The Oracle Paths

-2 Status/ Oracle System

Chapter -2 Status/ Oracle System

Here is a summary of how the Oracle works, which I will complete as the story progresses. Youll also find here Jakes stats and skills ( and other characters if you ask me) in this section, with the chapter number to which they correspond.

The Oracle device has two main functions: Status and Guidance.

*Guidance= Prediction, Shadow Guide and Coaching

-Prediction: Give a path to achieve what you want.

-Shadow Guide: Is a self-double showing how to achieve the Path.

-Coaching: Shows the rewards, drawbacks and risks associated with a Path. May also present opportunities in the form of ”Missions ” or ”Quests ”.

*Status= Stats+ Skills proficiencies

There are two different statuses= Aether Status and Body Status. Both status combined give the Real Status.

Body Status= Attributes of our body, depending on the Genetic Code.

==u003e Its a raw value, like ”mass ”, that doesnt change with gravity, unlike ”weight ”. It corresponds to the quality of the body.

The attributes are: Strength(S), Agility(A), Constitution(C), Vitality(V), Intelligence(I), Perception (P),

The average is 10 points for a full-grown man.

Aether Status= Attributes of the Aether, depending on the Aetheric Code.

=u003e The Aether is pure energy preceding and present in everything.(Aetheru003eEnergyu003eMatter)

The Aether level/density determines how matter and energy interact, via a coefficient. On Earth, the average is 10 points also to make a symmetry with the Body Status, but the coefficient is 1 (so divide by 10).

Body Status*Aether Status= Real attributes


-On Earth: Body stats= Real Stats, because Aether coefficient=1 (=10 Aether points)

-On other planets the Aether coefficient can change, like the gravity and so on…


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