Volume 1 Chapter 25 part1

“Now then, shall we start?”

We played with the bubbles a little, but after a while, our training for the day was finally starting.

“The ojousama has been practicing her control since this morning. Ryouma-sama, is there anything you would like to study?” [Sebasu]

“Personally, I would love to study the various offensive spells of the different attributes. As I mentioned back at the church, I dont really know much of offensive spells.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, right. In that case…” [Sebasu]

“Ill teach.” [Camil]

Sebasu-san turned to Camil-san. Looks like he would be the one teaching us.

“Seems like you can use all the attributes. As for me, I can use all the lower attributes, as well as lighting and ice. I cant teach you poison, wood, and the advanced attributes, but I can teach you the elementary spells for everything else.” [Camil]

“Ill be in your care, Camil-san.” [Ryouma]

“Same.” [Camil]

“Well then, Ryouma-san. Ill see you later.” [Elialia]

Apparently, the ojousama would be training away from me.

After bidding me goodbye, the others left to see her off.

Were not training in the same place?

When I asked Camil that, he answered.

“Its for safety reasons. You know that the ojousama has a lot of mana, right?” [Camil]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

“Because of that she cant control it very well. Shes gotten a lot better recently, but in the past, there were plenty of instances when her spells went a different direction than shed intended. On top of that, they packed plenty of heat.” [Camil]

That does sound dangerous…

“But dont worry! That was before. Shes a lot better now. Were just being safe.” [Camil]

Camil-san assured me that it would be fine.

Its probably because shes pretty much his boss.

Staying on this topic any further wouldnt do us any good, so I suggested we start the training.

“Sure, lets start. Ryouma-kun, you said you didnt know much about offensive spells, but I take it you know a little?” [Camil]

“Yes, but only the beginner spells.” [Ryouma]

“Show me.” [Camil]

“Sure.” [Ryouma]

As requested, I turned toward a nearby rock and casted the basic spells of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, and poison, which were respectively Fireball, Waterball, Wind Cutter, Earth Needle, Stun, Ice Shot, Poison.

“Basics are basics, but thats pretty good. With that youll probably learn the next spells easily… Ill show you some new spells, and youll copy them, ok?” [Camil]

“Got it.” [Ryouma]

“Lets start. First is fire.Fire Arrow ” [Camil]

As soon as Camil-san recited the chant for the spell, an arrow of fire appeared on the palm of his hands and promptly shot forth in a straight line toward the rock, giving rise to a light sound as the fire burst.

“This is the fire attributes elementary offensive spell, Fire Arrow. Its faster than Fireball and has greater piercing strength. Its the most convenient spell under the fire spell tree, so its commonly used. Give it a shot.” [Camil]

“Alright.” [Ryouma]

As I recalled Camil-sans Fire Arrow, I did my best to imitate it. I produced fire on the palm of my hands just as I did with Fireball, then I compressed it and imagined an arrow shooting out.

”Fire Arrow ” [Ryouma]

As I chanted out loud the words, a spell just like Camil-sans shot out and hit the rock.

“Well done. Since you were able to get it on the first try, you must have a good understanding of magic.” [Camil]

Uh oh, is he going to get suspicious like people usually do in those cliché light novels? Maybe I should try misdirecting him a bit.

“Im an archer, so visualizing an arrow is pretty easy.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, yeah. Theres that too.” [Camil]

“That too?” [Ryouma]

“From time to time, there are people with high level in magic from using them in their day-to-day lives, but havent learned any offensive spells.

These people can usually learn offensive spells after a few tries so long as theyre able to visualize the spells.” [Camil]

Oh, so its not that cliché setting in light novels when the protagonist learns magic too fast… Well, thats good.

Come to think of it, didnt the ojousama also learn Bubbly Water in two tries? If Id remembered that I wouldnt have worried needlessly.

After that I also learned the offensive spells Water Shot, Wind Hammer, Rock Bullet, Stun Arrow, and Ice Arrow. I also learned the defensive spells Fire Wall, Water Wall, Wind Shield, and Ice Shield.

After that a different problem rose.

“Well~ With that I dont have anything left to teach you… Should we go straight to the intermediate class? We could also just keep working on your elementary spells… Hmm…” [Camil]

Looks like while my learning speed wasnt abnormal, it was still fast. As a result, everything Camil-san had to teach was exhausted before our time.

It was then that Sebasu-san came.

“What has you so troubled?” [Sebasu]

“Sebasu-san.” [Ryouma]

“Ryoumas too fast of a learner. Hes already learned all the spells I could teach.” [Camil]

“Oh, is that so? Then in that case, how about I teach him. I can teach him dimension magic.” [Sebasu]

Lucky! I get to learn dimension magic from one of the countrys top dimension magicians.

