Volume 1 Chapter 11

Ryouma ended up accompanying Elialia as her guard until Sebasu called them over to the inn. Presently, they were already at the inn confirming their reservation, but…

“Oww…” [Elialia]

“Are you alright, Ojousama?” [Ryouma]

“Yes, my feet are just a little tired. Are you not affected by the carriage, Ryouma-san?” [Elialia]

“I dont have any problems with them.” [Ryouma]

A little butt ache wasnt really going to affect someone like Ryouma who possessed both a stupid amount of stamina and level 8 pain resistance.

But Elialia was a little down after hearing Ryoumas response. He was a kid her age, and yet he was perfectly fine.

Seeing that, one of the maids called out to her.

“The first time hurts for everyone, Ojousama.” [Arone]

“Arone?” [Elialia]

“Once youve gotten used to riding, the pain will also cease. Ryouma-sama, you seem to be fine despite the long trip, could you possibly have some experience with horses?” [Arone]

“No, this is… my first time too.” [Ryouma]

“Really? I thought for sure you had experience with how well you took it.” [Arone]

“Ive never ridden one before, but… I have ran alongside, one while pulling a carriage.” [Ryouma]

In Ryoumas school days, part of his running routine was to run alongside a horse while pulling a rickshaw. Hes actually quite fast too, being able to outrun a horse several times. Because of that he was scouted by a rickshaw man, and he started working part time as one.

Ryouma reminisced about those times as he said that last sentence, but unfortunately, from the perspective of Elialia and Arone, they could only take Ryoumas story as him being abused and made into a horses replacement.

Because of that misunderstanding, the conversation abruptly stopped and the air quickly became grim.

(…Whats wrong with everyone? Did I say something strange?…)

The odds of getting found out increased in proportion with how much he talked about his past, so he intentionally muddied his statement, but because of that thoughtless remark of his just now, Arone and Elialia have suddenly found themselves with a grim expression.

Ryouma himself didnt know that he was the cause for the sudden change in the atmosphere, but he tried changing the topic anyway.

“Umm… Ojousama, have you never gone out… until now? It seems, youre not used, to carriages.” [Ryouma]

“Ah, yes. Ive gone out before, but only to the nearby towns when there was something that needed to be done. I also rode with either my mother or my grandfathers familiars, so… And while I have ridden a carriage before, but in the end, that was only for short periods of time, so it doesnt really count.” [Elialia]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma, who was an over forty-old failure at social interactions, did not have any techniques in the art of talking. After forcefully changing the topic, he had nothing to add, and silence filled the air once more.

That silence was only broken when Reinhart came back after finishing his discussion with the others regarding the guards and the plans for tomorrow.

“Youve worked hard today, Elia. This time were staying at an inn, so make sure to get a lot of rest.” [Reinhart]

“Yes, father.” [Elialia]

“Ryouma-kun, Im sorry about this, but we couldnt get you the same room as ours, so youll just have to stay with the servants.” [Reinhart]

“Thats more than enough.” [Ryouma]

“Its a big room, but Sebasus the one working on the papers, so you should be able to stay in the same room as Zeff and the others. Im sure itll be easier if you can stay with someone you know.” [Reinhart]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

After a while, Sebasu came back, and everyone went to their respective rooms.

~Dukes Room~

As the four members of the Jamil household made themselves comfortable at a corner of their room, Reinhart suddenly asked Elialia a question.

“Elia, what were you talking with Ryouma-kun in the lobby? The atmosphere was pretty odd.” [Reinhart]

When Elialia heard the topic of his question, she quivered with a jolt.

“A-Actually, I accidentally touched Ryoumas past.” [Elialia]

“Really?” [Reinhart]

“Yes, Ryouma-san seemed ok despite having ridden the carriage for so long, so I thought he was used to it, but as it turns out, it was a first for him too. As it turns out, hes never ridden one before, but he has ridden alongside one while pulling a carriage…” [Elialia]

“I see… But it didnt seem like he minded. He seemed normal when I spoke to him, so Elia, you shouldnt mind it either.” [Reinhart]

“Just have fun. Didnt you pull him wherever you want until you reached the inn? Just keep doing that.” [Elize]

When Elialia heard her mother say that, her face reddened.

