The Opening Shot

The Past Is Now Your Own part 1/2

t and the humans considered them like royalty. Every need was fulfilled for both races which kept the peace between humans and immortals.

The ones with fangs hand been given blood by animals and the humans ate the meat that was left.

The world around them was cold and dark with light that only peaked enough to see. The grass died once a year and when it had grown back it grew brittle.

Over time the population of each race developed by the mighty ones taking the village and turning it into a city where everyone flourished. Every road was brick filled with lights where all could see the cities light and the glory of the kingdom.

The castle shimmered with wealth and power with humans visiting the mighty ones castle each year. The humans filled their city with flowers and more lights. So even in the darkest of places, they found hope…

Then the tables had turned the bloodthirsty grew weary and angry they knew their main substance to stay alive forever was the mighty ones blood. So they made a plan to attack.

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