nd I was lost in Neverland.


The ringing of my sitting room wall alarm and the blinding ray of the sun woke me up to a new day. I yawed and stretch a little only to notice a blanket covering me, I smiled knowing it was moms doing. Speaking of mom where is she anyway, I looked around and saw her on one of the couches in the sitting room with me. I smile and turned off the T.V I stretched one more time yawning loudly in satisfaction. This inevitably woke mom up as she said ” who what whereeerrrr? ” I laughed but that came out wrong because I sounded like an elephant trying to give birth. I just woke up too so I didn expect my laughter to sound perfect.

” good morning mom. How was your night?. ” She turned to the sound of my voice and looked at me, it was obvious she was still very sleepy but she responded anyway. ” good morning daughter. My night was alright, yours? ” I just shrug and got up from the couch I slept off on the previous night. I didn do a full-body stretch before heading to the kitchen to do the dishes. Once I was done I went to get the vacuum cleared and other things I would use to clean the sitting room.

”Did we sleep in the sitting room all night? ” She asked while still in a lying position on the sofa. I paused from cleaning the shelf and answered her. ”well it sure looks like it, where were you able to finish the work you were doing yesterday? ” I asked while I continued with the house chores. She stood up from the sofa she had also fallen asleep on first before answering me. ” yea, I believe so, at least to a reasonable extent. ” She left the sitting room and headed up to her room while I finished with the house chores.

Once I was done I went to Check up on Kovu. ”Hey boy! how are you?. ” He backed at me in response and I carried him, knowing he wouldn want to take his bath this morning since he already did last night, I had to trick him again. ”So Kovu we are going to the park today, and you know what that means, you get to meet friends. But you have to take a bath first. ”

He purred in objection wiggling in my arms looking for a way to break free. I groaned inwardly before saying. ” don worry Kovu once you take your bath, I promise we would go to the park, so be a good boy and take a bath okay. ”

He finally stopped wiggling and agreed I bathed him, once that was done I got his food and water for breakfast. While he was eating, I then when on to make my own bath. I didn spend up to 10 mins there before the smell of breakfast was Assaulting my nostrils. I hurried with my business in the bathroom before heading to the room to get dressed. Since it was Saturday and the weather was crazy hot outside I settle for bum shorts and a blue tank top.

” Kori, breakfast is ready. ” Mom said when she heard my footsteps descending the stairs. I joined her in setting the table for two and we both had pancakes with warm honey and homemade whipped cream, while I had orange juice she went with peach juice to go with it. We ate in silence enjoying the comfort until mom said ” yo Siri, play some music. Just play Anything you recommend. ” I chuckled at that and mom giggled instead while Siri responded animatedly.

” play-ing good-one by- Charlie- XCX ” the music came to life and mom without caution stood up to dance. I busted into laughter instantly, I did not see that coming like what. While I was still trying to sober up from Laughing my phone chimed, an email just came in. i opened it and read the content when I saw it was from the audition I did yesterday. My eyes were as wide as a sausage praying that I get in.

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