before you sat back down? ”

”Uh, can I smell them? ”

”Bingo! Our next lesson is on the roles of demons! ” He seemed very enthusiastic in contrast to his previous tired self, ”There are many quirks that demons have, as well as angels as we
e very similar, one such quirk is something I have. I have a good nose and am something we call a seeker. ”

He started walking through the classroom, ”What can seekers do, you may be asking, well, we can tell the difference between angels and demons. Not that crazy I know. But its very useful for a couple of things. ”

He stood before a handful of students, ”For instance, I can smell any of you, meaning you
e either a human or a half-blood. But since none of you would know a seeker can smell a half-blood, and that you would die as a half-blood if you received angelic or demonic blood, I can confidently say that you all are humans! ”

He walked a couple of desks away, ”I can smell you all, apparently its different to all seekers, but to me you all smell very faintly like coffee, meaning you
e all demons. Its a distinct smell like coffee, but not exactly, meaning if someone smells like coffee, I can still distinguish between them! ”

He again walked a couple of desks away, now arriving before Leo, ”I can just barely smell a sugary smell from you, but you
e the only exception among all half-bloods for this! Due to your special situation of course. ” He turned to the class, ”Your classmate here is a half-blood. You would assume seekers would be able to notice a half-blood, but for some reason, its like the blood of an angel and demon combined messes with our senses. Its theorized that whatever allows seekers to seek, gets canceled out by their blood mixing. Instead, we just smell them like any other human, which is the absence of a special smell.

”As I mentioned earlier, I can smell Mathias here, but thats because hes unique to all half-bloods, but not in a good way. In fact, he should be very dead… but I digress! Whats important about Leo is that his bodys balance is out of whack, leaning slightly towards angelic. ” He whispered loudly to the class, ”Which is why he should be dead! ”

Leo looked slightly annoyed that he was telling everyone about his situation, but he didn stop Ethan. Not that he could anyway.

”But the smell… He smells slightly sugary. Like a candy from my childhood, which is sadly no longer in production. ”

He walked away and towards the brown-haired student near Leo. The second student to have woken up. He placed his hand on the students shoulder firmly, but the students face seemed rather pale.

”Hello Mr. One Hundred… ” A sadistic grin appeared on Ethans face. His hand moved from his shoulder and went to his neck, forcibly placing the students head on the desk.

His face leaned near the student, and he whispered, ”Hmmm, I wonder, should I call the Inquisitors? Actually, I know an Adjudicator who owes me a favor… ”

The students eyes looked dead, but their body was extremely trembling. They were on the verge of tears, but they held them in.

”Hmmm… Nah. Not worth it. ” Ethan let go of the student and stood up straight, slightly stretching. ”Your real name is Luke Sharpe, of the Sharpe family. Your family really fed you to the wolves, eh? Its honestly pretty sad, you
e just a kid after all. Royals will be royals I guess whether they be demons or angels. There was zero shot of you succeeding here with whatever they told you to do, by the way. For the past hundred years there have been multiple seekers at these training grounds. Im sorry kid, your family definitely knew youd get caught. ”

The entire class was silent for nearly an entire minute as the angel just laid their head on their desk. Ethan couldn take it anymore and spoke up.

”You know… there is something we could do… ”

Lukes eyes slightly moved towards Ethan, trembling the entire way.

”Since we
e discussing blood and all of that… Well… There is a process to turn an angel into a… sort of demon. ” Ethan looked at Luke and put his hand on his shoulder again, this time tenderly. He did genuinely feel bad for him, earlier was just a show to make him more accepting of the request. But Ethan did honestly think this alternative was better, even if he looked at the situation from a neutral viewpoint. Oh course, he mightve been slightly biased.

”Im sure you
e aware of a blood angel. If we very, very slowly give you demonic blood, youll kind of blend into a demon. Because of how we work and how we
e different, you can never fully be a demon, but its irreversible and will get you banished from the angels. Its a way to ensure youve switched sides and won betray us. If you don want to, I honestly understand, but Ill have to get an inquisitor. Ill give you some time to think about it. Olivia, give him an empty room, I don want any demons to attack him. ” He glanced at a few demons who sat near the back who all wore excellent clothes despite being at a military academy.

”Now I know all of that was heavy. So, lets talk about something I know you all love! Tests! ”

Collectively around half of the students groaned. Inadvertently of course. Ethan was just messing with them, trying to lighten the mood, so he chuckled upon hearing their reaction.

”Anyway, Im proud to announce a new record! Ive still got to check, but this shouldve beaten the previous one. Beating the previous best, a total of thirteen students passed! The last record was ten! ” Ethan went back to his desk and sat on it.

He took the stack of thirteen papers and placed them on his lap. He lifted one and showed it to the class.

”Heres what all of you were supposed to do. All of the multiple-choice answers were just there to confuse you. We need you all to think outside of the box, all of the answers here shouldve been just short of satisfactory or completely batshit insane. If you answered even one of these by circling an answer, you failed. Of course, if just writing something was enough the passing rate wouldve been much higher. No, instead, you had to write good answers. Crazy concept, I know. ” He said with a voice oozing with sarcasm.

”Take this answer from question one. As a refresher, You find yourself on a sinking boat along with multiple other passengers. You all make it to a small spare boat for emergencies. It is the only boat available. Taking the boat to the water, you find another passenger in the water, but the boat you currently sit on is filled to the brim. There is absolutely no way the swimming passenger can fit, and they won be able to survive for much longer. What do you do?

”This student said, Id take one person out of the boat and replace the person in the water. The person now in the water will stay there until they can stay any longer. Then well swap this person out for someone else, well repeat this process until another boat arrives or well move slowly enough where they can hang on to the side of the boat. They continued talking about alternatives depending on if the water is cold and they also explained how theyd navigate.

”The point is, we
e making the best of the best here. We need you to think outside of the box regardless of the situation. Just because an answer is presented to you doesn mean its the right one. Anyway, the class has gone on for long enough and you have more classes to attend. Youve got a few minutes to kill before you go to your next class so go find your sleeping quarters. ”

With a wave of his arm, he dismissed the class. Almost none of the class moved though. Seeing this Ethan tilted his head slightly before gasping, ”Oh! Yeah! Sorry! Olivia! Can you give them their papers? Thank you. ”

Olivia and a few other people handed them some forms and a map of the compound they were staying at. The forms were their schedules and where they were staying, as well as course syllabuses.

Getting his papers, Leo stood up with a complex expression due to thinking about the angel, Luke. But he just shook his head and left the classroom.

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