Dear Kori Anderson.

We are please to announce to you, that you have been selected as the female lead for the stage play: IN THE NAME OF LOVE. Pls make your way done to 345B mark raviolis avenue in Murray Hill. By 8am sharp, don be late.

Yours sincerely

Mariana Buffeté

I read that email over and over again until I subconsciously squealed in excitement. That startled my mom obvious as she stoped dancing to look at what made me squeal. She saw and read the mail as well and she as well screamed in happiness. Before I could react fully to her scream she pulled me out of the chair I was sitting and hugged me tightly, my unfinished breakfast long forgotten. ” goodness Kori I am so proud of you!!! Ahhhh this calls for celebration!!! ” Mom said and I couldn stop grinning like a fox.

This was something remarkable, worth celebrating indeed. I can remember the last time I got selected to act on stage, probably when I was eleven but that was years ago Im twenty three now if I do say so my self now is the perfect time to be in theater. ” come on kori, dance with me. Come on you know you want to. ” I laughed at my mom finally swaying my hips to the new song play which was titled Do It by Chloe and Halle.

We still knew the move to that particular song the way the artist choreographed their dance. We were busy celebrating in our own little way until my phone began to ring. I went back to the dinning areas to take a seat and pick the call, I didn even bother looking at the caller ID I just picked the call and answered. ”Hey waddup. ”

”Ahhh there you are little one. How are you doing, hope you slept well . Any way to cut To the chase My boo went to work and I am bored, and I am coming over what should I get you . ” I paused for a while thinking. I looked at my mom as she was dancing, she caught starting at her with my phone still in my ear, she mouth ”who is that on the phone? ” and I mouthed back my response saying it was Tristan. ”Hello earth to kori? Should I just come over? Are you there? ” tristin asked when I was quite for a while and all he could hear was the music still playing in the background.

”Hey Tristan yes I am there. I just got this really great new to share.i– ” before I could finish my statement he screamed with so much excitement and hung up me. I gave an thin line smile when my mom asked me what was wrong,I just continued eating my breakfast and ignored my mom who just keep dance. Maybe she already finish her food and she was are trying to burn the calories she just gained. After a while she turned off the music and took her plate to the kitchen, itook mine to the kitchen few minutes late and I immediately took care od the dishes. I never really liked seeing dirty plates littering the kitchen so I always did the dishes immediately.

”Hey come on lets watch lion king again, it might help you on set on monday. ” mom said suggesting after the plates were taken care of. I sat down with her and not long after the movie stared we heard the door bell, ”Ill get it ” I said going to ward the door, I looked through the peep hole and saw it was Tristan. ”Oh hi Tristian whats up ” before responding he pulled me along with him to our pouch here is car his placed. ” is everything okay oooh. ” he smiled and said ” yea I just need you to lift this in, come on, don just stand there I called you out here to help me. ”

I just chuckled at him and helped him with the bags. I took some inside while he carrier the rest and locked his car door before following me inside. We dropped all of the thing in kitchen and while I stored then Tristan went to greet mom. ” hi Aunty Bridget, how have you been fairing. Oooh lion king ” she turned to face him and gave him a side hug and acknowledge meant to his greeting. They both continue to watch while I decided to make a health lunch for us to eat. I figured since I was already in kitchen I might as well get to it, bedside sine I was going seen on stage more often, eating health is the way out.

” Hey umm what you feel about, Steak Sandwich With Arugula. You down with that for lunch. ” they hummed their response and I chuckled at them I can believe how seriously they were watching the movie. Any way I am not so surprised, this two are a sucker for animation especially Tristans. There is literally no animation hoi want to mention that he hasn watched yet. Oh well its a good thing one of the bags he brought in has everything I need to make

Steak Sandwich With Arugula, with out wasting more time I got to work.

” koriiii isn lunch ready yet? I am starving ” my mom said whining like a three year old. I looked at her like she had a missing nut in her head, all she did was raised her hand in mocking surrender before say ”whattt? That exactly how you sound when you whine. ” I rolled my eyes at her, soon after the movie fining Kovu came round my leg be started dancing round it. ”Hey kori, I totally forgot to ask, that audition you went for how did it go, did the give you

a call back ” Tristan asked as he and my mom left the sitting room, I was already setting up the table and mom decided to join.

” oh yea I did, I got a mail from them saying– ”

”haaaaaa!!!!! Haha!!! I knew it. I knew it! Yes told you you were going to get in. ” I glared at him, why do he always interrupt me like this. My glaring did last for too long as he rushed to my side and eveloped me into a hug. Before I got the chance to protected he already twirled me three time before letting go. He sat back down and began to eat, my mom just keep quiet munching on her lunch. ”We should totally go out and celebrate. ” Tristan said with his mouthful I rolled eyes at him and continued eating like he said nothing.

”Oh come on little one. I am sorry I twirled you but you gotta admit it was worth it, so please say yes and let all go out and celebrate your win. Bills on me! ” he said and I finally cheered up smiling. He just shook his head at me making me remember the good old day when we were little. Being my mother Sisters only son, hence my cousin, he would twirled me just to infuriate me and he would later apologize by buying me food.

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