

Before they went to check on them, their eyes were drawn to a dark liquid pooling onto the carpet. As droplets continued falling from above, their eyes and head naturally lifted themselves.

Above them was a man with his throat slit, his head bludgeoned in, and his knees broken. His legs were both being held by a thick rope from the second story railing of the library. His chest looked pried open.

Some guests threw up, some looked away, but many were completely undisturbed. But two men were completely perplexed. The lightning demon and the apostle both looked at each other.

When their gazes met, they both shrugged and slightly shook their heads.

”Wasn me. ”

”Wasn me. ”

The apostle took a knife out from his suit and threw it at the rope, causing the man to fall into a puddle of his own blood. The two men started inspecting the corpse. Very quickly the two found out that the body was missing its heart, much like the other murders.

The party eventually was cancelled, and the police soon arrived.

John, the lightning demon, spoke to the apostle, ”Well, Ive got other things to do, so Ill be on my way. ”

He stuck out his hand and continued, ”Hopefully Ill be the one to get to kill you. ”

The apostle shook his hand and simply replied with a genuine smile, ”Likewise. ”

After which they both parted ways.

Leaving the mansion John opened his phone and called a number. It barely rang before someone answered it.

”Hey, meet me at the bar we went to last time we went here. ”

”… ”

”Yeah, that one. ”

”… ”

”No shit?! It closed? But their food was the best! ”

”… ”

”Oh. Ew, never mind. Uhhh… meet me at the diner we ate at time. ”

”… ”

”That closed down too?! Okay, now I feel like you
e lying to me. ”

”… ”

”Okay, meet me at the other, other diner then. Oh, and bring the rest. ”

”… ”

”Alright, see you there. ”

John closed his phone, lit another cigarette and started casually walking along the road, but it started quickly raining again. Annoyed, John whistled at a taxi as it drove by, when it pulled over, he hopped in.

Selina and her husband on the other hand got into their limousine and their driver took them home. Selinas husband was queasy the entire ride and had to roll down the window to puke.

”Its just a dead body, why are you like this? ” She questioned with an annoyed face.

”Its not the body I care about, its what it looked like. And the smell, ugh, the smell! God, how do you stand it? ”

Selina just shrugged.

Upon entering their mansion that was outside of the city, they quickly separated. Selina went to take a shower and her husband went to eat something after emptying his stomach.

Their mansion was incredibly modern. Everything was as refined and sleek as could be. The lights were blindingly bright due to everything being white or painted white.

Nearing the time Selina was getting out of the shower, the door creaked open. Selina, hearing this, quickly shut off the shower. She and opened up the foggy glass door. She peeked out slightly but didn see anyone.

She opened the door entirely and saw someone standing by the doorway.

The person slowly walked in, and Selina calmed herself down when she saw the person. She was noticeably paranoid due to the murders.

Her husband walked in slightly drunk and plopped down onto the toilet. She breathed a breath of fresh air and hopped back into the shower to finish rinsing herself off.

As she was finishing up, a smell drifted into her nose.

”Honey? What the ** did you eat? Ugh, that smells horrible. ”

She saw a figure standing outside of the foggy glass when she finished up. She opened the door and saw someone who was slightly taller than her and completely obscured by their clothing, besides their eyes. But she collapsed instantly after getting hit in the temple by something hard.

She collapsed into the shower and noticed her husband sitting on the toilet. He had barf all over his front, and his neck was dripping with crimson blood. He stared lifelessly at nothing, and Selina herself quickly fell unconscious.

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