“Umm, thats… That was really embarrassing now that I think about it… I was too excited.” [Elialia]

“You were a little too excited indeed.” [Elize]

“AUu…” [Elialia]

“Ho ho, its good to be lively. Elia, youre still a kid, so its fine to have fun. But remember, you cant be careless. If you act like that, youll end up a target of ruffians, you know. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings.” [Reinbach]

“Yes…” [Elialia]

“Anyway, you should go take a bath and retire for the day. Well be moving tomorrow and be camping again, so make sure to make the most of tonight.” [Reinhart]

“I understand, goodnight, mother, father, grandfather.” [Elialia]

As Elialia said that, she left the room.

After confirming that she was indeed gone, the remaining three members of the Jamil family and Sebasu changed the topic.

“Hmm… What do you think of Ryouma-kun?” [Reinbach]

“I told Elialia not to worry about him, but honestly, theres a lot to be concerned about.” [Reinhart]

“Hes not a bad kid though. Besides, if he were actually scheming something, hed act more normal.” [Elize]

“I agree, but it still begs that question… What kind of life do you have to live to end up like that? He said he used a poison slime to kill the bandits, but I dont think thats all. Ryouma-kun himself is undoubtedly strong. The fact he was able to easily protect Elia while being dragged by her proves that.” [Reinbach]

“Even putting aside the fact those ruffians were amateurs who couldnt even notice that we were prepared for them, theres no denying Ryouma-samas feats. He really made our lives easier.” [Sebasu]

“Indeed.” [Reinbach]

As Reinbach said that, he looked down on his right hand. The small head of a snake peeked out of his sleeves. The snake slithered onto his palm and peeked through the gap between his index finger and middle finger, while he petted it with his thumb.

That snake was a B Rank monster known as Assassin Snake. It was small but it moved quickly and was always wary of its surroundings. Reinbach had been using it to monitor the ruffians while Elia was walking around the city.

Even if Ryouma didnt do anything, Elialia would never have actually fallen into actual danger.

“If hes that skilled despite being so young, then… Could it be?” [Reinhart]

“Lets not concern ourselves about that now. Just let him be. All we need to do is to watch over him.” [Reinbach]

“Thats true… Though it sure is sad seeing him react like that despite coming to a town.” [Elize]

“Indeed. It doesnt have to be as pronounced as Elias, but children should be more excited with things like these.” [Reinhart]

“He was completely unfazed by the crowd of people. He looked at them like he was looking at some rock by the roadside.” [Reinbach]

Reinbachs observation wasnt wrong, but his interpretation of why Ryouma was making that face was. Ryouma was indeed looking at the crowd without any expression, but that was only because he came from Tokyo, which was always jam-packed with people.

Naturally, someone who was used to seeing an even greater crowd going wouldnt be shocked when greeted by a smaller crowd. It couldnt be helped then that his eyes were completely expressionless. Unfortunately, these people ended up interpreting his expression as that of a soulless persons.

“What a glum thing it is to witness such a talented youth with eyes so dead…”

On this day, the needless misunderstandings regarding Ryouma increased.

~Servants Room~

Ryouma was brought by Sebasu to the room he would be staying at.

“Excuse me.” [Sebasu]

“Sorry to disturb.” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma entered the room, he saw Jill, Zeff, Camil, and Hyuzu already in the room. The room was a simple one with beds and 6 tables lined up along each other.

“You came!” [Jill]

“Well done.” [Zeff]

“Itll only be one night, but lets get along.” [Camil]

“That bed over theres free.” [Hyuzu]

“Thank you for having me.” [Ryouma]

After they greeted each other, the five of them started chatting. Ryouma was mostly answering their questions though.

