, since all of you have to learn basic hand-to-hand anyway, well spar until class ends.

”I want you all to pick a partner, it doesn matter who, and I want to see how far you can go. Try to match yourselves with someone in your skill range if you know anyone. ”

Faust looked over at Leo with a cute face, reminiscent of a puppy. ”Mathias, wanna spar?! ”

Leo laughed awkwardly and scratched his head slightly, ”I have experience in hand-to-hand, do you? ”

Fausts face somehow beamed even brighter, ”Hell yeah I do! When I was younger, I went to a dojo thingy! ”

”No offense, but I don know if wed be good partners if you call it a dojo thingy. ” Leo said, once more laughing awkwardly.

”Come on! I got some spunk in me! ”

Leo almost choked, ”Don say that! ” Leo thought that maybe Faust was a little too innocent.

”What? Why? ”

”Well, what you said does work, but theres also another meaning which is… pretty dirty. ”

”Oh… Well, never mind that! Come on! ”

After a moment of thinking, Leo simply said, ”Fine. ” He had just decided to give up and spar him.

Mr. Griffith spoke up once most people found their partners, ”Weve got plenty of doctors, so go hard on each other. Your goal is to knock out your opponent or pin them, your opponent can also surrender. Well be handing out boxing wrap, so you don hurt your hands as much. Without further ado, beat each other up. If I don seem professional, remember your training for the real world here, your opponent is not going to pull their punches. Like I said, we have a lot of doctors wholl heal you. Your actual training will start later, this is just so I can see where everyone stands. ”

Faust brought Leo to a section away from the others. Luke was nearby with no partner, so he was watching Leo instead.

After wrapping their hands, which Leo had to do for Faust since he forgot how and after they both put in mouthguards, they began their fight.

Faust got near Leo and threw a quick punch to his face. Leo just avoided it entirely. The fight went on like this for about a minute. Faust kept throwing punches and Leo just avoided them.

”Aren you going to fight me?! ” Faust asked upset, considering Leo said he had experience.

”Um… I don really want to. ”

”Why not?! ”

e not exactly fighting that well; you haven even hit me. ”

”No dip, you keep dodging me! So, show me how its done! ” He raised his voice slightly.

Leo was silent for a moment before agreeing. He took a step forward as Faust threw a punch. Leo avoided the punch by ducking underneath Fausts arm. Leo struck him directly in the chin, slightly lifting Faust off the ground. In the next moment Faust found himself on the floor with a splitting headache.

Faust just groaned as he laid there. Leo scratched the back of his head awkwardly as a medic went to take care of Faust. Leo looked up and saw someone talking to Luke. It was the same person he saw entering his room, someone Leo assumed was a royal.

Royals weren all rude, especially in these modern times, but they certainly despised the opposite races. So royal demons generally always hated angels and royal angels usually always hated demons. In other words, Leo only saw a pest talking to Luke.

He saw Luke standing up and wrapping his hands, the other person was as well. Leo walked over to see what was happening. Seeing him walk over the royal only rolled his eyes.

”This doesn involve you. ” They said sneering.

”Well, I don have a partner anymore. ” Leo said, sneering right back.

Lukes eyes widened when he looked at Leo and didn even notice that he had finished his fight with Faust.

”That quickly? Why didn you end it sooner? ” Luke asked.

”Would you feel comfortable punching a toddler? Thats kind of what it felt like. ” Leo shrugged.

”Enough, you can watch, just go over there. ” The royal said to Leo, cutting the conversation short while rolling his eyes.

Leo put up his arms in defeat and moved out of their way. He sat on the grass and watched the fight. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Mr. Griffith watching too.

”Seems like hes serious about what he said earlier. ” Leo thought to himself with a slight sigh.

The two stood apart from each other and closely walked towards each other. Punches started flying, grapples started getting latched, and kicks were launched. Leo thought that they were pretty well balanced. But he kept noticing them not punishing mistakes, whether intentionally or not. He personally thought that it was mostly unintentional, but a few times they also pulled back in the last moment.

The royal had Luke in a chokehold, but Leo noticed that he wasn even doing it right. It didn even matter as Luke got out of it almost immediately. Eventually Leo just held his head in disbelief. The fight managed to go on for even longer, whether due to their inexperience or pride, neither had gone down. They stood opposite of each other with slightly swollen faces and staggering bodies.

”Hurry up, please. I don want to wait the entire time to fight someone. ” He said to them both with a slightly urging tone.

They both ignored him and kept fighting. But it kept going and going until it got on Leos nerves. He simply walked forward and punched both, the royal was struck in the temple instantly causing him to crumple and Luke twice, once in the ear and once in the chin, finally knocking out the fatigued man.

As they fell to the ground medics came over and treated them. Mr. Griffith walked over, ”A temple shot is a bit much, don you think? He couldve died from that. ”

”You were the one who said to go hard. They drew out the match for much longer than it shouldve been, hence my annoyance. ” Leo said folding his arms.

”… ” Mr. Griffith stared at Leo without saying anything. Behind the two of them many fights were still raging on. After a moment he laughed quietly to himself.

