hats eleven scenes. Today we would use it to get aquatinted and learn our poem, What role we would be playing and who is playing it. Tomorrow rehashals begins immediately 8am sharp, are we clear. ”

”Yes Miss! ” We all chorused. She smiled at us in response and left us there to get to work. I looked at the script In my hand and saw that indeed they were poems. How were were going to turn this thing in a movie, into theater goodness I was very confused but regardless I put up a cheerful smile. We all sited on the stage and awkward silence surrounding us, it didn last long thought because at one point I had to sneeze and break the silence, every one looked at me expecting me to say something and I sighed.

” sorry. Umm my name is Kori Anderson, Im 23 and I am passionate about acting and theater. I am super thrilled about working on set with you all. ” I said introducing myself everyone gave a small round of applause for me, not just for introducing myself but for breaking the ice. ” hi, umm Im Jace Norway, 23 also, I used to work at the convention store in south avenue. But Ive been so passionate about acting even since I was a kid. Here I an about to live my dream. ” Another round of applause was heard, he looked about the same height as Griffin but with a more darker skin tone. His nose was pointed with a beauty mark directly under it. He was dressed in a regular jeans and round neck shirt with a gray hoodie to go with it.

We all gave him a comforting smile as the next person took the floor ” Raven Downs here and no, I am in no way related to Riley Downs the popular teen actress. Although I can say she inspired into becoming an actress as well but we are not related. Any way, my name is Raven and I am 25 and I work as the wed developer of a podcast called Podbeans, you probably never hear of it. ” Raven was light in complexion, a cute button nose and am oval shaped face. It was the freckles all over her face that made her look like a rear breath of human. She was dressed corporately in a simple off shoulder gown that stopped just before her knees.

The next and last person on the list was Griffin. He rolled his eyes and grunted a little before he introduced himself as a 22 year of fresh graduate of University of Historian in north Caroline. We gave him around of applause as well and I finally noticed that despite his big nose and chiseled Chin, his hair was a nice hade of Blake and dusty brown. He was just dressed in joggers an a plain white T-Shirt that hugged his buddy tightly showing his well defined muscles.

” well now that we have gotten acquainted lets dive into the script. Hmm since the script are in poem form who can decor poems here. ” I said after a few minutes of silence. No one said Anything to my question for a while until Griffin spoke said. ” i don think we needed to decode it, if the Author wanted that she would have specified, beside its a pretty straightforward poem, or what do you guys think. ”

He said asking Jace and Raven,

Obviously To my dilemma and reservations toward Griffin they nodded in agreement understanding Griffins point of view as they looked at the script. I signed and looked at it myself trying to understand with the little know I have of poetry. ” I think that the first poem is introducing to us how there love story started. Or what do you think? ” Jace said after a while of us being quiet.

I hummed in agreement and so did everyone else. We kept looking through it trying to memorize all that we could in that moment Raven who came fully prepared for this did the jotting down of everything we spoke about. Just as we were making final touches to it miss Miss Mariana Buffeté showed up and said ”hello again. It 12 none already and it time for lunch break, after which you all will be need in hall 275B for your dress rehearsals. Come with me please. ” we all stood up with our belongs and follows her no question asked.

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