The Opening Shot

Do you wanna know...?

Though this place is inviting and my old home was destroyed I was curious about why Eric was being kind he still did not tell me what was going on.

I waited for him to explain himself in this huge mansion he calls home for me after the incident. Erick looks at me in the eyes and says ” you deserve to know the truth ”. I didn say a word I let him speak.

” look I am sorry I went through your home, crashed the window, and threw you on the ground, ” he said.

” I am just glad your safe for now.. ”. I was confused until he explained to me that there was a stalker.

Checking to make sure I was kidnapped by him because in time he joined the group so he would be the one to catch me. He wanted to make a break for it to save me.

I was not too sure if he was just keeping me for himself..or cared for my well being.

A day later Eric was talking to a random stranger in front of the lawn of his house. After his conversation he said something to me in the bedroom when I woke. ” your so irresistible even the scent of you makes me crazy you
e the key to keeping me alive ”.

he got closer to me as he pushes me on the bed trying to bite me.

I struggled but then again when was I ever alone, I knew he would come for me. The door broke open and I was right he came just in time too.

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