The Opening Shot

I\'m the Key to his suffering

I watch him sit next to me watching the sunset.

”leaving so soon? ”.

”no I am just tired of being copped up were I don belong ”

” How so? ” he tilts his head towards me.

”Well after you telling me my past how can I not feel I don belong ”.

”well, you have a point there ” he props his self up off the floor and looks down reaching my hand to pull me up. ”Wow what a view.., ” I blush slightly thinking he was talking about me but then he pointed outward to the sun. I was able to see what he was pointing to.

The castle was glistening in the sun showing its elegant stature.

”my goodness, ” my mouth drops.

”amazing right wait until you see the townspeople ”.

He grabs my hand pulling me with him down some steps made out of black bricks. I look around me

”This village is beautiful ”.

”I know, even if the colors are dull they found their way ”. He lets go of my hand and I start wandering as he follows me. It amazes me how the light the people lit and the roads were still standing from the past.

”Everything you told me is true ”.

”What makes you think it wasn ? ” he smirks.

”no, Its just you were very accurate ”. He looks at me and laughs

and all the people stop what they were doing to look at me. At that moment, I was so confused they came closer to me with tears in their eyes, and one man shouts.

”Its one of the mighty ones! ”.

Then all the people kneel in front of me with smiles on their faces.

”Finally we are free! ”.

They see me but once they see him the people quickly become hostile and frighten by his presence.

”what brings this vampire into our premises! ” says an old man pointing at him.

Some of the people were scared and others were angry.

The people that where angry rush at him in a quarrel I jump in front of him and yell

”Stop! hes with me ”. The people look at me in disgust

”What! that foul beast is with you are you mad? ” than a woman points at him shouting

”What kind of woman such as yourself would be hanging around that hooligan! ”.

While the people where pointing fingers and yelling at him he slowly creeps his hand into mine.

I was not even paying attention to them or him anymore I was more focused on a sudden dark mist surrounding us.

The people stop to look where I was starting.

They huddle jointly in fear as eyes of red were shown out of the mist.

”oh no, its them oh not again lord have mercy! ” the old man clung to his wife covering her eyes.

Multiple figures step out of the mist as it vanishes surrounding us.

Now it was more clear to see they were all vampires wearing black trench coats and a few of them we
e wearing round crown hats and there was only one man wearing a flat top with a scar on his face.

”well isn this grad what party, am I invited? ”

”what do you want Grith? ”

I look at him next to me and I can see he was still holding my hand.

”hahaha, you sure found yourself a woman the scent of her is exquisite ” his eyes glow in a violet hue as he speaks ill.

He jolts me away from him and I slightly hold his back, to be honest, I was terrified I have never seen a vampire look so evil.

”Why did you even show? ” he touches my back with his right-hand holding me.

Girth whistles and the men that were with him stand by his side with their hands behind there back.

”I only came here to have little fun, whats the problem you don like me? ”

”Stop fooling around! ”. Girth moves in such speed his feet seemed it stood.

He was really close to me and I was trying my best to hold on to him.

”I want her I can sense her power it is something I have never sensed before ”

He snatched me out his grasp as I start to fight him he just looks into my eyes and I fall asleep.

He runs to try to get me,but he was too late. The people in the village scattered around hiding in dark allies and others hid in their homes.

That was the last time we ever saw each other.

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