The Opening Shot

Do you wanna know...?

red he had. His bed was a silky, red lavender, and so was the carpet on the floor.

He looks at where I was looking then looks back at me.

”ah yes. I see you like my own personal room its custom made by an old friend ”.

”Enough! tell me what you are hiding from me ” I am brutally angry at this given moment. My eyes start to glow as I feel a fire burn in me.

He was in shock at my reaction and I scare him.

”Forgive me I won waste any of your time I will tell you ”.

He continues, ”You are an old story that even humans know of, and you possess great power, strength, and humility. I stay silent as I listen to him speak for a moment. ”One thing that you don know is that you sustain us immortally ”. ” what? sustain who and how many? ”. ”Many dear that is why I protect you and I will never go back on my word ”.

He sits by me uncomfortable and it was my mistake, I lightly touch his hand. He holds it tight while talking ” I am so sorry… Im going to tell the story of who you are, what you are, and what I am to you.. ” I interrupt him kissing him softly on his lips after giving him a weak smile ” please..tell me I must know ”

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