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“What was that?”

When she opened her eyes, she saw a very large Winged Dragon rising from the forest not far away and flying into the distance.
Those huge wings actually stirred up a gust of strong wind, that blew hard on her face.

“I didn’t expect this place to be the nest of the stone Winged Dragon.
No wonder there are no other creatures around here.” Elder Bu Fu narrowed his eyes, as if he had come to a certain realization.

“Do you know anything about those creatures?” The dragon moved out in a haste so, Lo Ya did not assess the level of its strength.
She was only able to do her evaluation based on the aura, and the looks of it, the Winged Dragon was quite strong.

Elder Bu Fu raised his head and revealed a look of yearning.
“There was once a group of human experts who tried to challenge a stone Winged Dragon, but they lost three Silver Swordsmen and a Bronze Level mage.
In all my life, I’ve never seen such an intense battle.
From a Goblin view, the level of its strength is unimaginable.

“Silver Level… Does it mean they were very strong?”

Lo Ya sounded somewhat wierd, she never knew about that.
Usually, those that were described as that powerful were either magic gods or masters.
Could it be that Silver Level swordsmen were just as powerful?

“It’s just that we’re too weak.” Elder Bu Fu smiled bitterly and shook his head.
“Although there are many powerful creatures living in Fresnel Forest, most of them are clustered around the Star Abyss to absorbing the dispersing energy.
The overall strength of all the magical creatures put together is not even a fraction of the empire’s.
Magical creatures even have to combine with the Devil Beast Lord.
That is the only way they are able to stand against the strength of the human race and maintain the balance of strength between the two sides.

“What this means is that the entire race of magical creatures and beasts have to join forces if they want to go to battle against humans.

It was as expected, after all, they were terrifying creatures that stood on two feet.
It would have definitely been different in another world

However, Lo Ya did not think that magical creatures could unite.
Since she was born, there had been alarming incessant killings among them.

“No species can boast of internal peace.
We Goblins don’t know much about humans.
Everything we know is based on tales.”

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“Alright.” Lo Ya got up from the ground and was about to charge everyone to continue on their journey.

Of course, she did not think that continuing with meeting the rest of the Hound Clan was a wise move.
It was best to accumulate more strength and completely defeat them.

“Since the mission has already been determined, it shouldn’t be too difficult to complete”

The hound had blocked the Insects Girl Clan’s path to the southwest.
If they weren’t willing to become allies, then it would be best to annihilate them as soon as possible.

With a single thought, Lo Ya made the Insect Girls and the Sickle Insects stand up at the same time.

The members of the Goblin clan who were standing close by were all startled.
Those insects were moving too fast.

Lo Ya’s absolute control over every member of their clan was unbelievable, and it made it difficult for the Goblins to understand how the Insect Girl Clan worked.
How the amiable and cute Lo Ya exercised control like a dictator and was even able to make every individual obey her unconditionally was really hard to comprehend.

“I suggest we go to the stone Winged Dragon’s nest first.
They usually like to hide treasures in their nests.”

Elder Bu Fu said in a low voice.

“Gems maybe?” Lo Ya turned her head and asked doubtfully.

“No, stone Winged Dragons don’t like stones.
they like strange things, especially rare items that have appeared in ancient times.
That’s why the human experts like to search for their nests”

Lo Ya frowned.
“It shouldn’t be too risky to check it out, right?”

“No, the stone Winged Dragon usually only visits the nest once a year.
After six months, it will migrate to other places and won’t return until it’s another six months.”

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