Since 20 years ago, it was common for nobles to divorce based on their wishes.

The old kingdom had fallen, and noblemen were willing to leave their families just to save their titles as nobles.

By the time Ellaine was born, Marquiss Harris Davies and his wife were also divorced.

Shortly after her birth, her father abandoned her mother. Davies needed a wife who came from an imperial noble family.

Her mother who had nowhere to go could only take Ellaine to the convent.

Her mother always advised her about her father For people like your father, a wife is like clothes. Its easy to change.

Little Ellaine admitted that fact without much sympathy. Growing up and living with her mother at Daybreak Monastery is all she knows. Her mother was sickly with heart disease, and by the time Ellaine was 8 years old, her mother had died. And she was left alone in the world.

She continued to live in the monastery, and although she was lonely, she was able to eat and study. As long as she lived, she thought that her father did not exist.

She never complained about living as an orphan, she felt that the life she lived was worthy and calming.

Her life was completely peaceful before being destroyed by her father she never knew. Her feelings are full of fathomless resentment and detestation.

The news of her mothers death actually reached the ducal of Necrosis.

”Now there are 16,000 gold coins to pay, and I suddenly became your daughter? ” A teenage girl is shocked when an official letter is shown in her face to arrest her.

The ducal of Necrosis was a prosperous family throughout the empire. From the most expensive real estate in the capital to the smallest shops in the countryside, there is no place where their influence doesn touch.

They were a greedy wolf family. The family that consumed everything.

The familys eldest son, Oliver, was the one who captured Ellaine.

”You are now Lord Davies last remaining blood. Congratulations on becoming a Marchioness. First, sign here. You must pay for all the debt your father owed. ”

At Ellaines only 15 years of age, she became a Marchioness with nothing but an absurd amount of debt.

Ellaine sat on the floor carelessly, forced to be bound by her cursed blood and bad luck. The succession ceremony to replace the seat of the Marquiss took place right then and there.

She was locked up in a corner of the vast Necrosis land where women, like Elisa, who had become a contract maid, were brought in.

Women in her situation are called collaterals.

Not only her who became collaterals, there were dozens of young women who had the fate of her, made slaves because of their family debts.

All the women belonged to Oliver, the eldest son of the Necrosis family. Oliver was their first master, and if he died, ownership of the slaves would be transferred to another member of the family.


After capturing the young girls, Oliver hands the collaterals to the head maid for the division of labor.

Luckily the head maid put Ellaine to work in the laundry.

She wasn too surprised when she had to do laundry, she even did well. But what often makes her think is the debt she suddenly has to pay.

”What are you looking at, come on, move your hands! There are still 4 buckets of laundry waiting for you. The more you like to laze around, the more your tasks will pile up! ”

The maid shouted at her, pulling her out of her reverie.

Even though she is a Collaterals but her position is no higher than a maid. So they work under the supervision of the maids.

Ellaines hand moved with a deep sigh, but quite.

Its been one year since her move to the land of Necrosis. Even though she was paid every month, the debt didn decrease.

Just as she had just finished two buckets, a cute, pale-skinned girl came to the laundry.

Ellaine recognized her face. She was a girl who came a few months ago and was called, ”Lyra ”. She was also placed in the laundry with her.

Lyra came late because she had to do some gardening in the Necrosis Mansions yard.

”Are you okay? You look weak lately. I thought you were dying. ”

”Im fine. Not sick anymore. ” Ellaine answered while silently sorting through the collection of all the dirty

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