So far Rosalie didn mind if her husband was with a commoner, but she hated it when her husband played with a noble woman.

Knowing Rosalines character, Ellaine is sure that her name has been included in the list of women who might be disabled by her masters wife if caught being allowed to work in Olivers room.

After learning of her dark future if did not act soon, she decides to go to the temple to pray.

The habit when she was still in the monastery she still often did when she was in despair.

That day, when Ellaine went to pray at the small shrine, she had a bad omen.

”Ah! ”

Ellaine fell right in front of the shrine as she walked through the slippery icy path. Her face almost hit a pointed rock, luckily she managed to hold her body before the stone tore her white skin.

She wasn hurt, but her mind was full of bad thoughts for her days ahead.

Moreover, the next day, on New Years Day, she had to get up early to start work.

She does get a sign of misfortune, but her fall makes her get an idea to get away from Olivers lust that keeps on targeting her.


The news about Ellaine working in Olivers room had spread in the Necrosis mansion and created bad news about her.

One day, Rosaline arrives at a menacingly slow pace. Even a few maids walked with her.

”So you
e the aristocrat who seduced my husband? Eh, whats with your face?! ”

Not only was Rosaline surprised by Ellaines new appearance but the maids behind her were also showing the same expression.

Ellaines beautiful face was now covered with bandages and there were bloodstains on the surface.

”I was hurt by a woman who didn like me working in Sir Olivers office. Now Im disabled. ”

”So its true, the news! Street women like you should get more punishment! ”

Rosaline gave orders to the maid behind her to restrain Ellaine.

Without hesitation, Rosaline immediately applied a strange liquid to Ellaines hand. It was so unbearable that Ellaine screamed in pain.

”My hand… its on fire! Someone please give me some water… ”

All the maids holding her back just stared at Ellaine with scornful eyes. None of them wanted to help her fetch water.

Ellaine ran quickly to the toilet and immediately washed her hands with water.

Her beautiful white hands now melted like wax. Fortunately, her palms were not exposed to the strange liquid, so she was still able to work even though she was injured.

”I was lucky. I had no idea that this bandage against Olivers lust saved me from Rosalines cruelty as well. ” Ellaine stared at the mirror in the toilet while muttering.

If she hadn gone to the temple that day, Rosaline would have turned her pretty face into melted wax.

A few days after Rosaline injured her, Oliver, who had just seen Ellaines condition, exploded with anger.

He was angry not because Ellaine was injured, but he was angry because the girl he had prepared to become a concubine had turned into a cripple.

”What happened to you? Ive only left you a few weeks on my business trip. Im sorry I didn eat you earlier. ”

”Maam incited slander that spread about me seducing you. Now Im like this. ”

Ellaine dares to give Oliver and Rosaline false excuses because she knows that their relationship is not romantic. They rarely even talk to each other.

After learning that her wound was caused by Rosaline, Olivers anger immediately subsided.

”Well, a wise man once said that half a heart and money will be lost because of affairs. So Ill let you work as my secretary. ”


Ellaines days get better after Oliver loses his lust for her and Rosaline doesn mind Olivers decision to let her work as a secretary either.

During 1 year of work, Ellaine is competent. In such a short time, she was even trusted to carry secret records from the spy network that was under Olivers control.

Her relaxed days were instantly changed when strange rumors about her relationship with Oliver circulated.

How can a disfigured girl make Sir Jacob, the eldest son of the Necrosis family, fall in love with her.

They say Sir Oliver has made the girl a concubine. What shocking news.

Although there are many people who mock and hate her when they salute, but Olivers birthright saves Ellaine.

Although helped by her master status, but as Olivers confidant. There are many members of the Necrosis family that threaten her.

Not only is she a threat, but she is sometimes beaten by people who threaten her.

The threat she first received after the head of the Necrosis house fell ill.

The trigger for this to happen was the fierce competition between the descendants of Necrosis for the head of the house.

Olivers position was threatened after the lord chose his successor not by birthright, but he decided to carry out a series of tests and trials.

In order not to share all of the Necrosis familys calculative wealth, there was only a worry that there was one person who could win it over and inherit everything.

The threats experienced by her did not interfere with her work at all. Her life of 4 years in the Necrosis mansion was even worse when compared to the blows she had received.

As Olivers confidant, she knows that her master owns several companies. She had indeed been assigned to carry secret records from Olivers secret network, but none of which she had read.

One day when Olvier was away on a business trip, Ellaine who was sweeping accidentally found a secret note in an envelope under the table.

Ellaine wasn surprised that something was left behind when someone left in a hurry. But that was a rare thing for Oliver, during his time as his secretary, this was the first time he was in such a hurry.

”It must have fallen in Sir Olviers rush earlier. I must tell him. ”

When Ellaine had just grabbed it from under the table, she didn realize she was holding the envelope upside down.

She panicked slightly as the paper inside fell. If Oliver saw her make that mistake, she would surely be sent to a brothel.

Knowing that her master wasn there, she took it casually.

Holding the paper which is considered a secret and should not be seen by Her makes Ellaines curious soul explode.

”A little peek should be fine. ”

Word by word she began to read slowly, and tried to understand what the secret service was actually conveying to their master.

”Eh, its not a secret record! its a company certificate! ”

Ellaine was surprised when she realized that the paper she was holding was a very valuable and important paper.

Not wanting to get in trouble for holding such an important object, she immediately put it back into the envelope. But she accidentally saw a familiar name written on the certificate.

”Oh my! Why is my name written as the founder of the company?! ”

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