Kotori is in the top of her class and her high marks require advanced teachings. Its her last semester before she graduated but the finical issues are too much of a burden on her.

Its costly for the private academy and puts her parents in additional debt.

The previous year, her father Ren was offered a higher position for a different company. It was very promising to solve all the money problems but her mother was very upset.

The two teenagers stood at the top of the stairs and listened to their conversations. Their parents have been arguing like this for months now and have only been getting worse. The siblings can only depend on and comfort each other.

The woman yelled, ” You can leave me alone with the kids – I never wanted them in the first place. ”

”Honey, calm down before you say something you can take back—Its just a temporary problem for a long-term solution. In time the housing situation will be fixed, and can you believe it Im going to be the secretary of the CEO, just think about the benefits. ”

He picked up his suitcase and that was the last time that the family seems him.

The checks were very consistent for a while then it slowly stopped.

When news traveled that his older son Hideaki had been in an accident, he stops the communication and everything altogether.

He has been hospitalized for the past six months. The only person that visited him every day faithfully was his sister Kotori and during that time she watched her mother fall apart.

Ai Haru is a slender woman and carried herself well in decent-looking clothing. Shes an amazing wife and even a better parent to her two children.

”I cherish them dearly and watching the two grow has been a very interesting experience. ” It melted her heart bring surrounded by love and value – Since her husband left Ai to feel into depression and started to drink but it got worse when Hideaki got hospitalized and begin smoking.

The morals that she held high had no importance

She went out to the club every night and brought home different for sex exchanged for money – That how desperate she became.

Shes no longer the refine and respectful lady. She still may be attractive but deep down she hated herself.

In the middle of the night, Kotori opened the door and could hear her mother crying leaving countless voicemails on the receiver end.

”You bastard! – Why don you answer the phone. ” She cursed at the mobile device on the bathroom counter before passing out on the toilet after throwing up.

”What a life? ”

Kotori helped on mother up from the ground and put on the bed after removing those clothes that reek of alcohol then tucked her in the bed. She opened the cabinets grabbed the cleaning supplies and scrubbed the vomit on the floor.

In the morning Kotori sat down at the table with a bowl of left-over rice.

”Did you complete the homework assignment? – Look at me trying to be the mother of the year. ” Her mother asked before taking another smoke from the cigarette. In a gorgeous black dress with a slit and her hair was straightened. It shows her curves perfectly

She tapped the ashes on the bowl in front of her daughter then removed the cigarette from her mouth then tossed it on the bowl.

She put on her stilettos and grabbed a small mirror to apply the dark eyeliner. Looking absolutely shunning

”Yes, mother, ” Kotori answered and lost her appetite then tossed the bowl in the trash. It disappointed her to waste the rice

To defy mother equals punishment. It consists of beating visible to the skin and from that point forwards it became more aggressive

”Well, someone has to pay the bills around here. ” Her mother complained about it with a nasty attitude. Pouring cheap liquor in a cup mixed with cough syrup. It helps her to feel good about the decision that she is making

She looked at her daughter, Kotori who reminded her of the youthful and carefree life before she had children. ” You are the reason that your father left and why Hideaki is in the hospital—drowning in debt. ”

Memories of her youth returned, and she felt repulsive around of Kotori. ” Its worse that she picked up her fathers habits and I can stand the sight of it! ” She throws the emptied cup at all walls. Remembering why she loathed her daughter.


She h

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