Then, Mr. Griffith approached Leo with a curious proposal and a veiled smile, ”Why don you fight me? I won use any of my powers. Just muscle and skill. ”

Leo grinned openly, apparently happy with the offer. They were approximately the same size and had around the same amount of muscle.

Mr. Griffith wore a robe, which he promptly took off. Leo took off the shirt that he was wearing as well, leaving both of them bare chested.

When Leo took off his shirt a massive jumble of scars was revealed. Although his torso was covered in them, they all had a strange precision to them. Along his body were long cuts and short cuts, many near his stomach and chest, and many near his bones. There wasn a visibly safe place from the scars save his hands, neck, and head. They, instead, were oddly pristine as if his flesh had never been touched before.

But that wasn entirely true as he had a slight scar on his jaw that corresponded with a massive scar on his chest, which didn have the same precision as before, instead they were slightly jagged.

To top it all off, was a silver bell hanging from his neck on a red ribbon.

Mr. Griffiths eyebrows slightly raised at the sight, but nothing more than that. He, of course, had his fair share of scars as well. He instead wrapped his hands and put in a mouthguard. Leo did the same, rewrapping his gloves as well.

They took a step away from each other, before they both shot forwards at each other. At this point most of the spars in the background stopped as everyone noticed the two preparing to fight.

A few punches were thrown between the two, but they were all narrowly dodged. That is until a punch connected with Leos chin, rocking his head back, but Leo responded by kicking the side of Mr. Griffiths right knee. Leo then threw a punch at Mr. Griffiths face which hit his nose, but Mr. Griffith hit the side of Leos faces from his blind spot sending him tumbling.

Leo put his hands on the ground catching himself before he fell over, swapped legs, and shot his heel towards Mr. Griffiths head, connecting it with his neck.

Leo recovered off the ground and Mr. Griffith took a slight breather rather than pushing Leo. They circled each other for a bit before Mr. Griffith ran over and lifted Leo off the ground by his waist.

In response Leo rabbit punched him, striking the back of his head. But Leo was then slammed against the hard dirt, knocking the wind out of him and his kidneys were assaulted by punches. Leo, although in great pain, repeatedly struck Mr. Griffiths face with his right elbow with pushing his face back with his left hand.

Neither of them was down but they were both extremely injured, both using moves generally not used in a regulated fight due to their long-lasting effects if not properly healed.

They were so hurt that the medics actually stepped in and stopped the fight between the two, even momentarily entering the scuffle to tear the two apart. One dragged away Leo and another Mr. Griffith. They were laid next to each other, and the medics quickly go to work.

Olivia ran over to the two but when she saw that they both had stupid grins on their faces, she promptly shook her head with an annoyed sigh and walked away.

”Kid. ” The medic was telling Mr. Griffith not to talk due to his broken nose but he ignored them, resulting in a funny voice, ”I don think anyone in this class can be your sparring partner, Im going to be honest. You seemed to be the only person who fought like you would in the real world and didn get upset when you were punched in the same way. Correct me if Im wrong, ” he looked over and saw Leo laying there with a bruised face, ”You
e better than that aren you? I feel like you weren hitting as hard as you could… ”

”Hey, if I get the chance to fight someone with tons of experience, Im not going to end it as soon as possible. I don care if I get hit some more. ” Leo said while looking extremely satisfied.

”Ha! Ethan was right, the people this year are freaks! In a good way of course. ” He paused for a moment, ”And as a specialist, you
e supposed to learn hand-to-hand and a lot of it, but I think we can spend more time on swords and guns. And more time with your specialization as well. ”

”Thats good. ”

”Damn right it is. So, whered you learn to fight like that? ”

”Here and there. ”

”Don give me that bullshit, come on. Are you self-taught? ”

”No, no. I just had a very strict teacher, a lot of opportunities to practice, and a long time to do it. ”

”I see. Well kid, Ive not had fun like that in a long time. The only people who can do something even remotely like that are the royals and they
e just annoying brats who squirm out at the first sign of trouble. There are the military families, but even then, they aren even in the same realm as you. I don doubt youll be at the top of practical exams. ”

They both stared at the sky as the medics worked on healing them. The medics were soul mages who very slowly healed the injured areas of their bodies. Although the process was slow, for a spar like this it was perfectly fine. Eventually they healed everything, but they still ached all over.

They both got up and parted ways. Leo went back to his backpack and laid down. He ignored the Faust who was staring at him like a hurt lover. His broken heart practically visible to all to see.

”Why didn you say you were that good at fighting?! ” He complained.

Leo hesitated but eventually said, ”I didn want to hurt your feelings. ”

”So, you instead just decided to hurt me? ”

”I mean, in an actual fight it wouldve been worse… ” Leo reasoned.

Although Faust knew Leo was right, he still stared at him with a dumbfounded face. He was well aware Leos argument wouldn stand up to scrutiny, but he also couldn form an argument against it. He was too dumbstruck to do that.

Luke appeared from nowhere, ”You know, I think the chin shot alone wouldve been enough. My ear feels muffled now, like I feel like I need to pop it. ” He forcibly yawned repeatedly, trying to unmuffle his ear to no avail.

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