The Opening Shot

I\'m the Key to his suffering

e the reason why I suffer ”.

I look back at him in awe, I didn understand what he meant he said I made him suffer but how? He touches my hand softly and looks at me with sad eyes.

”whats wrong? since when were you the one with feelings.

Without saying a word he caresses my face and my eyes widen I get scared thinking to myself what in the world is he doing!

He leans closer where I can see his eyes they were bright delicate orange.

I can move at all Im trying to escape but I don know how to use my power like he does where he disappears in thin air. His lips already met mine. I tried to budge but

my body wouldn move I was numb and the more he kissed me the more I was confused. His eyes were studying me as he kissed me gently. I was still in shock as he let go of my hands and broke the kiss.

At reflex, I slapped him I didn realize how strong I was that I hit him to the ground. I ran confused and found my way back home. I took the key and opened the door closing it shut behind me. My home was abandoned but it was still in good condition the windows were not shattered surprisingly and the stone-cold walls we
e a little bit cracked on each row. The wooden floor beneath me was light-colored the floor had a red rug where the living room was. A soft table was in the middle and so are the two couches in front of each other. A whole library full of dusty old books wherein each side of the room leaving an opening to my bedroom were the white bed is seen. The opening to the bathroom was by my bed and racks full of random clothes I found were hung to the left of my bed. Where you can spot the dining table which leaves another old red rug designed neatly underneath the dining table where the small kitchen was next to. After observing myself and the house it made me wonder about a lot of things about him. About how he stole the book from me and a kiss he stole from my very own lips. What had happened made no sense. I…I was terrified…

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