“Ill be excusing myself then. Good luck, Ryouma-kun.” [Camil]

“Thank you very much, Camil-san. Ill be in your care, Sebasu-san.” [Ryouma]

I thanked Camil-san and bowed to Sebasu-san.

Sebasu-san smiled cheerfully and spoke.

“Before we begin, I would like to confirm one thing. Ryouma-sama, do you know any spell under the dimension spell tree other than Item Box?” [Sebasu]

“I can use teleport.” [Ryouma]

“Can you show me?” [Sebasu]

“Of course.Teleport!” [Ryouma]

Volume 2 Chapter 25 part2

~Side Sebasu~

Ryouma-sama invoked Teleport, and in the next instant, he appeared beside the nearby rock. He invoked it 4 more times after that, appearing and disappearing around me, until the fourth invocation where he appeared in front of me again.

Teleport is a spell that instantly changes ones position, so many beginners lose their footing after casting it, but Ryouma-sama did not lose his footing even once. It was a spectacular Teleport.

It may only be a beginner spell, but you can really feel his experience with it from how natural and how quickly he invokes it. He must have spent much time training with it to use it to this extent.

“Masterful performance, Ryouma-sama. If you can use it that well then you should also be able to use the intermediate dimension spells, Dimension Magic and Warp.” [Sebasu]

“Really!?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Ryouma-sama, do you know why dimension magic is the hardest attribute to use among the higher attributes?” [Sebasu]

“No. Why is it the hardest?” [Ryouma]

“Can you explain how to use dimension magic?” [Sebasu]

“Use mana to interfere with the space and distort it.” [Ryouma]

“Exactly. But it is that very basic concept of interfering with space that leaves so many boggled.

Space is ever present, but only few can truly grasp it.” [Sebasu]

To make things worse, most of the textbooks teaching dimension magic are filled with exaggerated wording such asthat which envelops all things within the world, making it difficult for aspiring dimension mages to grasp the proper image. In the end, the image they visualize often ends up poorly, leaving them with nothing more than a shoddy attempt at interference.

In actuality, the most important thing is to use mana precisely and grasp it deeply within the space. Unfortunately, thats not something that could be explained with words.

Words alone can only give half the picture. Theres no other way to succeed but to keep on trying until one is able to grasp the sensation. Until then learning intermediate dimension magic or higher will remain but a dream.

“This might surprise you, but actually, the lower dimension spells arent actually any different from the intermediate spells.” [Sebasu]

“!?” [Ryouma]

He he… A fitting reaction.

“In the past, dimension magic didnt have the lower spells it has now. It didnt have such distinctions. After all, the first step to mastering dimension magic is to grasp space, and those who fail to do that are considered incomplete.

With time the people who could use dimension magic grew less and less, until eventually, the standard for dimension magic plummeted and the spells grew weaker. The elementary spells today are none other than the weakened intermediate spells.” [Sebasu]

“So youre saying I could use the same image I use for Item Box and Teleport to cast Dimension Home and Warp?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Youll need to supplement Dimension Magic with something else, but for Warp, its exactly the same image. The casting range of Warp is far greater than Teleport, so as long as you can grasp your destination, you can go as far as your mana permits. Lets see… How about the top of that rock?” [Sebasu]

I pointed toward the farthest and biggest rock around.

The top of that rock was flat, so there was sufficient foothold. He shouldnt get hurt even if he falls.

“Sure. Ill give it a shot.” [Ryouma]

Oh, Ryouma-sama looks quite eager to test his mettle. Students like him are truly worthy of teaching.

How many students have I taught just like this?

When I was born and it was found out that I possessed an aptitude for dimension magic, I spent all my time training and working as a butler.

My magic proved most useful during my travels with the previous lord. When the previous lord stopped traveling, I worked daily as his aide.

I believe it was around this time when I was praised as one of the countrys leading dimension mages. The reason behind that was because I often used Dimension Home to carry most of the previous lords luggage. There were plenty of times when I appeared in public too.

Because of that countless people asked to become my disciple.

I ignored all the letters sent to me, but there were some who used their connections with the previous lord to have their sons or retainers taught.

Naturally, I couldnt ignore such people, so I taught them. I know for sure that Ive taught over a hundred people, but I stopped counting after that, so the actual number is a mystery, but regardless, the number of people who could use intermediate dimension spells by the end of my sessions do not even number 10.

Many of the sons from the affluent families refused to listen when I told them that dimension magic couldnt be explained well with words, and they did nothing but complain, in the end, not getting much of any proper training done.

