Chapter 12 part1

The next day.

In the end, I couldnt go to the church in Kereban. Theres another one at our destination, Gimuru, so I think Ill just visit that one. Until then Ill pray to the stone idols I sculpted yesterday.

And so, we continued on our leisurely trip, or so thats what I thought would happen, but…

“Its a bit cold, huh…” [Elize]

“Well, it is raining.” [Reinbach]

“Even though rain is so rare in this season.” [Elia]

“Our luck sure is bad, huh, Elia.” [Reinhart]

A few hours after we left town, rain suddenly started pouring. The carriage had difficulty traversing the muddied road, so there was a lot of shaking for the passengers. We also moved a lot slower than before.

My luck has turned for the better since coming to this world, and its been awhile since Ive had such bad luck. But then again, considering how Im inside a carriage while it pours, I guess my luck can still be considered good. Or at least thats what I was thinking when suddenly the carriage stopped and one of the escorts approached us.

“My lord, it seems theres been a landslide. Weve confirmed that the road up ahead has been blocked.” [Escort]

“What did you say? Is that true?” [Reinhart]

“Yes, the road is completely blocked. A big stone and tree has fallen, so we wont be able to pass for a while.” [Escort]

“Cant we go around it?” [Reinhart]

“It would be a long way around if we tried. Moreover, while weve yet to confirm this, we believe theres a fairly large group of bandits should we try and go around.

According to a person with the Weather Forecast skill, the rain should be stopping in a few hours.

I recommend making camp and waiting out the rain. After that we can remove the blockage and be on our way. I believe this should allow us to reach our goal the fastest.

My lord, please decide.” [Escort]

“A long trip would be harsh on Elia, and Id like to avoid a dangerous road… Lets go with your suggestion.” [Reinbach]

“Thank you very much. Well get to work as soon as possible.” [Escort]

After that the carriage started moving again. Apparently, theres a tree we could use to take shelter from the rain just up ahead. Personally, I find it a bad idea to stay near a tree when its pouring so heavily, but then again I havent heard any thunder, so I guess its fine?

Just to be safe, I should stay at least 2 meters away from the tree. That should at least make it safer for me in case lightning strikes.

5 minutes later, the carriage stopped, and Arone-san entered the carriage hurriedly.

“Were preparing the camp as fast as we can, please wait a moment.” [Arone]

Arone said with a smile, but I was more concerned about the escorts working behind her while completely drenched.

As a former employee of a sweatshop back in Earth, I know full well that helping another person when hes slacking off or trying to help someone despite knowing nothing is a recipe for disaster, but I still want to help.

If I recall correctly, there should be a barrier magic spell to ward off the rain. I havent used it in a while, so Ive forgotten already, but that should allow me to help them without getting in their way.

“Mind if I, use barrier magic?” [Ryouma]

“Why all of the sudden? [Reinhart]

Not good, that was too sudden. If I say that out of the blue without any explanation, theres no they would understand.

“The people outside, are wet… I can use, a barrier to, ward off the rain. That should, make their work easier.” [Ryouma]

“I see, that would help out a lot. Thank you.” [Reinhart]

After getting permission, I took out a coat made from pelt and wore it. The outer part of its cloth has been dried like a resin with the sticky slimes sticky liquid, allowing it to repel the rain. My days hunting have gotten a lot easier ever since I made this thing.

I quickly wore it, approached a crowded place, and just as quickly casted the barrier magic.

Cover them and protect them from the rainRain Shelter

As I chanted the spell, a dome-shaped barrier protected the people from the rain.

Neither barrier nor mana could be seen by the human eye, so for a moment, the workers were shocked, but Camil-san was quick to pick up, and he waved his hands to thank me.

The other people thanked me too, but I just waved my hand in return and quickly went to my next target.

I couldnt cover everyone with one barrier, so I still needed to cast the spell in four more places. I went to the next closest one first. Incidentally, Im also going to put a barrier up around the horses and the carriage, so I went back to the carriage.

