Volume 1 Chapter 7

After supper everyone chatted over tea.

“Ryouma-kun, what are you planning to do from here on?” [Madam]

“…To be honest, Im not really sure, but Im, thinking of moving…” [Ryouma]

My research has already reached a point where I could take a break and the slimes are starting to get too many for the house to handle. Moreover, Ive also started to yearn for peoples company and I also need more seasonings and foodstuff.

Because of that I started considering going around the world, but I wasnt sure what to say. After all, a kid whos been isolated his whole life couldnt possibly just go and sayI want to see the world! all of the sudden, right? That would be just too unnatural.

In the end, I decided to make use of my all-powerful grandparents.

“…My grandparents… told me to live happily… in town. My current… lifestyle is no good… I think. I dont think… my grandparents would be happy to know… I live here.” [Ryouma]

“Ryouma-kun…” [Madam]

As the atmosphere in the room went solemn, Reinbach-sama closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, then he spoke.

“How about leaving with us then?” [Reinbach]

“Huh?” [Ryouma]

Huh? What is he saying? Isnt this our first meeting?

“We are a ducal family, you know? We can at least take care of one persons necessities without problem. And besides, I think its a waste for a skilled monster tamer like yourself to be secluding himself deep in the forest. I know you dont like towns, but… How about it? Wont you try going out for a bit?” [Reinbach]

…I never thought he would propose something like that. The other people seemed to be in agreement too what with those eyes that seemed to sayits alright… Everyone here is so nice… Its enough to make my heart ache.

“Well be going to Gimuru starting tomorrow. Once were done with our errands, we will be going home. Well pass by here again, so… How about it? Do you want to travel with us?” [Reinbach]

“Travel…” [Ryouma]

I dont know anything about this world… The gods taught me some basic knowledge, but Ive never seen anything in person. In fact, I didnt even know how big of a deal my slime research was until they told me. Im sure there must be a lot more things I dont know.

“R-Right… I think I might just get… in your way… But if its not too much trouble, will you let… me travel with you?” [Ryouma]

“Oh! So youre coming!” [Reinhart]

“Well… Ive also started thinking… of leaving the forest, so…” [Ryouma]

“I see, I see… Youll have to prepare your belongings then. We can extend our departure time to tomorrow afternoon. Will that be enough time for you to get ready?” [Reinbach[

“Ill be ready by morning. I can bring everything with me with my Item Box, after all.” [Ryouma]

“Oh my, you can use Item Box at your age? Thats amazing!” [Madam]

Really? I thought a lot of people could use Item Box?

“Grandma said it was, convenient, so I learned, it. I heard… a lot of people could, use it, though?” [Ryouma]

“Well, its certainly an elementary level magic and a lot of people could use it, but the fact that you could use it while still being so young is a feat indeed.” [Madam]

“I think itll be a pleasure studying with Ryouma-san.” [Elia]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

After thanking the Jamil family, the young lady, the maids, and the guards offered to help me pack, so I decided to start with the most troublesome room.

“Whoa, whats with this room?” [Hyuzu]

“Its filled to the brim with weapons and armor.” [Elia]

“Picking out what to bring from all these wont be easy.” [Arone]

“Is that a pelt at the end of the room I see?” [Lilian]

“Whats with those pile of bags at the corner that looks like trash?” [Hyuzu]

The place I brought them to was none other than the storage room. All my loots from the bandits Ive subjugated in the past three years are gathered here. I would sometimes come here to do maintenance on the weapons, but other than that, almost everything else has been stored away.

“I will be, putting everything into my, Item Box. That bag there, contains the bandits belongings.” [Ryouma]

“Specifically?” [Hyuzu]

“Dont know…” [Ryouma]

“Dont know? You didnt bother to check? If you dont check your spoils properly after a battle, isnt that the same as risking your life for nothing?” [Hyuzu]

“It wasnt interested, so…” [Ryouma]

I answered Hyuzu-sans question curtly, but there were actually several reasons. One, most of the bandits belongings stank to high heavens, and two, there were rarely anything noteworthy. In one particularly bad case, I even ended up pulling out rotten meat; literally trash loot.

The money was irrelevant to me too. After all, I never went to town. What would I need them for?

In the end, searching through the bags was just a hassle, so I stopped bothering and just threw them to the corner after having the slimes clean them up.

