Volume 2 Chapter 26 part1

~Side Ryouma~

I was so into the training that I lost track of time… Fortunately, Sebasu-san reminded me of the time and we went to were the others were through his Warp.

Apparently, the ojousama was training in an area a lot further from me than Id thought.

“Welcome back, Ryouma-san.” [Elialia]

“You sure took your time. How much did you learn today?” [Elize]

“Did you learn any new spells?” [Reinhart]

Ojousama and Co. immediately noticed us when we arrived.

“Yes, Camil-san and Sebasu-san taught me a lot.” [Ryouma]

“Thats good to hear. You look like you still have mana to spare. Wont you show us what youve learned?” [Reinbach]

I first showed the spells I learned from Camil-san, then I showed off my Dimension Home. Unfortunately, I needed 10 seconds just to invoke it. Looks like I still need lots of practice.

“Dimension Home.” [Ryouma]

Fortunately, it was a success.

When the entrance to my Dimension Home opened, it occurred to me that everyone else except for Sebasu-san was frozen solid.

Oh, yeah… Using Item Box at my age is already an achievement. I forgot.

Oh, well. Sebasu-san knew anyway, so even if I hid it, theyd find out sooner or later. In fact, four of them are already pestering Sebasu-san.

They praised me almost immediately after, though.

I know it was an amazing feat, but having my head patted is so embarrassing.


The sun was already about to set, so we decided to go back.

Dimension Magic was best improved by repetition, so I went back with my Warp.

Just to be safe, though, Sebasu-san also accompanied me.

Along the way, Sebasu-san suddenly remembered something.

“Ryouma-sama, we plan to go to the abandoned mine tomorrow to give the ojousama a chance to fight a monster. How about it? Would you like to come too?” [Sebasu]

“As long as its no trouble.” [Ryouma]

“Of course, its not. The ojousama will be delighted to have your company. Can you use weapons other than the bow? The abandoned mine is fairly small inside, so its a difficult weapon to recommend. You should also wear some armor.” [Sebasu]

“How about a short sword? I can fight with my martial arts and magic, but I dont have any armor.” [Ryouma]

“That takes care of the weapons then, not that you would have any problems on that end, anyhow. After all, the monsters are weak, there will be guards accompanying you, and the main purpose is to give the ojousama experience, so…” [Sebasu]

“Right. Anyway, Ill go with the short sword. As for the armor…” [Ryouma]

I could make the weapons with earth magic to some extent, but a poorly made armor will hinder my movements.

…Oh, now that I think about it, didnt I have a letter of introduction from the guild master?

Lets use that then.

“I think Ill go shopping when we get back to town. I got a letter of introduction from the guild master of the adventurers guild, so I think Ill use it for our little trip tomorrow.” [Ryouma]

“I see. That sounds wonderful.” [Sebasu]

After that we arrived in town and went our separate ways at the gate. Sebasu-san went back to the inn while I looked for the weapon store.

When I found the store, I entered it, and a rough-looking man greeted me with a ghastly smile.

“Welcome, dear customer. Is there anything that interests you?” [Rough-Looking Man With a Ghastly Smile]

“E-Erm… Im looking for a weapon to use in a confined area like the abandoned mines. I think a short sword will do. I also need some armor.” [Ryouma]

“If you need a short sword, then please refer to this shelf here.” [Rough-Looking Man With a Ghastly Smile]

“…Umm, not to be rude or anything, but arent you forcing yourself?” [Ryouma]

“……You can tell?” [Rough-Looking Man With a Ghastly Smile]

“…Its obvious.” [Ryouma]

The smile plastered on his face kept breaking every few seconds, resulting in a very weird face.

After I told him that, the man dropped the act and wore a completely unsociable face.

“ARGH! I give! I give! Sorry, kid, but an acquaintance of mine told me Im unsociable, so I was trying to fix it, but it looks like its just no good with my personality.” [Rough-Looking Man]

“I see. By the way, is this Digger Arms Shop?” [Ryouma]

“Yep, thats the place. What about it?” [Rough-Looking Man]

“I got a letter of introduction from the guild master of the adventurers guild. I was told to bring it here.” [Ryouma]

I handed the letter of introduction.

“From Wogan? Strange things do happen… You a new recruit? My stores expensive, you know? I can guarantee the quality, but do you have coin on you?” [Rough-Looking Man]

“Yes. I dont know the market price of weapons, but I can pay up to 30 small gold coins.” [Ryouma]

“Thats more than enough. What have you been using until now?” [Rough-Looking Man]

“I usually use a bow, but Im going to the abandoned mines, so…” [Ryouma]

“I see… Then in that case, lets go with that short sword you mentioned earlier. You can also go with a short spear or a one-handed sword if youd like.” [Rough-Looking Man]

“Give me two short swords then. Oh, and would you happen to have throwing knives here?” [Ryouma]

I have the Throwing Weapons Mastery skill, but Ive only thrown stones until now. Might as well use this chance to buy something.