“Good work, Ryouma-san.” [Elialia]

“Thank you…Wave” [Ryouma]

I took off my raincoat while replying to the Ojousama and Sebasu-san, then I expelled the water off my outfit with a basic water spell to avoid dirtying the carriage.

When I got back to my seat, there was a warm cup of tea and a new set of clothes prepared. The conversation naturally shifted to my raincoat.

“That rain gear of yours… I dont believe Ive seen it before. Did you make it yourself, Ryouma-kun?” [Elialia]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

“I noticed it was very effective at repelling water. Was there a beast in the Forest of Gana that could repel water so well?” [Elialia]

“I just treated it with the sticky slimes sticky liquid… and dried it. Water cant get through it, so it can repel the rain.” [Ryouma]

“The sticky slimes sticky liquid has such an effect?” [Elialia]

Huh? She didnt know that?

“You didnt know about it?” [Ryouma]

“All I know is that it can be used as an adhesive.” [Elialia]

Really? For some reason, Reinbach-sama and the madams eyes are sparkling. Is this a new discovery too!? Just how little were slimes researched?

“Can I try that rain gear of yours a little?” [Reinbach]

“If you just, want to test it…” [Ryouma]

I took out several sheets of cloth from my Item Box.

“These cloths have already been treated. Theyre thin and water cant pass through them… Theyre also worn out, but after the cleaner slimes treated them, theyre no longer dirty.” [Ryouma]

These were originally from bandits or the loincloths used by goblins, so please excuse them being all worn out.

When I handed out the cloths, it wasnt just Reinbach-sama and the madam who took them, but Reinhart-sama and Sebasu-san also joined in.

They wrapped the cloths around their hands, and then they extended their hands outside the window to touch the rain flowing along the barrier.

“Ohh! It really can repel water!” [Reinbach]

“Im not getting wet at all.” [Elize]

“it still feels a little cold, but that shouldnt be any problem so long as a pelt is added inside Ryouma-samas rain gear.” [Sebasu]

“Ryouma-kun, why dont you work with us and announce this rain gear of yours as a new product…” [Reinhart]

“Excuse me… Did you need me for something?” [Arone]

While the four adults were busy testing the water repelling abilities of my sticky slimes sticky liquid treated cloth, Arone-san suddenly opened the door to the carriage.

Apparently, the helpers normally sat at the back, and extending ones hand out the window was the sign used to indicate when their help was needed.

“Oh, theres nothing actually. Ryouma was just showing us his newly developed rain gear.” [Reinhart]

“Is that so? In that case, I shall excuse myself then.” [Arone]

When Arone-san was about to close the door, it occurred to me that her clothes were wet.

She mustve been working somewhere outside of the barrier too.

I called out to her in a panic and took out a treated curtain made from one of the cloths I looted off the bandits.

“Wait… Arone-san.” [Ryouma]

“Yes, how may I help you?” [Arone]

“This, can repel, water.” [Ryouma]

“I can borrow this?” [Arone]

“Youll get cold if you get wet… so please wear it.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you. Ill be borrowing this then.”

Arone-san thanked me with a smile and left, leaving the rest of us to discuss the wonders of the water-repelling cloth.

?Chapter 12 part2

Apparently, this world mainly uses leather to make their water-resistant products, making bigger products such as tents significantly heavier. Compared to that, a cloth that has simply been treated with a sticky slimes sticky liquid is much lighter.

Moreover, rainwear tend to get dirty easily. Using a material like leather would make the rainwear more likely to stain, and on top of that, theres also the possibility of mold growing. To avoid that, one would have to expend a lot of effort from rubbing off the filth to coating with oil, and then finally, drying.

Compared to that, a sticky slimes sticky liquid treated cloth could be washed with water and it would also be less prone to getting dirty. In fact, I myself only use the water spell, Wave, to wash off the dirt from my rainwear. After that all thats left is to dry it. Ive never had any problems.

