The medicals bills are very costly, and her mother wasn making nearly enough to cover a quarter of it.

The amount of debt is presumably large. Kotori desperately wanted to offer her assistance but struggles terrible to bring any sort of income.

”Its only a semester left—Being a high school dropout sounds pretty pathetic. ”

It crossed her mind to drop out countless times if it meant to help with the finical burden. Its a difficult and complicated.

Shes smart, dependable, and can adapt to any environment. It wasn enough for suitors

”I need to become the breadwinner and to be strong—Not just for myself but my mother and brother. Those two worked so hard to give me the life I deserved and its only right. ”

From her perspective her family is her top priority and felt responsible for them. If her father won be the man of the house, then she will have to step up to the plate.

The mobile device vibrated on the table and notice a notification of a new message from her online friend.

His words comforted her in those darkest times. It seems that theres one person in this world that truly understands her situation – He inspire her to be stronger and tomorrow is another day with new challenges.

He is the sole reason why she hasn given up on life by now. The last string of hope—continue reminding her that her brother might wake up.

Easyfinesse ” Hey there! Is your brother doing any better?

ConfessionHeart ”Hey you, there haven been any changes in his condition.

Easyfinesse ” Im so sorry to hear I hope that he gets better soon. Im shocked that you are responding consistently. Aren you usually busying around this time with school activities? ”

ConfessionHeart ” Oh, all classes were cancelled and so were school activities.

Easyfinesse ” Okay.

She quickly powers off her phone and lying was not her strong suit. It made her feel really bad afterwards

She looked at her brother and it destroyed her to the very core. Its a painful reminder of her mistakes and it was hard not to cry. This weighs down heavily on her delicate heart.

”Hideaki please wake up! I wish I never pestered you to go to the amusement park and I carry the guilt everyday with me. I refuse to live in a world without you. ” She whimpered and tightly held his hand with brother of hers. ”I will do anything for things can return to normal. ”

Just when life couldn worse.

Dr. Hyang entered and checked the patient vitals then wrote down notes on the clipboard.

She wipes away her tears and adjusted her posture standing firm. Her mind was ready about what the doctor was about to say but her heart wasn .

After a long-anticipated pause Dr. Hyang spoke, ” Hello, Miss. Im sorry to inform you but we must take this patient from life support. —Why? You may ask. Its various of reasons others patient and his parents or whoever on his guardianship forms not answering phone calls and there been no signs of payments and by the rules and regulations we can no longer treat this patient. ”

Kotoris facial expression darkened, and tried to process what the doctor just said. Her legs collapsed as she dropped down to the floor and fell on her knees. ” Please don ! ” She shouted and begged desperately.

The transferred to a public hospital is terrible. Many patients health deteriorates and lost their lives – They lack proper equipment and doesn care for patients.

People tried to claim a lawsuit against them and failed. There was something in the form they sign upon being admitted.

Dr. Hyang spoke with a sinister smirk on his face and was aroused by the pitiful woman in front of him. ” I think I can make an exception—Since you have a pretty good figure and a beautiful face. ” You
e of age, right? ”

She looked at him with disgusted and scared.

”Theres no way—I will let this man touch a stand of hair on my head. ” She shook her head innocently and search for her identification card from two years ago. Itll make her sixteen year of age. Luckily, there wasn much change.

”Only if my brothers life wasn on the line I would kick him in the balls and report him to HR. ” It made her sick to her stomach that a man would abuse his authority and take advantage of a woman. ” I have a special type of hate for this kind of man. ”

” Yeah, money is important but Im not about to sleep with a man just to sustain a few days of payment that I clearly don have the cash for—Maybe if he was trying to pay some bills then I may reconsider.

She remain calm and hope that the man didn see through her façade.

He studied the card very closely and did a comparison. ” Hold on. ” He said and checked the charts of the patient listing relatives but under the sister – there was no age listed on the forum.

”Smart girl…I will find out your actual age but until then I will play along. ” He returned her identification card then spoke in a gentle tone, ” I will allow to the end of the week. ”

But he really meant, ” I will give you until the end of the week to come crawling and begging me to save your brother. ”

He dismissed himself and went to attend another patient.

Kotori overheard the nurse fantasizing over Dr. Hyang of being handsome, the top of in medical fields and well-respected by the public.

Family man and happily married with two teenage children. The ages of 15 and 17

”I should report him but who would believe me? Technically, he didn do anything and there wasn any form of serious harassment. ”

She decided to keep it to herself and considered this a one-time incident as she took a deep breath.

”I need to figure out how to gather enough cash to pay his hotel bills. ” She packed up her things and place a kiss on her brother forehead then cliched a watch on his wrist before heading out.

Stealing have crossed her mind but she too much of a coward. She walked out the hospital with an envelope in her hand. She opened and read the letter theres were a total of ten thousand dollars.

”How in the world am I supposed to get this much in a week. ” She could not believe her eyes and her jaw dropped.

Theres no way in hell –

She looked for coins in the crest of the street and in the vending machines. Once she walked home Kotori manage to gather a few dollars in total. It stills a long way to go but this is progress. ”$11.46. ” She counted.

She stepped on the porched and looked behind her to see that the streetlights came on. ” I should look in other areas but—its too dark. ”

She couldn even see the face of people walking past her and it scared her. It just one of those fears that carry on since she was a child.


The sound of a text notification startled her and she rushed inside without a second thought to spare. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and peeked out the window then checked her surroundings. ” Mother haven made it home yet? ” She looked down at her phone and swipe down to read the message.

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