“10 knives for one small gold coin. Pricey, yes, but I guarantee the quality. So long as you retrieve them after throwing, theyll last you a long long time.” [Rough-Looking Man]

“Give me ten throwing knives and those two short sword from before then.” [Ryouma]

“Its 2 small gold coins per short sword, so adding the 10 throwing knives on top, thatll net you 5 small gold coins all in all. Youll be needing armor too, right?” [Rough-Looking Man]

“Yes. Id like something easy to move in. What do you have?” [Ryouma]

“Something easy to move in? Then youll want leather armor. Armor made with monster hide can be even stronger than metal, and if you enchant them with magic, you can keep your mobility even with a full-body leather armor. Unfortunately, the latter type isnt in circulation. I dont have any in my store.” [Rough-Looking Man]

“Lets go with the monster hide then.” [Ryouma]

“Alright. I only have two sets thatll fit your size, though. A day will be needed for adjustment if you want the other sets. Are you going to look through everything?” [Rough-Looking Man]

I need it for tomorrow, so Ill just get what I can buy now.

“Ill be going to the mines tomorrow, so just show me the ones I can buy now.” [Ryouma]

“Alright.” [Rough-Looking Man]

The man went inside, and when he came back, he had two armor sets with him.

“Both armor sets are made from monster hide. One is made with Grellfrog Hide, making it flexible and easy to move in. Ah, but dont be fooled, it might be flexible, but its plenty tough. It costs 4 medium silver coins.” [Rough-Looking Man]

Its like rubber. Frog hide, huh.

“The other ones made from Hard Lizard Hide. This ones more expensive, costing 5 small gold coins.” [Rough-Looking Man]

“Thats a pretty big difference, no?” [Ryouma]

“Its because of the material. Hard lizards live in the wasteland, so its rare to find one. On top of that, they like to use the neutral magic, Harden, so hunting them is a pain.

Half-hearted attack cant get through their skin, and using magic risks destroying their skin.

I know its expensive, but this is actually already cheaper than it would normally go for.” [Rough-Looking Man]

Harden covers the body with a layer of mana. Its a defensive spell that prevents the body from getting wounded. A monster that uses that would certainly be difficult to hunt.

“Taking one down takes luck and skill, but Hard Lizard Hide is not only light, it can also invoke the Harden spell when mana is passed through it.

Harden increases the defensive prowess of the armor while leaving it as flexible as it were. Its already plenty tough without it, but after invocation, it gets even harder.

Because of that its a hit among people with no stamina like mages.

Unfortunately, this was made from the leftovers of another set. And because there werent enough materials left, only an armor big enough for a kid could be made. But then its not like theres any kid adventurer out there who could purchase something this expensive. Cant change the size either since theres no material. In the end, its been left rotting in the shelves for these past 2 years.

If you can afford it, itd really be a load off my back if you could purchase it. This ones a lot better quality-wise too than the other armor.” [Desperate Salesman]

Just as he mentioned, this does seem better.

This store was recommended by the guild master, so I doubt hes just trying to make extra coin.

“Alright, Ill go with this then.” [Ryouma]

“Thanks, kid. Thatll be 10 small gold coins in total.” [Rough-Looking Man]

I took out a pouch of small gold coins from my Item Box and paid the man.

After confirming the payment, the man handed over the equipment, and I stored them into my Item Box.

“Thank you.

A bit late for introductions, but my name is Ryouma Takebayashi.

Ill come back if I need anything again.” [Ryouma]

“Come back anytime. Names Darson Digger. I own this store.

That armor should serve you well, so long as you dont push yourself too hard.

Come back and get a new set once youve grown out of it. Ill give you something nice then.” [Darson]

I thanked him, left the store, and went back to my lodging.

Volume 2 Chapter 26 part2

The next day.

Today we rode the carriage to the abandoned mine. The road became worse as we traveled along, but the weather was great.

After 3 hours of traveling, I thought wed finally reached our destination, but…

“…” [Elialia]

For some reason, the ojousama was acting weird beside me.

She didnt say much during breakfast either. I wonder if theres something on her mind.

“Ojousama? Are you alright?”

“Yes, Im fine.” [Elialia]

Well, at least she doesnt seem to be sick. Maybe shes nervous?

“Is this your first time hunting monsters?” [Ryouma]

“Not at all. I may not have a lot of experience, but…” [Elialia]

“Relax a bit more, Elia.” [Reinbach]

“Grandfather.” [Elialia]

“You wont be convincing anyone like that.” [Elize]

“Mother too…” [Elialia]

“Ha ha ha, well at least you seem to be thinking straight today. Well be arriving soon, so lets review our objectives.” [Reinhart]

Thinking it better than doing nothing, Reinhart-san started a topic to divert Elialias attention.

“The place were headed to is Gimurus Northern Mine. As the name implies, its located to the north. Its already been declared abandoned, so why is that were going there?” [Reinhart]

“We need to investigate the mine before we can send a request to the adventurers guild to clean up the monsters that have taken root in the mines. We have to go anyway, so were taking this opportunity to let me gain some experience.” [Elialia]

“Exactly. Normally, wed just refer to the regular reports given to the management, but after the investigation on the recent incident, its looking likely that the government office might have messed with the management of the northern mines too.

So were personally going to check the mines out and gather information on the beasts lurking in it. The request to the adventurers guild will depend on the contents of our investigation today.” [Reinhart]

Its still unknown how many monsters are lurking within the mines, but its already been assumed that it would take at least several days to wipe everything out, so today were really just going to investigate the mine and train at the same time.

The reports of the government office arent exactly credible, but according to them, there havent been any sightings of high-ranked monsters, so it should the northern mines should be safe enough for a child to train at.

As the nervous ojousama watched the blue skies through the windows, I leisurely allowed myself to sway with the rocking of the carriage.

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