After explaining that the conversation shifted to what kind of products we could make, and I suggested well-known modern products such as raincoats and umbrellas.

Hearing about this worlds rainwear has finally given me that feeling of being in another world.

Still, it feels a little odd that my cheat seems to be heading toward the domestic affairs route. Im pretty sure the power I received was supposed to be my magic, but somehow my modern earth knowledge is actually proving to be so useful.

While we were talking, the servants finally finished preparing the tents… Ive already forgotten about that, actually.

“Thanks for waiting, the tents are ready now. Oh, and thanks to you too for helping us out.” [Zeff]

“Youre welcome.” [Ryouma]

“How long will the rain be pouring?” [Reinhart]

“The guy with the weather forecast skill says it should continue for a few more hours. Well begin clearing out the rubble once the rain has stopped.” [Zeff]

“In that case, you rest until then. Especially, the earth mages. Theyll be using a lot of their mana later, so make sure they rest up lots.” [Reinhart]

“Loud and clear, boss.” [Zeff]

After that Zeff-san saw us to the tent. To my surprise, the tent was really spacious with 4 small rooms inside. What a big and amazing tent.

“The carriage shook a lot more today, so Im sure youre tired. Rest up.” [Reinbach]

“Alright, Ill rest up now… and then do my best later.” [Ryouma]

They didnt just let me ride with them for free, they even covered my lodging. I have to do something for them. Itll be good training too, so all the more.

Reinbach was confused when I said I would do my best, though.

“Do your best? At what?” [Reinbach]

“Earth magic… I can help clear, the rubble.” [Ryouma]

“Just let the guards take care of that. You just rest, ok?” [Reinbach]

“Youve taken care of me so much already… Please let me do it. Itll… do me some good too.” [Ryouma]

“Hmm… If youre going to say that much, then I suppose you can. But, you definitely have to rest when youre feeling tired, ok? Youve already put up a barrier, so you better make sure you dont run out of mana, or itll hurt.” [Reinbach]

Ah, so thats what hes worried about. Im grateful.

“Thank you very much, Ill be careful.” [Ryouma]

After that a few hours passed. The rain stopped as expected and the guards that could use earth magic were split into several groups to clear out the rubble.

I worked on the area where most of the earth mages were focusing their attention to. I used Break Rock to cause a big rock to collapse, then I usedRock to harden the soil and sand, so that I could clear them out more efficiently.

I also used Create Block, a magic born from synthesizing Break Rock and Rock, to change the soil and the rocks into brick-sized building stones simultaneously. After which, I had the slimes carry them away.

Unlike the others who were working on only one area – either the soil or the rocks – I was working on both at the same time. Because of that I was able to progress much faster. On top of that, the slimes were carrying the blocks I made through a bucket relay, making the whole process even faster, as it allowed me to put almost all of my attention on magic alone. I was making progress at a frightening rate.

When the guards saw me doing that, one of them approached me.

“Can I have a sec?” [Guard]

“What is it?” [Ryouma]

“Ryouma-kun, right? How do you use that magic? I can use earth magic, but Im originally a swordsman, so I dont know much… but Ive definitely never seen a spell that could deal with soil and rocks at the same time like the one youre using. Could you teach it to me too?” [Guard]

“This spell is called Create Block… If you can use Break Rock and Rock, then you can probably also use it… You use Break Rock to turn rocks into soil, and Rock to turn soil into rocks, right?” [Ryouma]

“Yeah.” [Guard]

“Then just imagine the process of turning rock into soil and soil into rock into as one process as you invoke your mana.

That way, rocks will turn to soil, while soil remains soil, and then everything can be turned into rock. You should decide beforehand what size of rock you want to turn your target into… In my case, I make them just big enough for the slimes to carry.” [Ryouma]

When the man tried it out on a nearby rock, the resulting size was a bit of a mess, but he still managed to successfully transform soil and rocks into transportable rocks simultaneously.

