The Opening Shot

There is More to Him

Sitting down on my favorite velvet chair I pondered while looking around my bookshelf until a particular book stood out to me.

I retrieved it and started blowing the dust off while reading the cover ” UNTOLD ” I open the book reading a part that talks about immortals that rely on blood to sustain them, but I wasn able to find the rest of the context where the book was torn. My head starts to hurt after touching the tear of a page. For some reason I was able to see the past of some sort. My mind was giving me a vision. I couldn understand exactly what I was able to see, but it felt realistic. A man dressed in long black clothes leaning toward a girl I have never seen before. I saw her smile at him, but she looked normal and he didn . He got closer to her and she pursues him placing

her hand on the back of his neck. He leans closer to her face placing his lips on hers, he then travels to her neck. Opens his mouth biting her with his fangs. She winces to the slight pain she felt while her blood trickles down her neck. He finishes after wiping his mouth. She looks at him then said

”am I going to be like you now? ”

”no…but this mark means your mine ” he grins. My vision leaves my mind causing my body to fatigue as I fall in front of him. He reach out his hand pulling me up. I stood still quickly facing him. He releases my left hand looking at t

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