The Opening Shot

The Veiw of The Old Kingdom

The blood moon rose while the council stood around a table in the darkness. They watched over the virgin woman on the round table.

Waiting for the blood moon to rise higher in the sky. The council leader was handed a piece of sharp glass.

Walking closer to the virgin ready to cut her as there sacrifice for their thirst.

A man like them intervened between him and grabbed the girl they asked him.

”What is the reason you should be selfish that you want her for yourself? ”. He shook his head answering to them

”it is not that I want her for me its that I want her to be free ”. The people that were gathered together whispered to each other then told him.

”fine you may take her but we offer you a deal ”.

”What is this deal? ”.

The man left taking her to his home where she was free to be herself but never privileged to leave his premise and that was there deal. This is what Teresa had told me when I asked about her and why she was stuck with him.

After him telling me about everything he still did not talk about himself as if he was still a mystery.

But I knew he was going to tell me eventually so I stood quite.

I push my thoughts aside and look to my right seeing him there fast asleep.

I slowly crawl off his bed putting on my dark cloak with my hood over my head.

I start to walk out the double doors down the hall filled with elegant red.

I get closer to the doors but before I open them Teresa walks over to me sleepily and yawns

”where are you going…Avalin? ”.

” I will be on my way to look around in the village ”.

”oh well don be alone let master come with you ”

”no its fine I will be off ”.

I open the doors stepping out of their home waving Teresa goodbye.

She closes the door behind me waving back.

Then I ran to a hill sitting down on it.

I waited for him to come by me since I felt his presence.

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