I see this scene, it is always disgusting.”

Lo Ya could not accept this fatty.
After it was born, it immediately crawled out of the tree house, and approached near the miniature Ant nest that she found yesterday; stuck out its tongue, and started licking it.

Gulp ~

A bunch of Ants couldn’t survive this second disaster and fell prey to this notorious newborn.

Soon, a strange mucus was secreted by White Insect’s body, and gradually took form of a outer shell, completely encompassing its body.
Two sharp sickles and a pair of sturdy thin wings drilled out from its soft skin, bestowing it with a ferocious look.

After the short evolution this time, it had already become a large fat maggot with two sickles.

After observing its performance, it could be seen that the evolution of the White Insects mainly depended on the genes of their food.
This type of gene had its own deleting function, and would only accept parts that were beneficial to itself while eliminating the useless ones.

“Lo Xin, Lo Lee, Lo Lo, go and catch some insects nearby and feed them to it.”

Lo Ya was also prepared to find some large creatures to direct its evolution.

Not long after, she found a large Black Insect with pincers

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Hard-skinned Insect, LV2, Wild Beast.

Most creatures that lived alone were ferocious, but for Lo Ya who was level 10, it was not difficult to kill this level 2 target.

With one strike of the Wind Blade, the unlucky Hard-skinned Insect was sliced into two pieces.

She went forward and grasped its corpse, finding that its shell was very hard.
No wonder it was called the Hard-skinned Insect.
With this hard shell, it was a prey that was hard to tame.

Lo Ya brought the corpse back to White Insect’s side and found that the fatty’s appearance had changed a lot since then.

There was a row of sharp spikes adorning its back and a thick horn crowning its forehead.
Other than a pair of sickles, there were also two insect limbs shaped like blades on the front of its body.
Its appearance alone was scary and capable of creeping anyone out.

At this moment, the White Insect was completely covered with red and black shell, and it was also smaller in size.
There were four agile insect legs growing out of its lower body.
Under the orders of Insect Girl, it could easily jump more than half a meter high.

“Eat this thing too.”

Lo Ya threw the Hard-skinned Insect’s corpse in front of it.

After the hideous and terrifying mouth chewed the corpse, the mutated White Insect let out a dull roar.
Then, a layer of pitch-black hard shell grew out of the red carapace again, followed by the sickle and the sharp blade merging into a weird insect blade with a sharp tip, and even more exaggerated length and hardness.

Its eyes also flashed with a faint scarlet color.

“Lo Ya, it looks so scary.”

Lo Xin stood by her side, looking at the mutated White Insect species that was gradually enlarging into the size of the Insect Girls, and her expression was somewhat uneasy.

“This isn’t a bad thing.
It looks very powerful.”

Lo Ya didn’t look worried at all.
As the main consciousness, her Spiritual Link could feel the warm feelings emitted from the mutated creature.
However, compared to Insect Girls, this creature’s intelligence was much lower.
It was more like an absolute loyal subordinate under her command.

“But… its appearance really looks like those Ants that I killed yesterday.”

Lo Ya thought of the massacre she committed last night The Ants treated her as a god and in the end, she burned thousands of them with a mouthful of acid.
She did not expect that the next day, they would became pitiful gene supplements again, turning into nutrients for the White Insect’s evolution.

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A few Insect Girls waited beside the big tree for two hours, and it finally finished evolving.

[Branch Clan member evolution completed, please name it.]

Lo Ya glanced at the sharp sickle on its forelimbs and directly entered the two words: Sickle Insect.

[Magical Creature: Sickle Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 30 / 30]

[Strength: 1.6, Spirit: 1.0, Magic: 0, Agility: 2.5, Vitality:2.0]

The Mutated Insect’s basic attributes were higher than Insect Girls, but the Life Points were relatively low.
Its highest level was 5, and if it wanted to increase its potential, it would have to undergo more evolution and mutation.

The Sickle Insect could also reproduce their own kind.
Once they eat a large number of living things, the cavity in their bodies would rapidly produce an isolated embryo similar to Insect Girl’s split tail.
Then, it would leave their body and grow into a new Sickle Insect.
The whole process would require only a short day.

The newborn Sickle Insect only needed to eat a small amount of living creatures before it would enter in a rapid growth phase, and attain mature body within two days, obtaining powerful combat strength.

Theoretically, a Sickle Insect could reproduce once every hour, but in reality, due to the quality of food and other factors, there would be a large fluctuation in time.

“Looks like I don’t have to rush for today.
Later, I’ll think of a way to make this guy give birth to a few more offspring.”

‘How should I put it? After all, it is a descendant that is nurtured with 1000 Evolution points.
Its strength is so weak.
If it will be killed by other creatures on the way, it would be a disaster.’

However, if a large group of offspring were hatched, then even if a battle really broke out, she wouldn’t have to worry about losing anything.

For Insect Girl, the Sickle Insect was a cheap cannon fodder, and the reason for its existence was to fight for them.

Lo Ya borrowed the spiritual communication ability of the main consciousness and successfully connected to its mind.
After a command, the Sickle Insect obediently stayed in the tree house and waited for the next orders.

The adult Insect Girls gathered together and began to search in the forest for weak wild beasts that could be hunted down easily.

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