“By the way, what do you normally do?” [Hyuzu]

“?” [Ryouma]

“In our case, we normally eat out and drink ourselves dead, but you live in the forest, yeah?” [Hyuzu]

“Ahh… Normally, I research slimes… or practice my magic or train my body.” [Ryouma]

“…Thats it?” [Hyuzu]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

“Isnt that boring?” [Hyuzu]

“Magic and slime research is… fun.” [Ryouma]

“Thats your idea of fun? Looks like you have the aptitude to be a scholar.” [Camil]

“That sorta stuff is impossible for me though.” [Hyuzu]

“Come to think of it, Ryouma-sama, you do sometimes blurt out advanced knowledge or well-mannered speech. Did you study somewhere?” [Sebasu]

“I learned from my grandma. She thought me both academics and… how to behave myself.” [Ryouma]

“Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful person.” [Sebasu]

“She can do everything, except fight.” [Ryouma]

“Ho, then what about your gramps?” [Hyuzu]

“The exact opposite… A person who cant do anything but make weapons and fight… But hes really good. Even the weapons… he makes are first class. I cant beat him… in either.” [Ryouma]

“Huh? You can smith?” [Zeff]

“I helped out, so… I at least know the basics. I didnt learn, properly though… I also havent used, it in three years, so I cant make anything decent right now.” [Ryouma]

“Well, you certainly cant find any decent material or tool inside that forest.” [Camil]

“Youve finally left the forest after all these years, so you should go ahead and buy the things you need. If theres anything you want to do, you can walk around until supper.” [Hyuzu]

When he was asked that, Ryouma said this.

“Then can I ask where the church is?” [Ryouma]

“The church? Unfortunately, its already closed around this time.” [Camil]

“Theres a lot of bad people in this town, so they close their gates early. This town has the churches of the god of creation and the god of light. Which god do you follow?” [Jill]

“The god of creation.” [Ryouma]

“Then, Im sorry to say this, but you wont be able to get in today. If it were the god of lights church, youd be able to get in with a generous bribe.” [Jill]

“really?” [Ryouma]

“The church of the god of light is big, but theres also a lot of unscrupulous people among them who would do anything for some donation.” [Camil]

“There are even adherents who believe in their god but dont trust the deacons or the priests. All the donation-grubbers are with the god of light, so its frequently said that only the pious ones are left in the god of creations church.” [Hyuzu]

“The gods worshiped are the same, so theres not much of a difference in their doctrines. Most people just pike their church based on the scale of the church and the personality of the adherents.” [Camil]

“I didnt know that… Thank You.” [Ryouma]

“No problem. Sure is odd though that youd ask where the church is as soon as you hear you can go out. You that pious?” [Camil]

“Is it that odd?” [Ryouma]

“…Im also a follower of the god of creations church, but I only go once a month. I rarely attend worship.” [Camil]

“Ryouma-kun, did you go to the church a lot before you started living in the forest?” [Zeff]

“Only once since I was born… I just pray to the stone idol at my house… I have one at the house in the forest too. I made it… with earth magic.” [Ryouma]

“Then why dont you go ahead and buy some stone instead? This inn is fairly luxurious, so you should be able to ask for some stones to make idols.” [Sebasu]

Ryouma then bought three building stones from the inn just as Sebasu had suggested. The stones that could be bought from the inn were too high-class, however, and they cost him 1 small gold coin for all three pieces.

After that, he came back to the room and created an idol by shaving away the rocks with earth magic.

The statues were so elaborate that Camil was taken aback. Ryouma was even able to earn Sebasus stamp of approval.

Incidentally, the reason Ryoumas work was so detailed was because he had already personally met the gods, so he had a good idea how they looked like. On top of that, he had the Mana Control skill, which allowed him control his earth magic with precision, and back in earth, making figurines was one of his hobbies, so he was already used to this sort of work.

Like that Ryouma sculpted the three sculptures, and after Ryouma prayed to them, it was time for supper. When supper ended, Ryouma retired for the day to prepare for tomorrows trip.


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