The Oddity By DGmoonlit

Chapter 3: New Beginning

—Chapter 1 Recap:

After dying in an unfortunate event, I was transported to a location where a being named Revenant resides. He told me who he was and what he wasn while also making a deal for me to be transported to another world. I was found by a beautiful knight with her guards and I was captured to be questioned in the kingdom of Aurora. It was a rough start, but hey! Lets do our best!

End of recap—-

After being captured, we started walking. Well to be specific, I, started walking. They had horses with them but they didn let me ride one of them. Talk about rude.

”Hey! Whats your name boy? ” The beautiful Knight asked, with an authoritative voice

”Aaron Stranezza maam ” I answered

”I see, Never heared of that surename before ” She commented

She asks me these questions while riding her horse and Im here walking like a slave being dragged by its Master. I felt annoyed But i was also scared. I don know anything about this world or how it works. At least, thats what the revenant told me, because elves are supposed to exist in this world. The Knight also confirmed that theres a specific place called ”underwood ” I think? That has Elves around.

After about 20 minutes of walking that felt like hours, we went inside a forest

”Be watchful men! We are close to the Kingdom, But trouble can be everywhere ” The Woman knight said

”You there boy ” She keeps calling me boy even though i can see that we
e about the same age

”Keep your eyes wide open, Orcs Hunt in these time of the month ” She told me

Well at least shes somewhat making sure Im safe. Thats reassuring.

”Yes maam! ” I replied

”By the way maam, Is it ok if i ask you for your name? ” I asked as we kept walking

”Very well. Though you are Captured, it is impolite for a knight not to introduce themselves ” She answered with a calm yet assertive voice ”My name is Claire Redfield and Im a Captain of the Knights Asfalis ”

”Claire Redfield, huh? ” i said in my thoughts. ”Beautiful name worthy for a beautiful wielder ” I continued

”W-w-what did you say boy? ”Claire said, flustered

”Oh shit. Did i say that out loud? ” in my thoughts ”I thought it was only in my head, Im dead ” I continued

”I don even know who you are, and your already being this close to me? How dare you! ” she said in a threatening voice

”But thank you ” claire said, while hiding her smile

”ohh, Does the stronge, threatening and assertive Claire Redfield like compliments? ” I sad in my head

”Oh… Im sorry Maam i just blurted it out, no disrespect to you ” I told Claire

”After we pass this forest, we will get to Aurora. You will be questioned in Asfalis Head quarters ” She told me


A tree suddenly fell in front of us, stopping our march.

”What happened? ” Claire asked the guards

”A tree just suddenly fell in front of us Maam, Looks like it fell due to old age ” Said the guard in front of us

”Go take a closer look ” She ordered the guard

”This is strange ” In Claires thoughts ”A tree just fell in front of us, but from this distance i can tell its not even that old of a tree ” she continued


The guard that was investigating the tree just screamed as we see him being slashed by an orc

”Everyone its an ambush! ” Claire shouted

”Get into defensive position ”

”What are greater orcs doing here? ” Claire said, in her thoughts ”They shouldn be this close to the kingdom even if its hunting season, their to intelligent for that ”

An orc suddenly Jumped out of the trees and cut down another guard. They ambushed as real good. 2 People were killed right in front of me, I was scared, My breathing got heavier. Was this a mistake? should i have asked revenant to just return me home? This place, this damn place isn the place i was hoping for. Im scare, I want to go home.

Suddenly, i felt a slight cold object just hit me. I looked down and i see an arrow in my chest. Its cold, but i couldn feel the pain, yet. Adrenaline was taking over. I fell to the ground slowly losing conscious. Whats this? Am i going to die? ater just being reborn, am I going to die? As my eyes slowly closed i saw Claire, Glowing like a flashlight in the dark. I felt like i was already saved after seeing that, i closed my eyes knowing Im safe, but unknowing if i can ever wake up

”Kid wake up ” a familiar voice was calling

I slowly opened my eyes and slowly stood up. As i started to look up to see who talked to me, i first saw their feet. immediately i fell to the ground in fear and trembled

”Hey kid, its been a while ” The familiar voice said ”Its me Revenant ”

I was happy to know that it was him and not the devil whos here to take my soul. But, even though i knew it was him, i was trembling.

