Although she was paid, but at the end of each year, the cost of food, clothing, medicine and travel was not counted.

She, who initially thought that it was an allowance as a contract servant, turned out to be wrong.

All of that turned out to be added to his debt without any notice.

”Even at the end of the year when we have holidays, sometimes my income becomes negative because our living expenses increase. ”

Lyras face turned pale as she remembered that she also had to send money to her family.

”Then why are we working here?! ” Ellaine asked even though the answer was very clear.

”Although Oliver is merciful to us, I know that the Necrosis Family is very cruel. ” Lyra spoke softly.

”Eh? ”

”The debt is just a formality or you could say its just an excuse. Usually, after they destroy a family, they just set aside a young woman to take responsibility for the family debt and make her a contract maid. ” Lyra told her what she knew.

”Huh?! If thats the case it means the memorandum I signed a year ago… ” Ellaine looked back at Lyra with a shocked look.

”All the collaterals went through the same thing. Oliver wrote a memorandum to transfer all the property to his family and did whatever it took to get you to sign it. ”

”B-but, theres nothing to take from my father other than a huge debt. ”

”It doesn matter how small, or poor your family is. Being here means they have confiscated all of your assets. For example land, rights, patents, trade or commercial associations. ”

In Ellaines case, The Ducal of Necorsis took the fertile territory of Marquiss Davies.

”Then wouldn it be more profitable to sell us to the madam than to hire us? ”

”You don know yet? Geez, what have you been doing all this time?! Property transfers can only be done after the age of 19, so Oliver gives us time and work until then. After that your fate will be determined by your luck. ”

Even though she already knew all that, but Lyra still tried hard to be able to pay off all of her debts.

”I thought Oliver gave the job because of his kindness, I didn think that this was also part of his scenario… No… Is there a way to get out of this vicious circle?! ”

”What if someone paid off our debt and saved us from this cursed land? A mighty and strong man! ”

”…. ” Ellaine knew why Lyra said that and clung to such a dream.

”This is the Necrosis family, one of the most prosperous families in the empire. There must be a lot of strong people coming in and out of here… How about we seduce one of them? ”

There is a legend circulating among the maids here.

A knight was once given a gift from Oliver for his contribution to The Ducal of Necrosis.

The prize wasn gold, silver or any other kind of treasure, but the knight only wanted one of the collateral servants trapped inside the Necrosis mansion.

The knight chose that woman because he had fallen in love with the girl who did the laundry here, just like Ellaine and Lyra were doing now.

”How is that woman now? ”

”It is said that the woman is now living happily with the knight as his wife… Its a romantic story that any girl would dream of. ”

”Its not easy, moreover its a baseless story. ” Ellaine answered curtly because she didn want to take Lyra seriously.

When she was done with the laundry, she stood up and stretched.

They both carried the 4 buckets of laundry behind the laundry.

Many of the clothes hanging on the flywheels fluttered in the wind. The two of them were drying the laundry together, but Lyras gaze was fixed in the distance.

”What is it? ”

”Maybe we can hope in someone like that. ” Lyra pointed towards the back of the mansion.

The sound of a horse-drawn carriage rang out from a distance, and the sound grew louder. Since the back of the mansion was so quiet, they could hear people talking from there.

”Come with me, Ellaine! ” Lyra walked toward the road.

Ellaine also followed Lyra with a dry cloth in her hand.

An eye-catching blue carriage approached from afar.

It is constructed with the finest ebony, and finished with a glossy glaze. Each side of the carriage had a gleaming gold ornament.

The presence of the carriage on the dark forest road was heavy.

”Thats a carriage not from Necrosis. ”

Ellaine knew very well that Necrosis carriage was shiny black with gold-plated ornaments. But the carriage that was present this time she had never seen before.

”Thats right, its the Imperial High Generals carriage. Just look at the flag. ”

”Huh? Such a person can possibly see a debtor like us. After all, why would he take us? ”

Ellaine didn know what Lyra was really thinking until she hoped for a high ranking general to save them.

As they were almost there, the carriage slowed down and the windows opened.

”Oh My God, this is Dylan Codwald, a high general! ”

As Lyra whispered, Ellaine also looked at the blue carriage.

A man with an angelic face, very handsome. It was a face Ellaine could never have imagined.

”Who the hell is he? Its rare for an imperial person to come to the main noble estate of Necrosis. ”

The two of them peered through the shade of the trees near the path and stared at the carriage.

”The news is that Brother Oliver abandoned the name Necrosis and sided with the Empire and has now become a Grand General. ”

After learning who the guest was, Ellaine immediately turned around and went back to work.

”Huh? You
e not at all interested? Your peerage should be something to offer Sir Dylan. ” Lyra immediately followed Ellaine who had returned to the laundry.

”Being tied to the Necrosis Clan alone makes our lives seem dead, especially if we have to deal with a troubled family member. Just thinking about it scares me. ”

16 year old Ellaine thought that the plan Lyra said would work.

However, it wasn long before Lyra managed to pull off an opportunity that Ellaine had neglected to do.

Lyra managed to seduce a descendant of Necrosis, and the man took Lyra away from the Necrosis Mansion.

Meanwhile Ellaine who didn want to take the risk to get involved further with the Necorsis Clan had to struggle to survive for three long years. Until her destruction comes.


Nineteen-year-old Ellaine was broke. After her entire property was stolen.

She never thought that Lyras words were true that the lives of the collaterals would end at the age of 19.

The job Sir Oliver was given turned out to be just to wait until the collaterals were old enough, and it was inevitable that Ellain would be sold.

”Ellaine, looks like its your last day here. ”

Ellaine was distraught when the head maid informed her that she was going to be sold to a madam.

Her desperation arose because she knew long ago that she would be sold. If she changes ownership after all of her property is taken by Sir Oliver, then she will truly become a slave.

”I am good at embroidery, I can speak and write foreign languages, and I am good at calculations. Please, I will do anything, as long as I am not sold. ” Ellaine caught the butler and begged.

After the collaterals property was stolen, most of them would be sold to other nobles.

Even though they managed to escape from the Necorsis Clan, there was never any news of their safety after being sold.

”Is that true? ” The head maid asked the maid who had been Ellaines supervisor for the past 4 years.

”Yeah, she used her skills to make some extra money. ” The maid confirmed Ellaines words.

The head maid pondered for a moment. After gathering her thoughts, she told Ellaine to follow her and take her to meet someone.

Ellaine shivered as the person she had to deal with was someone she had never wanted to see again since 4 years ago.

”Ah, so its the maid that gets talked about a lot. I haven seen you in a long time, are you getting prettier? Let me see. ” Oliver agreed to meet with the contract maid the head maid was talking about.

The silver-haired girl with mulberry-colored eyes entered the room she had never been in before.

”Is she a virgin? ”

That was the only question Oliver asked.

After that day, like a miracle Ellaine was not up for sale. She was made a permanent servant of the mansion.

Oliver who knows that Ellaine is a noble entrusts her to manage his room.

Although Ellaine was happy to have the trust to work in the Necrosis Clans eldest sons room, but she was aware that light work was a high risk.

Apart from Oliver wanting to eat her, she knew that Oliver had a wife who could hurt anyone if she was jealous.

Rosalie was the wife of Sir Oliver, who didn like it when a woman teased Oliver.

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