belly, she turned around and gazed at the sky with a satisfied look.
“I have no regrets in life.”

“Shit, no regrets my ass!” She suddenly trembled and straightened up on the ground.
“What exactly am I doing?”
Unconsciously, she became just like the lazy insects around her.
She shook her head, feeling speechless about her own thoughts.
A red insect was eating its fellow companion not far away.
The insect had a sharp and dangerous mouth.
After taking a few bites of the corpse, it curled up on the spot and a thin layer of membrane slowly formed out of its body.
It was a bit scary.
Especially when she saw the half-dead white insect struggling on the ground, she felt even more afraid.
“I don’t want to be eaten.”
However, if this continued, she would probably become food for other insects sooner or later, because they were becoming more and more powerful with every kill.
“Why am I so weak? I can’t beat those things.”
Little Insect Girl was so scared that she crawled back into her eggshell.
Although she was full and was also safe in the eggshell, she knew that this wasn’t a good solution.
More and more insects were being hatched.
At some time, one would go crazy and treat her as food.

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‘Evolution, evolution.’
‘Could it be that I can also evolve by eating insects?’
‘But, eating insects is disgusting.’
‘How can I eat that kind of creepy thing?’
‘Though… I really have to try it out.’
A bold idea popped up in Insect Girl’s heart, followed by the loud grumble from her stomach.
When she poked her head out, there were more insects outside.
A few of them started to fight not far away, and they might notice this place at any time.
“I have to go too.”
It seemed like there were no other choices.
If she didn’t eat others, she would be eaten.
Lying in the broken egg, Little Insect Girl appeared hesitant.
Just as she was thinking about her next move, a fat red insect crawled in her direction.
“Oh my god, is it here to eat me?”
Little Insect Girl hugged her little head and curled into a ball.
Her whole body went limp.
She was really afraid.
“Oh no, no, I have to overcome my fear.”
‘Even if I became an insect, I still have to fight for my life! I can’t be bullied.’
She wanted to become even more powerful.

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After tearing apart the remaining eggshell, Insect Girl used all her strength to escape in the opposite direction of the red insect.
She could not come into contact with that creature, so she had to attack the weak white insect first.
Little Insect Girl wriggled in front of a fat insect who had eaten and was resting around the corner.
After hesitating for a few seconds, she finally bit down.
“Awoo ~”
[Evolution points + 1]
She had never heard of it.
What was this, could it be used for evolution? ‘Forget it, let’s continue eating.’
The fat insect seemed to be suffering great pain, and it started to flee in the opposite direction.
Insect Girl ate its flesh and actually felt that it was very delicious, just like jelly.
[Evolution points + 1]
[Skill Card obtained: Venom Spit]
Little Insect Girl happily shook her tail and looked behind her, only to find that the giant red insect was chasing after her.
She was so scared that she quickly climbed up the slope not far away.
At this time, the red insect actually took the opportunity to attack the white insect that she had just eaten.
She felt that it was a bit strange.
It seemed that only the red insects could attack, and there were very few of them in the group.
‘Could it be that they were not the same type of creature as the white insects?’
Little Insect Girl tilted her head in puzzlement, and suddenly noticed the skill displayed on the screen in front of her.
‘Venom Spit… Should I use it?’
‘Let’s try it.’
Whoosh ~
A black liquid flew out and hit the giant red insect.
In the next moment, it began to struggle painfully on the ground.

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