”Ill wait forever was what you said on the fifteenth of November while lying in my arms, ” I sighed and looked up at the man I once harboured hatred for. He was towering over me but I didn let that faze me. I stared back at him with intensity in my gaze. I wasn going to let him think he can get under my skin, especially after what he did.

Yes he was kind of dominating as he stood six feet two inches compared to my five feet seven inches but that was the least of the captivating attributes in this overly handsome man I had grown to love and as my eyes lingered on his beautiful face, from his blue orbs down to his cute nose and plump lips, lips I had grown found of kissing when ever no one was looking. He was quite captivating with his pearly whites, broad shoulders, he was exquisitely perfect.

I looked at him again with raised eyebrow excepting a response. All he could say was ”It was the summer of love who could possibly resist you, you know how things can get once you are a star ” I gritted my teeth in annoyance. I want flipping mad at him, how could he said that to me, does he not have any regard for my feelings I thought we were in this together, i thought he… I stop in my line of thoughts I looked at him and said. ”Its over, griffen… ”this ” I said pointing at the space created between us to drive home my point ” is utterly useless griffen, I can do this anymore its over! ”

I said without sparing him a glance I knew my words had the desired effects on him because i saw the look of shock and surprise on my face he clearly wasn expecting that reaction from me I walked away from him taking long strides towards the door my fingers were touching the door knob when I felt his hands wrap itself around my wrist, before I could register the warm feeling of his hands against me he spun me around as my back hit the wall such that I was trapped between him and the wall with no means of escape. I looked at him and I could tell he was sad, this was no fault of mine it was his but I couldn help the overwhelming feeling of guilt washing all over me. ” let me go, griffen, let me go! ” I said as I yelled and threw weak punches on his hard chest.

”Not until you take back what you said you don mean it do you? ” he inquired but i remained mute his deep sea blue eyes staring into mine weakening my defense I could see were different sparks of emotions I could not decipher but something was surprising whats i saw love in his eyes. Love? It was totally

impossible because the griffen reid i knew was incapable of loving, maybe this all an act, a big show to make me fall for him again.

” please take back what you said. ” he looked at me pleading with his eyes. I was going to succumb to his pleading eyes but in that instance, i remembered I was upset with him.

”Fine, Ill take back what I said but only on one condition ” i said with my arms crossed innocently against my chest unintentionally pushing my boobs forward. He subtly followed my movement and his adams apple moved tentatively. I pinched him a little to snap him out of what ever perverted thought he was having. ” yea I am with you, what conditions do you have. ” I smirked and said rasing my thumb. ” I have a number of conditions you must comply with, number one no more ditching me on our date night and if at all its an emergency which you must attend to then give me a call, beforehand ” He adjusted his tie and motioned for me to go on. I raised my Index finger and said. ”And two, no acting any kissing scenes we are in a relationship now griffen and soon to be newly weds you shouldn be seen acting those scenes any more those are my conditions. ” I said smling at him he sighed in relief and I chuckled as he stared intently at me his eyes lingering on my lips as he begged for permission, my eyes moved on their own accord as I looked at his slightly parted lips as I took my lips in between my teeth, its been forty eight hours since I had a taste of the delicious goodness.

”Are you still… ” He was saying when i crashed my lips against his as he responded with equal fervency. My hands having a mind of their own drew him impossibly close our chests touching as we transferred every single emotion in that kiss. ” Ive missed you. ” I whispered against his lips as they expertly moved against mine ”Likewise. ” He hummed back his reply as his hands circled around my waist slowly moving to my buttocks as he squeezed them hungrily making me moan him name.

”Griffen… ” I moaned as he pushed his tongue into my mouth tasting all of me, as our tongues fought for dominance circling around each other. He pulled my lower lips slowing raising my skirt as his hands moved in between my laps just then we heard a light knock on the door, I tried to pull out from the kiss but he pushed towards me angling my neck to the side as he kissed me deeper.

”Just ignore love,who ever it is is sure to leave if we don answer… ”

But the knock persisted louder and harder this time, whoever it was wanted to disrupt our moment we firmly broke away from the kiss as he muttered a few curses at whoever it was that was disturbing and I chuckled as he grabbed my hands running his hands down my arms as goosebumps appeared on my

If it wasn for the skin ” Are we back to being a couple now? ” He asked as he placed a dainty kiss on my forehead. I sighed and inhaled his scent before responding, ”yea, we always will be. ” The knock came once again louder than the first two time and we both responded simultaneously

”Come in. ”

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