The Necrosis’s Collateral

Avoiding Misfortune

Does he really love me to the point of starting a company for me? I never thought that the legends circulating among maids were actually real.

Maybe thats what Ellaine would have thought if she became Olivers concubine and didn trick him with a disfigured face. Right now she is just a famous ugly woman.

Ellaine was sure that her master was never so kind to outsiders. So, the disfigured girl didn have to dream until she was given a company by Oliver.

What was taught in Ellaines life for 4 years made her realize that the Necrosis family is a greedy family, they always do things with the thought of profit as much as possible.

They don care how many families they have to suffer to fulfill their desires.

In Ellaines case, Oliver used her name to set up a company for a specific purpose. The goals that did not benefit her and definitely harm her.


A few days after Ellaine found the company certificate in her name, she tried to find out what kind of business the company was running.

She tried to get up the courage to read some of the books in Olivers workroom and the letter she had received. But none of the information she could get about the company.

A word from the empire spread throughout the mansion. Ellaine heard the news that the empire was investigating a drug trafficking network.

It was news that shouldn have come as a surprise to Ellaine who was a maid who only worked as an errand boy, the empires usual anti-drug network activities.

But this time, the news was like a death flag for her.

Some of the companies caught in the drug trade turned out not to be owned by the nobles, but the maids who owned the companies.

Even though Ellaine knew that the Necrosis Family hated drugs and were enemies of their bloodline. But the case made she think badly of the company that Oliver founded under her name.

She began to understand why Oliver used her name to start the company.

Of all the people around Oliver, only Ellaine wasn from the Necrosis family and was the easiest to manipulate.

If he owns the business, its no wonder why only Olivers business makes the most money for the Necrosis Family than his brother.

Ellaine panicked when she remembered that a few months ago, Oliver had asked her to sign a blank letter in her blood.

She was sure that the letter was a scenario that Oliver prepared just like the news circulating.

Oliver wanted to avoid investment from the empire by sacrificing her.

She thought to burn the company certificates she still kept, but that wouldn help her because she didn know how many companies had been created using her name.

If Ellaine was caught by the empire she would definitely receive the death penalty, because she worked with the most influential family in the empire.

It scared Ellaine when that day, a blue carriage came to Necrosis mansion.

When the carriage of the man Ellaine feared the most appeared at the Necrosis estate, tears rolled down her cheeks without her knowing it when she saw it.

They were tears of sadness at the thought of her future life which was about to end. After living 4 years in hell, now she would die in vain because of the false accusations brought against her.

”Are you crying? Whats wrong? ”

The contract maid who was cleaning her room was surprised to see Ellaine suddenly burst into tears while staring out the window. Crying expressionlessly.

”What do you mean, Ulsa? ”

”Stop crying. Are you all right? ”

When she realized the tears were running down her cheeks, she wiped them with the back of her hand.

Ulsa looked out the window and saw a carriage heading towards the Necrosis mansion.

”Are you crying over that blue carriage? Ive heard that its the Honorable Generals carriage. ”

Its been 3 years Ellaine doesn see the blue carriage with the imperial flag coming to Necrosis mansion anymore.

Worried that her fear would happen, she immediately left the room and headed to the back of the mansion.

”I hope Dylans only here to visit his family, and Oliver hasn come back from a business trip anyway. ” Ellaine muttered.

Ellaine wanted to confirm Dylans purpose of coming to the Necrosis mansion in person.

She was standing on the side of the road, hiding behind the same tree she had peeked at with Lyra.

On the other side of Dylans carriage, there was another carriage that ran fast and uncontrollably.

The two carriages were on the same track, so Ellaine was sure that the two horsemen could control their carriages.

However, she saw that the other carriage didn slow down and seemed intentional.

”It could be serious if Dylan gets injured here. The Empire will definitely pay special attention to the Necrosis Family in the future. ”

Without thinking she immediately jumped into the middle of the road and waved.

*gallops gallops*

The sound of hammering a horseshoe rang in Ellaines head.

”Whoa, whoa, whoa! ” shouted the rider trying to stop the horse, surprised when he saw the figure of a woman who suddenly blocked the road.

The carriage stopped violently, splashing muddy water on Ellaines clothes. She secretly frowned.

The two carriages stopped before colliding with each other.

The carriage blocking Dylans carriage was black. It was a carriage engraved with the Necrosis emblem motif.

Ellaines actions were quite insane, if the carriages stopped for a moment, the two carriages would destroy Ellaines thin body.

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