He wipes the water from his face using a napkin.

She sat there embarrassed then apologized again, ” Im really sorry—I didn mean for it to happen. ”

Its still hard to believe that she is even in the same room as him of someone, ” I shouldn be next to a person of his caliber. ” She thought.

He spoke with slight irritation but hid his emotions professionally, ” I have a proposition—How about we make a marriage contract thatll benefit both parties.

Her eyes widen in shock at the unbelievable words that make his mouth, ” A w-what? ” She choked and tried to clear her throat.

”Yes, a marriage contracts the expense of being my legal wife for two years and when the divorce settlement will be two billion dollars, I can assure you that. ”

”Woah! Thats a lot of money– I can save my family with that. ” She thought and counted the fingers on her hand. Its hard to even imagine that kind of cash in her possession and she smiled

She clenches her fist on her lap anxious thinking of her options and the future and tried to hide the greed in her eyes. She swallows her pride and give him a slight nod, ” I feel like Im selling myself for money—I mean, its okay right? Hes my online friend a trustworthy guy. I mean, what can happen in two years. Sign me up. ”

”I will make a few arrangements and starting today this is your now home. — Theres going some changes your attire since you will make a couple of appearances at events. ”He said then continue, ” If you decided to date another man be decreet about it and can achieve any dream your heart desires. This relationship is complete platonic and lets not let this change anything between us—I told you a lie about my background, but I assured you the person you met online is not fake.

She spoke respectfully and was not sure how to address him. ” Mister, should I call you by your last name? ”

He chuckled at her innocent behavior, ” We been friends for a while you can call me Kyosuke or even Kyo—I don mind, really.

He looked at the pitiful young woman in front of him swimming in guilt and wanted a happier life for her.

It took a few weeks to adjust to the new living arrangements. There were some awkward moments among the two but in time they gradually warm up to each other.

It was one of the high-in expensive apartment that as a modern interior designed with med-century furniture which complimented the rooms. – A large two-bedroom apartment.

They both signed the marriage certificate.

”I wanted to share some news with you, the villa I worked hard on will finally be complete in a few months—If… I mean, when your brother recovered, we all should move there. The three of us can find here itll become too crowded. ”

That was very thoughtful of him. She felt very appreciative.

She spoke, ”I would like that very much. ”

”I would like to talk to you about the terms of the contract—I will deposit a ten thousand dollar down payment then for each successful performance will range from twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars. Also, I must admit that when I heard of this situation of yours, I couldn help but take advantage of such an opportunity. ”

She listened closely to the man and had no objection.

” That beautiful face of yours will do some good for the public—Its great that were already friends but in the near distant future well have to find a career for you. ”

All of this was a part of his plan to get back at his girlfriend and wanted to see the surprised look on her face.

This may affect his reputation, but he didn care.

” Once the contract ends we can still keep in touch with each other as online friends.—I just need you to make our relationship look good in front of acquaintances, relatives, and the company. ”

” It sounds like a lot but what right do I have to complain, I should be grateful for such an opportunity. ” She thought.

” I understand. ” She answered with a light nod.

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