The Love Diary: Timeless Forever

Chapter 1: The First Entry

Dear Diary

February 3, 2009 — I have done something… that I should have never done. I have tampered with forces beyond my understanding, and for what? It was all for naught… i should have done more… i should have… All I ever wanted was to save him, to say those three words back and wrap my arms around him once again, but now — my search for a cure now turned into another disease. I have released something into the world, and for which I will soon be punished for. But that is not my main concern. The curse I unleashed will spread throughout the earth, and it will find a home in many different people in different parts; and I must help them before it gives them the same pain it gave me.

Fortunately for me, it would only inhibit a limited amount of people — a few maybe — but it will hurt them the same. The curse would find those who have a hint of feeling for one another, but trying to find who in the pair is affected will be difficult; but it will hurt both of them nonetheless. I am going to try and right my wrongs before it is too late; find a solution for it all… but… I need to observe them first in order to do so. Fate will visit them soon.

This is my doing, and my mistake to correct; none shall lose theirs. May Fate be kind, and may their hearts survive.

I… am deeply sorry, but this is… the only way

The… only way

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