The Opening Shot

There is More to Him

he book I was holding in my right.

”so it seems your seeking the truth hmm.. how intreasting ”

”and? ”

He starts pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket.

”whats this? ”.

”Its the answer, ”

he puts it in my hand.

I open the folded paper to read it. It was the page that was ripped out.

”is it hard to believe? ”.

”no…but it is hard to believe who you are, ”

”what do you mean? ”.

”what I mean is that your a vampire, ”.

In surprise, his eyes widened causing him to get angry.

”What! how do you know that? ”

”I knew because I had a vision ”

He grabs my neck and throws me against the coffee table. The table breaks and I start losing my breath. He jumps up not realizing that I am suffocating.

”Im sorry, ” he says quckily. I get up from the table gasping for air

I cough ” why…why did you do that ”.

”I..I don know whats gotten into me Im sorry…Im supposed to be protecting you not hurting you, ”.

His eyes gleam in the darkness as he grabs the book from the floor fleeing. I still have the torn page and it read ”The eyes of a mighty one can withhold the past of any but withholding the future comes with a price ” I couldn understand what that meant just yet. But I had a feeling that he knew something I didn . So I decided to try and pursue him…

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