?Volume 1 Chapter 5

~Side Ryouma~

…Whats wrong? For some reason, after I answered their question, everyone – especially the Jamil family – looked at me with scary eyes.

Did I do something bad?

“Magnificent.” [Reinbach]

Huh? Whats magnificent?

“Thats amazing, Ryouma-kun! Youve actually solved a mystery that has been plaguing monster tamers for ages!” [Elize]

“!?” [Ryouma]

Whats wrong with these people!? Their eyes are sparkling and theyre way too enthusiastic for some reason… This is actually scary!

“Madam, Reinbach-sama, please calm down. Youre scaring Ryouma-sama.” [Butler]

“Ah! Sorry about that, dear. I didnt mean to scare you.” [Elize]

“Sorry. I got a lil too excited there.” [Reinbach]

“Its alright…” [Ryouma]

“Let me explain what has these two so excited. The explanation you gave us just now regarding why monster tamers couldnt tame a big slime happens to be one of the mysteries that has been plaguing monster tamers.

Big slimes arent strong, but theyre hard to fight, so there were a lot of people who tried to tame one. In fact, you still see some people trying from time to time, but of course, no ones ever succeeded.” [Reinhart]

“Out of pride, many monster tamers tried to uncover the reason preventing the contract from working, but they couldnt get any results. In the end, their research labs were cut, and though there are still those who research them to this day, no one has managed to succeed… At least, until you, anyway.” [Reinbach]

Uwaah… This has unexpectedly turned into something crazy.

“Mu~, what a weak reaction… Let me put it this way. The research on big slimes has been going on since roughly the very same day the arts of monster taming spread through the world.

Its an unsolvable mystery so unsolvable that people dont expect anyone to get results. In fact, its treated by research labs as a waste of time. And yet that supposedly unsolvable mystery that has made many researchers surrender was solved by you! Can you still remain so calm knowing this!?” [Elize]

Youre kidding, right? This was just a coincidence. Damn, this looks like trouble. What to do?

“What should I do?” [Ryouma]

“Leave a record in the tamer guild and announce your findings!” [Elize]

Ah~ So they had an organization that gathered information on this sort of stuff. Judging from the reactions of these people, it looks like itll get me a lot of attention if I announce it though. Oh, but this might be a good opportunity to leave the forest…

“Town, huh…” [Ryouma]

When those words slipped out of my mouth, the people of the Jamil Family and the servants reacted.

“Oh, Im sorry. I forgot you dont like towns…” [Elize]

“We wont force you to record and announce your findings, but this is really one hell of a find, kid. I just want you to know that.” [Reinbach]

“I, understand. Ah…” [Ryouma]

After the slimes fused and entered, the path was finally traversable.

“In any, case, lets enter, first.” [Ryouma]

There are beasts prowling outside, it wouldnt do to stay out here for too long.

I led everyone into the house, then I left to prepare black tea for everyone. The black tea I had were looted from the bandits that attacked me in the past. They had a lot of the same brand, so its probably stolen goods. I only found out I had them when I went to look for a spear to give to Hyuzu-san.

I didnt know since Id already forgotten about the bandits stuff. I had no need for money and I wasnt fond of stolen goods, so I just left them alone, but… If Id known there were tea among the loots, I would have brought them out sooner.

Anyway, I brought out the best-looking tea leaves. They dont seem to have expired yet, so it should be fine. The only problem were the cups and the chairs. I didnt have enough for 12 people, so I had to quickly make some with earth magic.

I made the tea with the ingredients I got two days ago. One ingredient was the honey I got from a bees nest, and the other was a ginger I treated with lemon-style syrup. They were all I had to substitute sugar with, so I hope the guests like them.

“Sorry to… keep you waiting. Please have, some black tea.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, my. Thank you.” [Elize]

“Thats a good smell.” [Reinhart]

“Hmm… You seem to have some good tea leaves with you.” [Reinbach]

“Its from the bandits… who attacked me. I have a lot, more of them.” [Ryouma]

“I see… Its good.” [Reinbach]

“Indeed.” [Elize]

“Youve really managed to bring out the aroma of the tea leaves too. Ryouma-sama, where did you learn to make your tea?” [Butler]

From another world is not something I could obviously say.

“Grandma… Taught me.” [Ryouma]

Grandparents = Omnipotent.

I really have to thank the gods for them. If I had to make up a lie on my own, I would surely be found out. I was often calledstupid honest back in my previous life – not that I agree with them. But, in any case, since all Im doing now is using the setting that the gods prepared for me beforehand – a setting they prepared by summoning the souls of my grandparents and getting their permission – I dont feel like Im lying at all. Im really thankful for it.

“Theres more, honey, if youd like…” [Ryouma]

“Thank you.” [Elize]

“Let me have some too. Honey is a luxury, so its a pretty rare occasion to get to taste it.” [Hyuzu]

“Wait a moment, Hyuzu-san!” [Camil]

“I got the honey from, a bees nest two days ago. Its free, anyway, so… Camil-san, please have, some.” [Ryouma]

“Huh, really? Then in that case, Ill have a little.” [Camil]

“Heh, youre not so different from me, are ya?” [Hyuzu]

Around that time the young lady of the Jamil Family – Elialia I believe – noticed something as she drank her tea.

“Oh? It seems its not only honey. Theres something else mixed in.” [Elialia]

The butler immediately went to check.

I wonder if they dont like the jija (ginger) and the lamon (lemon-like fruit).

“I can taste the juice of lamon. Its a refreshing taste, however, thats not all.” [Butler]

Fortunately, they dont think its poison.

I decided to reveal the mystery. After all, it wasnt like I added poison or anything.