“Then should we check the contents first?” [Arone]

“Good, lets go with that. If the contents turn out to be junk, well throw it away. Lets split the work of putting away and identifying the contents, so we can get things done faster. What do you think?” [Jill]

I nodded.

At that, we left identifying the contents to the young lady and the two maids, while we took on the role of putting the things away.

For a while, we continued with my group just throwing things into that black hole, but along the way, they noticed that some of the equipment and the pelt could be sold for a good price.

But what most unexpected was that among the bandits belongings Ive ignored until now was a bag of coins with a large sum of money. 40 medium gold coins, to be exact.

Even I know the value of 40 medium gold coins, so it was truly a fortuitous find for someone like me whos at long last decided to go to town.

But… After that matter with the slimes, Im concerned about the accuracy of my knowledge regarding this world. To be safe I should inquire the price of commodities.

I thought that to myself as we cleaned out the storage room as well as the other rooms. When wed cleared out everything, I called the cleaner slimes and scavenger slimes and had them add the finishing touches. When everything was sparkling clean, I suggested for the ducal family and the guards to use the newly cleaned rooms.

“You sure? If theres work to be done, we dont mind helping.”

“Its alright. I can do the rest by myself… Only food, and medicinal, ingredients are left, after all.” [Ryouma]

“Medicine, huh… Thats certainly not something amateurs should be handling. Alright then, but if theres anything else we can do, be sure to call us.” [Camil]

“Thank You, Camil-san.” [Ryouma]

“Its fine, its fine. Thanks for the room too. Honestly, any room with four walls would suit me just fine, so this is really a big help.” [Camil]

After chatting a little and giving my thanks I left

Now then… All thats left are the starter items I got from the gods… Oh, right… I wonder if I can take the slimes with me? I cant just leave them here. I should ask. They should still be awake.

“Reinhart-san, Reinbach-sama.” [Ryouma]

“Something the matter, Ryouma-kun?” [Reinbach]

“Can I… bring my slimes… with me? Therell be 17, slimes all in all…” [Ryouma]

“Sure, go ahead. Its only natural for a monster tamer to take his monsters with him.” [Reinbach]

“The carriage has plenty of space, so its no problem at all.” [Reinhart]

I see, thats good to hear.

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, they replied with a smile, saying,its fine. Theyre really good-hearted people. If this were in Japan, the equivalent situation would be me hitchhiking and asking, “By the way, I have 17 pets with me. Can I take them too?”

I dont know about others, but I definitely wouldnt agree to it. One or two maybe, but 17? In the first place, I dont even have a license, so…

I really cant overstate how grateful I am to the Jamil household. Oh, come to think of it, since Ill be going out, I might as well say a word or two to them.

As I thought that, I went to the deepest room in the house. It was really nothing more than a wide-open space, but inside, at the front wall, was a hollowed out area wherein the statues of the gods were enshrined.

The religions of this world dont prohibit idol worship, so sculpting a statue of a deity isnt a problem. In fact, there are adherents who buy small idols as models, so they could sculpt their own. They usually do it while praying in an area recommended by their church.

Personally, I did just that and created the idols, allowing me to both thank the gods and practice my earth magic. After making the idols, I enshrined them at my training grounds and reported to them daily.

But first, to keep others from seeing me, Im going to block the entrance with earth magic…

There. Done.

I sat in the lotus position before the idols. After a few minutes of meditation, I opened my eyes and spoke.

“Today ended safely too. Youre gods, so Im sure you know, but some guests came today. Ill be traveling with them for some time, so I wont be able to visit for a while.

Im finally leaving the forest. I think Ill be able to keep that promise about visiting the church now.

Its just… I dont know when Ill be able to come back, so Ive decided to take all my belongings with me.

If I decide not to come back here again, then Ill make new statues in my new home.

Anyway… Until next time.”

After that I stood up, opened the entrance, and left.

Speaking of which, it seems I only have a hard time when Im talking with humans. Huh… Well, Ive never talked to the idols before, so I never noticed, but… I guess the stammering is because of nerves, after all.

Well, whatever… With this Ive settled everything that needed to be done. All thats left is for me to leave with the slimes.

Lets sleep.

Like that I went to bed, but—

I wonder what the town is like.

—I couldnt stop thinking of the town.

Sleeping was harder than usual.

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