The Opening Shot

The Past Is Now Your Own part 2/2

continues after finishing the story.

”Even when they did I still watched over you ”.

” I don know why me? why was I left? ”

” I didn understand that myself ” he holds my hand.

”Maybe your family left you on purpose, maybe theres a reason why you
e here? ”.

”How can I find out when Im the only one left.

He doesn say a word to me but gives me a look of concern.

Before I could say anything else Teresa opens the door. Then she looks at us in shock closing the door quickly.

”wait I was willing to ask you something ”. She opens the door once again looking at me puzzled.

”who me?…why would you ask me a question, ”.

”yes, Id like to know your story? ”.

” well…um ” she walks in the room slowly.

” I was forced to be here ”.

And from there Teresa told me her story. knowing that they are able to enlighten. I at least didn feel I was left in the dark as much

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