impossible for them to achieve this.

“They are bugs.”

Of course, they had no idea that Lo Ya was about to make Insect Girls more like bugs.

The main thing was that there were more and more evolution points and it was enough to activate the next evolution.

Because there were no suitable components, Lo Ya decided to only strengthen the mysterious route.

The next option on the Ability Tree was already on display.

[Spirit Enhancement: Reevaluate the individual strength based on general standards.
Every Insect Girl received a one-thousandth of the individual spirit bonus (calculated at 1,000 points max).
Editor Consumption: 5000 evolution points.]

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A skill that increased magic capacity.
The so-called universal standard was the level system measured by Steel, bronze, and Silver.

The data levels in Lo Ya’s eyes were actually her own unique way of measuring.
Most other creatures in this world did not have such a detailed classification.
Especially humans, they only categorized their strength into several stages of the major levels.

Black Iron Stage: One’s physical strength is enhanced to a certain level and are able to grasp a certain level of technique.
When Lo Ya’s attributes reached 10 points, she was basically on the same level with a Lower Black Iron Level warrior.

Bronze Stage: [The physical strength exceeded the Black Iron Level’s, the reaction speed is fast, and the martial skill level is outstanding.] Lo Ya did not understand the lowest entry requirement requirement of this level because she was yet to achieve it.

Silver Stage: one would be able to produce powerful combat skills physically, there is a fundamental difference from bronze in all aspects.
Insufficient information to fully understand.

The later stages were also unclear, and could only be found out after being attained.

Hence, Lo Ya’s only option was to withdraw from the editor.

So her strength did not increase.

But it did not matter.
In the future, when the number of Sickle Insects exceeded a thousand, Insect Girl’s spirit would be strengthened, even though it would be a long process.

The hunting operation against the Hound Clan continued.

Two days later, 20 kilometers away, at the Basecamp of the Hound Clan.

“Chief, there are unknown creatures in the nearby areas, and they have attacked hunting teams that went out to hunt.
Should we act now?”

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“Do you know the nature of the target creature?”

The chief looked at the hound that had come to report and put down his work.

“I don’t really have an idea.
They seem to be some type of dangerous Insects.
If not that they showed up near the camp, we probably wouldn’t have known about their existence.”

” You have no idea? ” There was a trace of interrogation in the chief’s tone.
“Are you trying to say that those teams that met with them didn’t ascertain their strength?”

“This… The teams that were attacked didn’t make it back.
But the hounds that had seen the target all thought that they were just a group of ordinary Insects, and directly sent out an assault crew to eliminate them.”


After a moment of silence, the chief personally left the kennel and went to the lush outdoor area.

Many hunting dogs patrolled the surroundings.
They occasionally discussed the recent events that had happened in the forest, but their expressions did not show much unease.

“Inform the leaders of the big packs to prepare to annihilate the giant Insects outside the camp and show them what we are capable of.”

“Understood” The hound immediately shouted after receiving the orders.

As he observed the warriors who were getting ready, the patriarch narrowed his eyes and thought, “This territory belongs to the Hound Clan, no one can do whatever they like here.”

One large unit was equivalent to a few small teams.
Even if they encountered any danger this time, they could cover each other and quickly retreat to their camp to report.

This was what was going through his mind.


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