The Mafia Wants My Heart

Please don\'t let it be a dream

What are you scared of Damian? The school counselor had asked me once after I had a fall out with one of my classmates. Everyone thought it was something back at home that was bothering me but they were wrong.

Whispers. I said without meeting the counselors eyes.

She was staring at me I knew that. As Ive said before introverts know when they
e being stared at more quickly than others. Mind elaborating?

There is nothing to elaborate. I don like whispers. They hurt my ears more than loud noise. I said and got up from my seat. She kept asking me to sit back down but I didn and walked out of her office.

Id elaborate for you guys, maybe anyone of you will understand. When you don say much people think of you as weak. They whisper things about you they don even know, mere speculations, and even when you try to ignore these rumors, one of them will slip above or beneath the wall and reach your ears. Then they become scary because one sentence leads to another and then the whole conversation is there to bother you. The group of ”cool ” kids bullied me and no one stood up for me, absolutely no one. All I got from teachers were sympathetic looks and no action. Soon the whispers grew on me. The school corridors started to feel like a horror game show where murmurs followed me everywhere.

College wouldve been no different had the stranger not helped me that night. Since then the whispers had affected me less. But now the fear was back because I felt like my body was not there anymore but there did exist, an immense amount of pain. I wanted someone to help me get up but I couldn even open my eyes let alone move my legs or arms. And on top of everything I could hear people whispering.

When is he going to wake up?! Someone barked.

Sir, we cannot say as of yet. There are multiple injuries and even though we managed to save him we need to wait until he wakes up. Another person whom Im assuming could be a doctor said.

Yet another one, some fool I guess, intervened only to say, Does he have to wake up though?

Rifle! That alerted me. Were there people with rifles around in here? Hold on! Where was I? It might be the shock or simply fear from hearing the word that I forced open my eyes.

Oh! Someone exclaimed and was right above me staring into my eyes which blinked ferociously.

Who… I tried to speak but my mouth felt too dry.

The guy brought his ear near to my mouth and asked, Are you trying to say something?

At the same time, the older man and the foolish guy asked, Is he awake?

Yes, and hes trying to say something. The guy near me said. Then he bent down again to hear me speak.

I tried with all that energy left in me and finally asked, Who are you? He stepped back in what seemed the shock of his life. If his wide eyes weren enough that he opened his mouth wide too. Dramatic much, I wanted to let him know but now my throat felt more parched than before.

What did he say? The others who had not heard my question asked.

Boss, hes… I think he…lost his memory. The guy, who Id asked who he was, said. But wait! Did he say I lost my memory? Why? I remember everything about myself! I tried to get up to explain to him when an army of doctors made me lie back on the bed. What the hell!

Why do you think that? The doctor asked. Exactly, what made him think that? Does he not remember you?

The guy replied, He asked me who I was. Now I was annoyed. Who the hell was he that I had to recognize him? President of a country!

I pushed away the hand of one of the nurses who was holding me back and sat up, not without difficulty of the course. What is going on? I asked my voice breaking.

Youve finally woken up, I missed you brother. Said the guy who was just a few minutes ago asking why did I have to wake up. And why was he calling me brother?

e not my brother. I said and he made a face.

The old mans nostrils flared hearing me say that and he said in a stern voice, Stop it! This is a hospital. Do you have to bring the family drama here in front of the public?

Sir, don worry this is a private room. The doctor assured but perhaps it was the wrong time.

For the old man shouted, Shut up! Don tell me what it is and not.

Sorry, sir. Hearing the doctor apologize I understood that this man here was someone with power. But again what does it has to do with me? I decided to leave and moved my feet to the ground. It didn take me time to wobble when I was trying to get up but the one calling himself my brother held me by my arm, supporting me to make sure I don fall.

Easy there brother.

Throwing his hand away I took the support of the bed itself and stood up. I said Im not your brother!

The old man came to hold the collar of my hospital shirt. How many times do I tell you, Rifle is your brother?!

No, he is not! Rifle is not my….hold on, this guy is named Rifle? I had to control myself from laughing. He was the rifle they were talking about.

Have you really lost your memory? Rifle asked delightfully. I didn know him but I could tell he was the happiest thinking I didn remember anything as if I was a loan shark he had borrowed money from.

I sighed and said, I remember everything but I seriously don know who you people are.

Cicero, if this is some scheme of yours… the old man began but I shook my head to cut him off.

Now who the hell is this Cicero? I asked and turned in another direction in frustration only to look into the mirror which I think was faulty. I ran towards it, of course, wobbling was involved. Touching my face with my hands I stared back at the reflection which was different from what I had been seeing every single day of my adult life. How is this possible? I muttered. The reflection wasn alien though. Freak! Unbelievable! I was a doppelganger of my crush.

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