The Opening Shot

The Cult of Thirst

They planned to claim the kingdom and consume their blood for personal gain. Because they knew that they were immortal, but they didn need something to sustain their immortal body.

Thats when desperation kicked in the Vampires were on a rampage.

They sunk their teeth into anything they saw breathing.

Humans became frightened by them and then that fear turned into anger towards them.

The humans were getting ready to fight back and in the middle of this.

The mighty ones only wanted peace once more, but they failed to contain them.

The humans developed a new sense of technology that wiped out the vampires reign but their new generation was able to escape.

The mighty ones left there throne and saw that the kingdom they ruled lost its peace.

Since that day the mighty ones vanished leaving a poor child behind.

” It was you, of course, you were raised by your friends family that left you ” he continues after finishing the story.

”Even when they did I still watched over you ”.

” I don know why me? why was I left? ”

” I didn understand that myself ” he holds my hand.

”Maybe your family left you on purpose, maybe theres a reason why you
e here? ”.

”How can I find out when Im the only one left.

He doesn say a word to me but gives me a look of concern.

Before I could say anything else Teresa opens the door. Then she looks at us in shock closing the door quickly.

”wait I was willing to ask you something ”. She opens the door once again looking at me puzzled.

”who me?…why would you ask me a question, ”.

”yes, Id like to know your story? ”.

” well…um ” she walks in the room slowly.

” I was forced to be here ”.

And from there Teresa told me her story. knowing that they are able to enlighten. I at least didn feel I was left in the dark as much

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