them listen to her instructions effectively.


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The thin line on the [the heart of Insect Girl] lit up against the dark night sky.

The subsequent path of evolution was as follows:

[Energy Empowerment-Elite: Individuals will receive extraordinary lifespan and combat power bonuses, and each individual can become an elite.]

This option required 1000 Evolution points.

Lo Ya glanced at the remaining 300 or so points she had and understood that she could not immediately make a choice.

“It seems nice.”

The Insect Girls really lacked fighting strength at the moment.

“Forget it.
I will think about it later.”

After withdrawing from the Editor, the Insect Girl began to evolve.

In terms of height, she had grown by about five centimeters.
Other than that, there were no other changes.
But Lo Ya could clearly feel the extra ability she had: Spiritual Power Communication.

It was not just any ordinary communication.
Unlike her companions, she could directly issue orders through the spiritual network and make all Insect Girl follow her orders.

“There is no need to worry so much for now.
Let’s go and test my combat strength.”

Lo Ya was only at level 5 now.
In the vicinity, she could be considered a powerhouse.

Though, it didn’t mean she was very safe.
There were very few resources in this area, and powerful creatures were not willing to come here.

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Lo Ya wriggled to the side of a grass patch, and saw a red ladybug that was hovering 10 centimeters above the ground while rapidly flapping its wings.

Red Ladybug, at level 3, Beast.

She activated the spiritual power and read the other party’s information.

“It’s forbidden to advance… the territory… otherwise… enemy…buzz…”

Obviously, the spiritual communication directly analyzed the other party’s thoughts.

“Is this the ladybug’s territory? If I continue to move forward, they will treat me as an enemy?” Lo Ya was very surprised.

‘Huh, now you are just making me want to barge in even more.’

When had this Insect Girl ever been afraid of anything?

Lo Ya did not say a word and sprayed out a mouthful of acid onto the opponent’s insect shell before wriggling towards the target.

“You are doomed.”

She summoned the large dagger in her inventory and stabbed at the Ladybug.
Unexpectedly, the opponent suddenly shook and hovered into the air.
Then, it staggered and circled to Lo Ya’s left side.

“It hurts.
Enemy… Attack.”

Chaotic information flowed into the Insect Girl’s mind, and the Ladybug immediately counterattacked.

It opened its mouth wide and spat out a long thin thread from within, accompanied by a swift sound.

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Whoosh ~

Lo Ya’s left hand was tied up.


“What great strength!”

Sure enough, it was not an ordinary ladybug.

Seeing that it was closing in the distance, Lo Ya simply pressed her two hands under the opponent’s body and activated the Electric Shock.


A electric arc flashed and the ladybug’s entire body convulsed and fell onto the ground.

From the ladybug’s reaction, it seemed that Lo Ya’s Components were much more powerful and almost crippled her enemy in an instant.

Raising the dagger, she slashed straight ahead.

The knife fell… However, unexpectedly, the ladybug dodged.
It flew up again and leisurely retreated.

From afar, the spiritual power could still feel the weak message in the enemy’s mind: “Territory… intrusion… help…everyone…”

Perhaps its request for help did have an effect, because several ladybugs flew over from afar.

“Intruder… Go to hell…”

“Damn it!” Seeing this scene, Lo Ya immediately turned around and fled.

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