“I also added, jija root.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, so this is jija. I thought it was just a salty vegetable. Who knew it could be used to draw the flavor out like this?” [Elialia]

“…Jija can be, used in cooking… Can remove the odor, of meat and fish…” [Ryouma]

“That is good information. Thank you, Ryouma-sama. I shall inform the master chef as soon as we return.” [Butler]

“Youre welcome.” [Ryouma]

“Now then – before I completely forget – we came here to thank you for your help last time. Please accept our gifts. Sebasu.” [Reinhart]

“Yes, Reinhart-sama.Item Box.” [Sebasu]

When Reinhart-san mentioned about the gifts, the butler behind him stood up and invoked a spell. Suddenly, an empty circle appeared from thin air. The butler, Sebasu, extended his hand inside and took out something.

Item Box

As the name implies, its a dimensional-type spell that creates a new dimension to store items in. Its a difficult spell but also one of the basics of dimension magic. I can use it too, but I cant put that many items in mine.

On the desk in front of me, upon which was a bucket full of fruits, came falling down countless rolls of paper and cloth.

“Thats, a lot.” [Ryouma]

“I didnt know what would make you happy, so I brought various goods. Please accept them.” [Reinhart]

Reinhart said as he opened the rolls.

Inside the rolls were preserved food, clothes, writing tools, magic stones for lighting, clocks that moved via magic power… all sorts of things, each and every single one of which were piratical things that my house lacked.

It seems he took his time considering what my house was lacking.

“I just eye-balled the clothes, so try them out first. If theyre too big… Arone, Lilian.” [Reinhart]

“Yes.” [Arone, Lilian]

“You can ask these two to help you.” [Reinhart]

I was wondering why they would bring their maids with them to a place like this, as it turns out, theyre here to ensure the clothes fit.

I felt kind of bad, so it was fortunate that the clothes didnt need much changes.

I should thank them.

“Thank you, very much. You brought, so much.” [Ryouma]

“Dont sweat it. Theyre not that expensive, and besides, we also have something to do around these parts.” [Reinhart]

“Something, to do?” [Ryouma]

“Remember when I said that were a family of monster tamers? My daughter, Elia, has been studying all this time. Now that shes of age, she needs to tame her first monster, a slime.” [Reinhart]

Her first monster, huh. Since he mentionedage that must mean that she hasnt been permitted to until now. Well, monsters are alive, so she would have to take care of it and its also a little dangerous. Its only natural her parents wouldnt allow her until shes old enough.

“Congratulations.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, the young lady drinking tea smiled and saidthank you.

Since shes yet to tame her first monster, I might as well lend her a hand.

“Weve been looking all this time, but weve yet to find a single slime.” [Elialia]

“Slimes are monsters too, theyre living beings. There are times when you just cant find one.” [Reinbach]

“…Then, how about, here.” [Ryouma]

I stood up and pointed on the map of the forest on the wall.

“River. There should be, lots of slimes, here.” [Ryouma]

It was a river not too far from the house. Its where I get my water from, and in fact so do the wild slimes.

If they look around it, they should be able to find a couple.

For the record, when I went to get water once, I managed to catch 14 slimes. Of course, that was only a one-time thing.

When I said that, the young ladys face beamed, and after getting her parents permission, she asked me something.

“Can I call you Ryouma-san?” [Elialia]

“Please.” [Ryouma]

“Then Ryouma-san, if its no trouble, could you teach me which slime to pick.” [Elialia]

“Which, to pick?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. I only need one slime, but theres probably a lot out there. Im not so sure which one I should tame.” [Elialia]

Ah, so thats what she meant. Theres no good or bad slime, though…

“In that case… You should pick out your slime, according to what kind you, want it to evolve into. It will, take a lot of time, though…. If you want strength, a different monster, would be preferable. If you dont have want to raise, the slime for long, you dont need to think, too much… Do you, still want a slime?” [Ryouma]

“Yes, it will be my first monster, so I intend to treasure it forever.” [Elialia]

What a pure face. Well, if its her, she probably will treasure it. I should help her.

Hmm? Why do I think she would treasure it if its her?

I dont think Ive ever thought like this before.

Am I being fooled? Could I be interested in her? A mentally-wise over 40-years-old uncle like me?

Stop. Lets not think too much.

“Umm, is it not possible?” [Elialia]

I dont mind teaching her, but the way Im talking right now sure is a pain. It would be great if I could talk smoother.

“If youre alright with me, sure, but… Only 3 types, can be currently chosen.” [Ryouma]

“Why only 3?” [Elialia]

“One of the evolution conditions is, unknown; the other one, I dont have enough food; the other one, doesnt suit, women… That last one would, actually be the best ability-wise, though…” [Ryouma]

“Can I have a moment?” [Elize]

While I was talking with the young lady of the Jamil Household, the madam interjected. She had a serious look on her face.

“Mother, I am currently talking with Ryouma-san. This is important for my first contract, so please dont interfere.” [Elialia]

“I know that but theres something bothering me. Ryouma-kun, if Ive been hearing correctly, it seems you actually know the evolution conditions for the slimes?” [Elize]

“More or less.” [Ryouma]

As I thought, the madam muttered, then she turned to Reinhart-san, who promptly lightly shook his head.

(I didnt hear about this!)

(I only heard he was researching!)

Well, thats probably what they were saying with their gestures.

“Could it be, this is another mystery, like the big slime?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Slimes can be found anywhere, but no one actually knows anything about them. You should be more careful who you teach those conditions to.”[Elize]

I thought it was fairly simple though.

But then again, even Japan has its own share of mysteries.

If I ever get the opportunity, I would like to talk to those slime researchers.

But thats still in the future. I need to figure out what to do with the present first.

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