With all eyes on me now, I surely did steal the thunder from Ciceros step-brother who glared at me with all his might.

What did you call our father? Rifle asked his fists ready to swing at my face.

I quickly said, Um, Im not feeling well so it mustve been a slip of the tongue.

Dad Kavinsky stood up from the table, throwing the napkin he had on his lap a second ago onto the plate in front of me. He was letting me know who runs things around in this house. Since no food would I have got after this I too stood up and decided to walk out. But when dads want to talk, they want to talk.

Follow me to the study. He said like this villain who abducts your girlfriend and demands you come into their den on your own two feet. By the way, they have a study here! Since when are mafias interested in reading? I wondered if study was the code name for a dungeon where people were tortured for information or something.

I did as asked and soon was in the study which seemed more like a great library. Im sorry but do you actually read these books? I asked Ciceros father and bit my lower lip. What was wrong with me? I was talking too much for an introvert that I was. I guess being in Ciceros body was messing with my brain. You
e Damian! I reminded myself.

Lets get to the point. Are you doing this because I refused? He asked without answering my question. He thinks Cicero which is me right now is acting out because he refused something. But what?

Losing memory can be very beneficial in these cases. You refused something father? Cause as you know I don remember anything. I smiled to add that innocent touch to it.

He pressed his lips together. I bet he doubts Im faking it. Well, I am but also Im not Cicero so…

If you don remember then theres nothing more to talk about. That was my cue to shut my mouth and return to my room like a good boy. But I wasn the good boy. Mafia anyway doesn have anything to do with being good.

So I took my shoot at being a jerk. Why do prefer him over me? I don think his mother was the love of your life.

I was now being hot daggers with the eyes. Ciceros father stepped closer to me and placed a hand on my shoulder only to squeeze it like a lemon, only it was crushing my collar bone. I tried removing his hand but he maintained his grip on me.

Father! I pleaded.

Don ever try to be a brat in front of me again.

Im old now. I said. Cicero I believe was older than me and couldve been in his early thirties.

Doesn mean you can bark whenever you want. Never forget my house, my rules. Youve returned after a long time and are injured only that is why I am letting you go this time. He said and then took his hands back. Adjusting his suit he gave me a lethal look and I forgot all about being rebellious. I wonder if Cicero ever stood up against his father and if yes, then what punishment he was meted out.

Back in my room, I found Jaden already sitting on the couch. What are you doing here?

And what were you doing down there? He asked. Didn we agree this time when you come home you
e going to take it easy so that the ball is in your court?

The ball was never in my court and by the looks of it its not going to be that way any time soon. I commented.

Jaden stared at me. Why do I feel you
e a different person altogether? Are you pretending to be this way because you have a plan? Let me in on it.

There is… I stopped. To think of it, I have no idea how long I am going to be in this body, I have no clue where cicero is and its not like I can go out and search for him, but if I pretend to have a plan and make this guy believe I do, he can help me in getting out of here. There is a plan.

Glitter was in his eyes now. I knew it! You remember everything right? How can you lose your memory? I mean it was a pretty big accident and the other two guys are now dead but still. What he said hit my ears like a drumstick on the metal plate of drums.

What did you say? The other two people in the accident died!

He nodded. Unfortunately, yes. They were in pretty bad shape. Medics couldn save them. This means…I was….I am….dead! Holy…!

Mom and dad must be devastated. I said.

Jaden who heard me asked, What?

I breathed and tried to calm myself down. I mean their parents must be devastated to lose their child.

Since when do you care about grieving families?

Im a human and I do have a heart you know.

Ah….I don know what to say. Also, I don think you remember anything.

I was irritated a bit now. Why do you always keep asking if I remember or not? Did I make a promise to you that now you think won be fulfilled because of my condition?

His face grew serious. Yes, you did.

What is it? I asked.

Forget it! If you don remember then I won force you to remember it. But stop lying to me.

Listen man I…

He didn me finish. I will tell you everything about your life from now on and you
e going to take notes because the more you take time to bring back those bloody memories of yours, the early Rifle would sit on the family throne.

Theres a throne in here? I asked and Jaden rolled his eyes.

I swear I can with this new version of yours. How dumb can you be? I was saying it like in a symbolic way. Hours and hours of study for years to become the professor that I was in that prestigious university only to be called dumb by this mafia side-kick who I was very sure hadn even seen the face of a school in his life.

Fine, I will rely on you for making me look the way I was before.

What was the plan you were talking about earlier? Do you even have one? He asked with a raised upper lip.

No, I don !

Such a waste of time. He said and left. So everyone treated Cicero as if he was nothing. What a poor soul. I bet he didn even want to do the bad deeds they required him to.

My mind shifted back to me being dead or my body I should say. But wait, does that mean, Cicero was gone too, that is if he was in my body? What if it was the truck driver? Argh! All of this was getting crazy with every minute that I was here. Will they ever let me go?

I looked out the window the security seemed to have been increased. With no hope left, I went to tuck myself in bed.

Damian. Someone took my name. Opening my eyes I saw the impossible. The stranger was in my room. Wait! I was in my room! There were no dark curtains like in Ciceros but bright yellow ones like I have in mine. The papers to be graded were on the table and no television that decorated one of the four blank walls of Ciceros room was here. The mattress was softer but what caught my attention the most was the man in front of me.


You know my name? He asked.

Now I do.

You have no idea how much I waited for you.

I laughed nervously. That shouldve been my line.

I made you wait for so long I don want to anymore. He said. Please don let this be a dream. I silently prayed.

What do you…. Before I could ask what he meant his lips were on mine. Hungry, as if not just me but he had waited for ten years too. It was as if he was breathing new hope into me that I embraced his affection and put my hands around his neck pulling him closer to me. His hands were supporting his body that was on top of me right now. I moaned when his tongue brushed my lower lip. He was asking for permission. I took the initiative and invaded his mouth first. Mint was all I could taste.

Suddenly there was nothing I could feel. Cicero was kissing me, his hands had me pinned to the bed but there was no sensation in my wrists. Mint was all I could breathe. It was as if someone had put the plants leaves in my nostrils.

Damian, are you alright? Cicero asked raising his face to see me.

Can breathe. I told him.

He smiled. I looked at him in confusion. He was just told I couldn breathe and he was…smiling. Leaning in a little closer to me he whispered in my ear, You deserve it.

Cicero…What are you…

I couldn feel my lips anymore. What was happening to me? Then came a loud noise and then another. Someone shouted, Rifle! What the hell are you doing?

Rifle? I thought and looked at the guy near me. There was no one. Cicero? Where did he go? I wanted to ask where he was but I couldn move the muscles in my neck. There was no voice in my throat.

Someone, probably someone with concern for me came and tried to get me to sit up but my body refused. Cicero, whats happening? Can you hear me? I wanted to tell them I could but then again the voice didn come out. Soon the eyes felt heavier than before and refused to open anymore. The only thing on my mind was, where was Cicero?

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