“Oh! I did it! I still need to work on the uniformity of the size and the number of rocks made at a time, but I still did it. With this I should be able to consume less magic. Thanks, Ryouma-kun.” [Guard]

“As long as it was of use to you.” [Ryouma]

He asked me if he could teach it to the others too, and since there wasnt really a big difference whether one or two people learned it, I agreed.

I went back to work, and after a while, the sun was about to set. When the signal to stop working was given, I went back to the tent.

“Ryouma-kun, welcome home.” [Madam]

The madam came out to welcome me, but…

“FUGA!” [Ryouma]

“You worked hard! Ryouma-kun!” [Madam]

“L-Let me go… please…” [Ryouma]

Just when I was about to greet her, she suddenly embraced me. Cant breathe! Im being choked by her chest! I beg you, let go…

“Madam! Youre choking him! Please release him!” [Lilian]

“Huh? Ah!” [Madam]

“*COUGH! Haa…” [Ryouma]

“Im sorry! Are you alright!?” [Madam]

“Haa… Yes, Im alright. Umm… Lilian-san?.” [Ryouma]

“Y-Yes!?” [Lilian]

“Thank you. You saved me…” [Ryouma]

“Oh, its nothing. By the way, will you be having supper now?” [Lilian]

“Yes, please.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, Lilian led me to the dining table.

“Hey, Ryouma-kun. Looks like you worked up quite a sweat.” [Reinhart]

“Can you eat? Dont force yourself, ok?” [Reinbach]

“Dont worry, my body is perfectly fine.” [Ryouma]

“Ho? Im pretty sure you used a lot of magic, though.” [Reinhart]

“Yes, it was amazing. What was that spell called? Create Block?” [Madam]

“Thats right.” [Ryouma]

“Thanks to Ryouma-kun and his slimes, and him teaching the guards that spell, it seems the rubble will be cleared out a lot faster.” [Reinhart]

“Thats good to hear.” [Ryouma]

Apparently, by the time we wrapped up for the day, there was one person who was able to completely learn the spell and three others who were able to use it a fairly high level. Because of that progress greatly sped up. Incidentally, the person who learned the spell completely was Gorche-san, the person I spoke to before.

Around this time the food was finally brought over and we all started to dig in. Suddenly, Elialia asked me a question.

“Ryouma-san, how big is your mana pool?” [Elialia]

“?” [Ryouma]

Come to think of it, how much mana do I have anyway? Ive been casting one spell after another, so it should have increased…

“Is something the matter?” [Elialia]

“I dont know… how much mana I have.” [Ryouma]

“Eh!? Didnt you go to the church when you were 10? …Oh, right, you were cooped up in the forest, but in that case, how do you tell when you have enough mana left?” [Elialia]

“Based on feeling and my bodys condition.” [Ryouma]

“Is that ok?” [Elialia]

“Its fine as long as you get used to it. So, people get their mana pool checked at the age of 10?” [Ryouma]

“Yes, upon turning 10, a normal family would go to the church to get their childs status checked. They will also be able to know whether their child can be a mage or not in the future depending on how much mana he has. We nobles get checked at the age of 5, so we can start training as soon as possible.

Since youre able to cast so many spells without running out of mana, you must have quite a bit.” [Reinbach]

After that we talked about the city were headed to and the various things to do after reaching it. After supper I was given a room in the tent. With everything that needed doing already done and with all the work to do tomorrow, I decided to go to bed early, but there was one thing bothering me.

When we were talking about my mana pool, for some reason, the ojousama kept looking at me. What was that about? I noticed her looking intermittently, but I have no idea what it means.

We only talked a little, but now that I think about, it does feel like the topic was changed quickly. Did I say something bad? Its worrying, but I missed the timing to ask.

I should ask when I get the chance. I should ask as nonchalantly as possible, but if I cant, then it might be better to ask when were closer.

How long have I been thinking like this? My eyes are so heavy.

No longer in the mood to go against the call of slumber, I went to sleep.

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