If she went in, it would be a dead end, right?

However, it seemed like this opponent could be killed.

This time, Lo Ya found a stone with smaller size and threw it again.


The moment it hit, the spider instantly crash-landed on the ground.

“Now is the time.”

Earth Spike.

The sharp and deadly Earth Spike cleaved through the ground and pierced the spider’s body.
However, the spider’s reaction was also not slow.
The moment it faced danger, it began to rise, successfully dodging the fatal blow, as the spike could only peel its skin, and a pool of light green mucus flowed out from the wound.

“So fast.”

If even the Earth Spikes couldn’t pierce through it, then the Dark Melting was even more impossible to show any effect.
However, from this attack, she had already obtained the information of her target.

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Trio cloud poisonous spider, LV3, Magical Beast Species.

This creature didn’t have extraordinary defense, so Lo Ya felt that she could deal with it.
Immediately getting into action, she found the big stone and threw it again.
This time, the poisonous spider still landed habitually.
Unfortunately, it received a shower of acid and fell to the ground, never to rise again.

With a sizzling sound, the invisible thread seemed to tear down.
The Trio cloud poisonous spider wanted to run up to the wooden wall beside it, but it stumbled after Lo Ya’s second wave of acid rumbled upon it.

“I hit it… Can the poisonous spider’s meat be eaten?”

Seeing that the opponent had lost its ability to resist, Lo Ya finally tried to use her Dark Melting.

A lump of viscous black liquid appeared in her hand, fell into the ground, and in the blink of an eye, it seeped into the soil below, silently approaching the target.

While Poisonous Spider tried to get up, its doom arrived without a sound and warning.

The black liquid engulfed the opponent’s body bit by bit, emitting a faint white smoke.
Soon, it was completely devoured, and stopped showing any kind of movements.

The items dropped, among which was a large silver chest.

“Phew, it’s finally done.
It seems like something good has dropped.”

Lo Ya stepped forward and opened it.


Emitting gorgeous silver light, a book bathed in magnificent light appeared before her eyes.

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[Opening White Silver Treasure Chest.
Congratulations, you have obtained Racial Talent Item: Book of Species Strength + 1]

[Book of Species Strength + 1: Increases base strength of species by 1 point]


Lo Ya found that she had gotten something good again.

With this, Insect Girl’s basic strength would change from 0.8 to 1.8.
This meant that her initial combat strength would increase by a large amount.

This was an item that could be used by all individuals in the entire species, directly increasing everyone’s combat strength.

At this time, the Dark Melting had already melted half of the spider’s corpse.

The remaining flesh and blood could still be eaten, but Lu Ya didn’t feel like it was edible.

Because, Insect Girl didn’t have the ability to resist the poison.

She turned to Lo Xin who was hiding in the shrubbery while observing the battle through a small gap and said, “This kind of spider is poisonous.
Even if Insect Girl is beaten to death, it cannot be eaten.”

“Poison… What is it?” Lo Xin asked curiously.

“A dangerous thing.”

She was sweating at the question, and didn’t know how to explain it at all.
In short, Luo Ya told her that insects with too bright colors should not be touched randomly and should be handled with great precaution.
When facing tree holes or other hidden pits in the future, one should not venture in, but be cautious.
When fighting, one need to pay attention to their surroundings from time to time to see if there are other risks.
When one encounter an opponent who couldn’t be defeated, one need to escape in time.
When one escape, one can use skills to delay the opponent’s speed.

Such complicated information made Lo Xin dizzy.
Perhaps she couldn’t understand it for a moment or even never, but she still tried her best to accept it.

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