The Opening Shot


Unexpectedly the window clashed against the floor hitting my bed frame while I was fast alseep.The man in a gray cloak grabbed me by my waist with one arm and pulled me up by his left side. And because of this I couldn do anything but let him carry me away. I know someday I will know how to control my abilities but for now, I am hopless. As time passed he carried me to a dark alleyway by an old abandoned factory that used to make bread. He threw me on the ground which was cold and rigid and caused me to bruise. He squatted down to look at my face in pain after throwing me. He smiled at me then pulled back his hood and said ”hi Im Eric ” he says flirtatiously. I did not say a word but wince in front of him, during my pain he tried touching me my face.

My eyes felt like they were on fire I rose so quickly that some of the ground cracked as I punched him unnaturally and he went flying. With one punch he passed out and I dragged him to a house that was empty.

I tied him up by chains that were laying on the ground then moments later he opened his eyes while facing me.

I give him an intense gaze as he looks at me then he says something with a smirk on his face.

”Ahh turns out the little devil had some fire in her hahaha ”.

”I don see whats so funny at the moment, ” I say.

”Oh sweetheart, of course, you don its not like there is a bounty on your head for us bloodsuckers, ” he says with confidence.

”excuse me but…why I don understand why I am not dead if there is a bounty on my head? ” ”hahaha…sweetheart you make me laugh you
e practically protected by this mystic man who cherishes you deeply ”.

I was puzzled I had no earthly idea what he was literally protecting me from till this day. As time passed he told me about things including myself. ”wait let me get this straight…so you
e telling me that this whole time I had a bounty on my head since I have been here? ” I say. ”yes and mostly these sketchy people have been working there hardest to try and find you ”. ” but why? ” I say. ”life… ” he says.

I tried my best but he would not say anything else.

He was quiet and willing so I broke the chains letting him free as he stood up he grabbed my hand. Told me to follow him so that he can show me something.

Once we got there I gasped at the view even a butler was presented to me. Erick turned to look at me ”Avalin may you stay with us for the time being? ” he said. ”Well…yes for the meantime ”. The butler introduced himself to me while letting the gate open for us. The place was so rich and furnished it almost seemed like a castle.

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