Someone like Ryouma-sama who obediently listens and earnestly trains is the best sort of student to teach. Even more so when hes talented too. I wonder if there was ever a time when I personally wanted to teach someone? Perhaps there was indeed such a time, but I dont remember it anymore.

While I was thinking that, Ryouma-sama closed his eyes and focused.

He was as still as tranquil waters, almost as if he couldnt hear anything around him.

It is remarkable that he is able to concentrate this much at such a young age, but what sort of training did he undergo to reach this state?

When I think back to it, from the first time I met Ryouma-sama, hes always been an unbalanced young boy.

He did not have any parents and isolated himself in the forest, but despite all the time spent alone in the forest, his clothes were well kept.

He had difficulties speaking at first, but even then, he spoke with courtesy as he invited us to his house and offered us a most luxurious tea accompanied with an equally luxurious honey.

His house was simple in design but solid and pleasant. He even had a bath. He lived just like a noble.

But the strangest things about him are his knowledge and skill.

He researched slimes, which had long been abandoned by other researchers, and bettered his life by discovering cleaner slimes and scavenger slimes. He even invented a thread Id never seen before and waterproof clothing.

Once, he said the salt from Gana Forest could be used so long as the poison was detoxified. Reinhart-sama showed interest there, wanting to sell the salt, but what did he say?

Theres not enough to sell. The competition will just drown it out.

He must have been raised as a noble, if not, then at least a merchant, or else how could a child his age have such knowledge of business?

I still remember how he looked at his first town with empty eyes and how skillfully he protected the ojousama from crooks.

And though still young, he has already achieved something by preventing the outbreak of a plague.

Every one of these feats would have been impossible for a normal child, but he did them all.

From time to time, he seems like an adult, but after opening his heart a little, hes finally started to act his age.

Ryouma-sama is…

“Sebasu-san.” [Ryouma]

Oh, dear… It seems I lost myself in my thoughts there.

“Yes? What is it?” [Sebasu]

“I think I can do it. Ill try it.” [Ryouma]

“Show me.” [Sebasu]

“…Warp” [Ryouma]

In the next moment, Ryouma-sama disappeared, and in the next moment, he appeared on top of the rock just as Ive instructed him.

I warped to the same spot.

“Congratulations, Ryouma-sama. Youve succeeded at invoking the intermediate dimension spell, Warp.” [Sebasau]

“I did! I really did it! Thank you so much, Sebasu-san!” [Ryouma]

He he… So he acts his age when it comes to magic, I see.

“In that case, let us move on to Dimension Home. You will be opening a hole and imagining a big room inside just like you do for Item Box.

Thats the usual process for Item Box, so Ive omitted much of the details, but after that is where things change.

After going through the initial stages for Item Box, you will now have to imagine the space youre creating to have the same environment you have around you.

This is the reason why its possible to live and raise monsters inside Dimension Home.

Without this step all youll be casting is the elementary spell, Item Box.” [Sebasu]

“I understand.” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma-sama said that, he closed his eyes and focused once more.

It was a much more complicated spell than Warp, so it was only natural that Ryouma-sama seemed to be desperately grasping for the spells feeling.

He chanted several times, but nothing more than a black hole appeared.

Again he chanted, again he failed.

He repeated that time and time again, one attempt after another followed by one failure after another, and eventually, sweat trickled down him.

But despite that, Ryouma-sama continued to concentrate. He would take a breather every now and then, but he continued to proactive even as the hours passed. And after 4 hours of training, Ryouma-sama chanted once more, and…

“…Dimension Home” [Ryouma]

In that instant, a white hole appeared before Ryouma-sama.

“Congratulations, Ryouma-sama. Youve succeeded in casting Dimension Home.” [Sebasu]

“Alright! Thank you so much! With this I can finally put my slimes in!” [Ryouma]

“Im glad I was able to help. Should you find your Dimension Home too small, you can always cast it again with more mana to make it bigger. Just note that a black hole means failure, and a white hole means success.” [Sebasu]

“Ill remember.” [Ryouma]

“Now then, shall we return? Its already dark.” [Sebasu]

“Eh…? Ah!? Wow, its this late already?” [Ryouma]

Looks like he didnt notice.

If he didnt succeed just now, he might have kept on going.

Normally, hed have long run out of mana, but as expected of someone with a mana pool rivaling that of the ojousamas, hes still got plenty to spare.

“You were really into it. Well then, let us be on our way.Warp.” [Sebasu]

There are some things Im concerned about, but for now, lets just quietly watch over him.

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