”Im sorry Revenant, l can seem to look up after i saw a glimpse of your body ” I told him

”Because you couldn fathom my true form ” He then replied ”Something as great as i am, cannot be fathomed by people like you, you merely saw a glimpse of my form yet you trembled in fear ”

”So thats why when i first talked to you, i never really saw you, but i only saw a great emptiness ” I said ”Hey am i dead? ” I asked him

”No kid, far from it ” You just got knocked unconscious and is now bleeding. But if you
e treated you can still be saved

”What kind of world was that!? People died right in front of me ” I asked

”People like you die all the time, I see it all ” He said

”I see ” i replied in a depressing voice

”I don know if i want to go back to that place ” I told revenant ”Im scared, i thought that everything would be ok after i got transported ”

e still young kid, Its good that in an early age you already have regrets. That proves that you know you made a mistake ” He said ”But is it really a mistake? ” He aske me ”You can still get back. Besides you haven even used the power i gave you. The power to adapt in any situations ”

”yeah… I forgot about that ” I said ”What do i need to use that power anyway ”

”Itd be boring if i told you right away, sometimes curiousity is exciting ” He told me

”What?? i need to know, come on tell me ” I sad

”Hahaha its to late kid you
e getting conscious again. Just remember, You can do great things in this world ” He said like his making fun of me ”Don worry, well meet again ”

”What!? Do i need to experience death again to see you, wait! hold on! ”

”Take care kid Byee ” Revenant replied. It felt like i was being dragged down while slowly losing the sight of revenant. Still, i couldn really look at him directly. I slowly closed my eyes, noises started. Then i woke up

I was panting for air and i started vomiting. I woke up confused and scared. then i saw her, Claire, Bloody and bruised while being surrounded by Orcs. I could see dozens of orcs slained. Did she do this?

”where are the other guards? ” i asked

She looked at me, surprised.

e awake? ” she asked with a surprised look ”We got separated. I put you on my horse and we charged straight at them while making a path to Safety. But you fell off my horse ”

”I couldn let my men be in danger so i jumped of and got you, but we got separated, Hopefully they went back and got reinforcement. But then again, I don think theyll be fast enough to get to us ” she said in a worrying voice

I can tell that she was scared. She looked very brave even in the predicament we
e in. Yet she can still talk to me as if shes saying ”Everything will be alright ”

I looked at my chest and saw that the wound is gone. I stood up and stood behind her.

”What are you doing? You are in no condition to fight! ” Claire said

”Thank you for worrying Maam, but I can let you fight alone. Ive already been a drag to many times now. I will help ” I replied

Orcs started charging towrads us, but I didn know what to do. Claire started slashing and cutting every orc that came in contact.

She got hit multiple times, but her sturdy body could take every hit.

”Damn it! Im just standing here looking like a fool ” I said in my head full of frustration ” I need to help her, I don wanna be a drag ” I continued in my thoughts


It sounded like something got hit really hard. Then i saw it. Claire was knocked unconscious and was bloody.

”She tried to save me, but because of me shes going to die ” I said in my thoughts full of frustration ”I want to save you, I want to be stronger ”

As i was battling myself, I felt like everything became slower

”Whats happening? Everything is slow, adrenaline? I think this is one of the side effects ” i said in my head

As everything becomes slower i felt stronger. I felt every fiber of my body wanting me to move and save her.

Suddenly an orc was behind me and tried to slash me

But i could sense it. I avoided every attack the orc made. My thoughts became faster and everything ws slower.

I hurriedly ran to Claires sword. I could feel myself growing and adapting. at first i felt like i was slow. But now everything feels like Ive fought a hundred battles.

I slashed my way out and killed Most of the Orcs. Only a small number was left. I felt great, like i could take on everything. I could still see claire Unconscious yet breathing. I was happy to know this. Then exhaustion kicked in. My sight became blurry, but i will stand strong, she protected me, i will do the same.

I stood there with the sword on my hand ready to fight my last stand

The remaining orcs started charging at me. I looked at them standing strong and holding my ground. As they got closer, i start to walk closer to battle. Then they came. Reinforcement from the Aurora. I guess the guards did return safely. They charged and battled the remaining orcs and i just stood there, full of relief.

A knight who looked important got of his horse and came to me. He got closer and told me ”Everything is alright now ” and made me put down my sword.

I walked towards claire and fall right next to her. Im slowly going Unconscious. Perhaps Ill see revenant again.

As i slowly close my eyes i could still hear them battling it out. My mind slowly went to the void of nothingness. I was Happy and relieved. I could hear people panicking that Claire got hurt. They
e acting like Claires an important person, hopefully theyll take care of her…

End of chapter 2

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