I got home at dusk, and that was because mom came to drag me out of Tristins house. literally, she came to drag me out. If not, I probably would have spent the weekend there and still not feel like time had gone. Since we already ate out on our way home, we just left all the cooking till tomorrow. While I went to play with our dog, Kovu, named after the lion Kovu from Lion king, mom went back to work. ”Come one boy, time to take a night bath, ” I said to him, and instead of running to me, he ran away from me, and that made me giggle.

Kovu could be such a dirty dog at times, always wanting to miss his night baths on purpose. He has cinnamon brown fur with steel green eyes. His eyes are almost invisible thanks to the amount of fur covering it. Due to his excess fur, and the shade of his fur, it reminded me of Kovu. Plus I had just finished watching the lion king that day and immediately I saw him wandering on the street, I had to take him in, thereafter I named him kovu. ”Oh no you don , come here boy. ”

I said when I saw he was trying to escape. Due to his small frame, he was able to bypass me, but I knew just how to get him. ”Kovu!! If you don come here this instinct! No food for you tonight!. ” Just like that, I heard him bark and in a matter of seconds, he was back in the bathroom with me. I then proceeded to squat to his level and carried him so I could give him a good scrub. An hour and thirty minutes later, I was all done and I was serving his food, he barked at me excitedly wagging his tail.

” you sure do love food. Who am I kidding, even I love food. ” I said ruffling the fur covering his head. He barked at me again in response before proceeding to eat his food. I made water available for him to drink while I went to take a shower. I was in the shower doing my business when my mind wandered on its own accord to the guy I met earlier today. Griffin, Griffin the giraffe, sound better when I put it that way, I giggled. I hurried up to the bathroom when I hear my phone ringing, as I finished up in the bathroom it stop, and I groaned in annoyance. I ignored the call knowing it was probably Tristin calling.

”Kori! Are you hungry? there is something for you to eat if you are, ” mom yelled. Immediately I got out of the bathroom I yell my response saying ”alright mom! Ill be down in a minute. ” I entered my room and got dressed in my lucky PJs. I hurried downstairs to find my mom already digging into the spaghetti and meatballs of yesterday.

I smiled at her and came to join her as we ate in silence, while I was eating my mind went back to Griffin. Why won my mind stop thinking about him, he was such an ass to me, calling me short-stack. He has no right to call me that, no right at all. ”Are you okay? honey your forehead is a little crease. ” I looked at my mom who was seated directly in front of me, a worried look on her face. I gulped water to clear my throat before speaking. ”Oh nothing, its nothing to worry about, I think I just need to binge-watch some movies on Netflix to get my mind off the Audition of today. ”

She smiled at me lovingly and I returned the smile. I packed my plate and hers as well, not worried about the dishes. Since the weekend started tomorrow I can always handle it tomorrow. I headed to the sitting room and opened Netflix on the TV, I played the first thing that caught my eyes which was titled All The Bright Places. I took in a deep breath and slowly release it letting the movie take over, I couldn help but wonder what it would be like in the characters shoes. I kept on watching the movie until sleep overpowered me, and I was lost in Neverland.


The ringing of my sitting room wall alarm and the blinding ray of the sun woke me up to a new day. I yawed and stretch a little only to notice a blanket covering me, I smiled knowing it was moms doing. Speaking of mom where is she anyway, I looked around and saw her on one of the couches in the sitting room with me. I smile and turned off the T.V I stretched one more time yawning loudly in satisfaction. This inevitably woke mom up as she said ” who what whereeerrrr? ” I laughed but that came out wrong because I sounded like an elephant trying to give birth. I just woke up too so I didn expect my laughter to sound perfect.

” good morning mom. How was your night?. ” She turned to the sound of my voice and looked at me, it was obvious she was still very sleepy but she responded anyway. ” good morning daughter. My night was alright, yours? ” I just shrug and got up from the couch I slept off on the previous night. I didn do a full-body stretch before heading to the kitchen to do the dishes. Once I was done I went to get the vacuum cleared and other things I would use to clean the sitting room.

”Did we sleep in the sitting room all night? ” She asked while still in a lying position on the sofa. I paused from cleaning the shelf and answered her. ”well it sure looks like it, where were you able to finish the work you were doing yesterday? ” I asked while I continued with the house chores. She stood up from the sofa she had also fallen asleep on first before answering me. ” yea, I believe so, at least to a reasonable extent. ” She left the sitting room and headed up to her room while I finished with the house chores.

Once I was done I went to Check up on Kovu. ”Hey boy! how are you?. ” He backed at me in response and I carried him, knowing he wouldn want to take his bath this morning since he already did last night, I had to trick him again. ”So Kovu we are going to the park today, and you know what that means, you get to meet friends. But you have to take a bath first. ”

He purred in objection wiggling in my arms looking for a way to break free. I groaned inwardly before saying. ” don worry Kovu once you take your bath, I promise we would go to the park, so be a good boy and take a bath okay. ”

He finally stopped wiggling and agreed I bathed him, once that was done I got his food and water for breakfast. While he was eating, I then when on to make my own bath. I didn spend up to 10 mins there before the smell of breakfast was Assaulting my nostrils. I hurried with my business in the bathroom before heading to the room to get dressed. Since it was Saturday and the weather was crazy hot outside I settle for bum shorts and a blue tank top.

” Kori, breakfast is ready. ” Mom said when she heard my footsteps descending the stairs. I joined her in setting the table for two and we both had pancakes with warm honey and homemade whipped cream, while I had orange juice she went with peach juice to go with it. We ate in silence enjoying the comfort until mom said ” yo Siri, play some music. Just play Anything you recommend. ” I chuckled at that and mom giggled instead while Siri responded animatedly.

” play-ing good-one by- Charlie- XCX ” the music came to life and mom without caution stood up to dance. I busted into laughter instantly, I did not see that coming like what. While I was still trying to sober up from Laughing my phone chimed, an email just came in. i opened it and read the content when I saw it was from the audition I did yesterday. My eyes were as wide as a sausage praying that I get in.

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