She looked at her reflection in the mirror with her hair in two braids as she glace down at the picture of her family in of her on the dresser that was in a frame. ” If money is the issue, then I will do anything in my power to bring them back together. Im determined! – I will find our parents.


The lights turned off.

In the morning.

She stretched her arms and walked into the bathroom with slippers on then spotted two toothbrushes. ” Oh, yeah, I forgot for a second. ”

All of this is still an experience for her. She never lived with any other than her parents, but things are becoming easier and more comfortable than before.

”My personal chef can accommodate to your taste. ” He informed before dismissing himself after receiving a phone call.

”Finally, a home cooked meal. ” She scarfs down everything on her plate. The taste of the food melted in her mouth with each bite, and she wanted more. `

”Im so stuffed. ” She patted her stomach and walked out the kitchen then heard lips smacking nearby towards his bedroom the door was cracked open and she saw to naked bodies making love.

”Oh, my—I shouldn had been so noisy, but I was just curious what that sound was. ” She slowly walked out of the apartment and looked up at the sky. ” Man, Im so stupid. ” She thought and found him less attractive as the scene repeated in her head. How shameless!

After a while, footsteps approached from behind her as a man spoke in a robe, ” Are you jealous, honey or perhaps, did you want to join in? ” He says jokingly.

”Thats laughable. ” She mumbled and looked away from him flustered after glancing at those broad shoulders and bare chest the robe didn cover nearly enough.

He spoke, ”Its time for you to get to work. ”

”I don have a job. What work? ” She questioned.

”You lacking in nearly every department I can introduce you to the public like this. You need to polish up on your manners and style, obviously. ” He says then looked at her outfit and called his assistance to recreate her wardrobe.

It was a very exhausting day of trying on over a hundred of different clothing.

”What right do I have to complain? This man is paying me. ”

She hated staying in places for a long time and putting on clothing. It was slightly annoying but soon the day came to an end.

Kyosuke put together a list and was satisfied his choice of clothing for her then place in a order with the manager. ” I want them in her room tomorrow. ” He demanded the ended the phone call.

He looked over and saw that she was nodding odd then her put her head on his shoulder to sleep comfortably.

”You did well, Kotori! You mustve really been tired. ”

Kyosuke ordered a few servants from the main house to teach this woman manners and etiquette. It was very difficult for her and took longer than expected for this achievement.

They toughed her the basics of learning how to eat properly, and elegantly which is critical.

The Nakamuras host dinners and events — There are some high-profile members that are invited and very judgmental who highly appreciate the habit of eating like a gentleman.

These group of people never communicate by text and only though call to plan meetings and understand the benefits of direct communication. Its important to remember that never mention about a person wealth or speak about money. Its very improper to mention without reason.

She sat down at the table and practice a thousand times until it was right. It was frustrating having to correct her mistakes non-stop and polishing her behavior then posture.

Kyosuke entered the kitchen with a different woman that had on one of his shirts showing her bare legs.

Hours later

Kotori flopped down on the bed seconds away from passing out as she reached for the device and got a notification from her email.


She clicked and a smile developed on her face.

We appreciate your interest in The Glass View and for applying for the following position of the waitress.

Our team will be revieing your application. If your qualification are a suitable match and if have new openings, we will contract you to schedule for an interview.

”This was almost two months ago. ” She thought.

INCOMING CALL 125-454-3456

She answered and wondered who this her be- maybe her parents.

”Hello. ”

The person on the other side of the phone sounded cheerful, ” Hello there! Is Kotori Haru available? Im the manager from The Glass View.

”Oh yes, this is her speaking. ” Kotori says smiling from ear to ear. It was hard to hide the excitement in her voice.

” Good, good. Do you think you could come in for an interview tomorrow? ”

” Yes! ”

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