The Oracle Paths

Chapter 10 Good nigh


”Xi? Youre sleeping? ” He probed like an idiot., already knowing the answer. He didnt have any good opener to break the ice anyway.


There was no answer, but somehow he felt an almost tangible contempt arising from his Oracle device.

[I am an AI. I dont need sleep.]

”Of course, you dont! Can you get bored? How do you keep yourselves busy? ” He asked curiously.

[Authority level insufficient.]

”Whatever! I mused about something. No one can see my Oracle System nor my Paths, right? ”

[That is true. For everyone else, you will look the same but with a new black shiny bracelet to your right wrist. If you decide it, you can even dissimulate it under your skin, thus appearing perfectly normal.]

”Is it why the Oracle Overseer denied the possibility of this mouse not having an Oracle device? ” He suddenly remembered that the bracelet could indeed have been invisible under the mouse fur, even though the latter skin was quite translucent so it was unlikely.


[A low intelligence mammal would never be able to consciously hide their Oracle device. Only animals with a highly-evolved brain would have a remote chance to accomplish such a feat. Giant octopus and sperm whales can definitely do it. Some apes, dolphins, whales, elephants too. Maybe a few parrots or crows, but certainly not a mouse. In comparison, a rat has a better chance to succeed.]

She was basically admitting that there was something wrong with this rodent. Anyway! He didnt intend to have a nightmare tonight. So, where were we? Ah yes, seeing the Paths.

”Is there a way to know when someones actions are guided by the Shadow Guide? ” He wondered, spontaneously thinking of a few ways.

[There is only one sure way. Put your Oracle device in contact with the suspects bracelet. But the Oracle A.I or the owner can refuse you the access to his System if your authority level is insufficient.]

”Wait, wait, wait. ” Jake became agitated hearing this. ”Do you mean anyone with a higher level of authority could check my Paths and data anytime? Thats a breach of privacy! ”

[It is more complicated than that. Not every information is accessible to the one initiating the forceful contact. Your memories are safe; I can guarantee that. Other Shadow Guides and Paths cant be seen either. However, Status, and the numbers of Paths currently trodden can be seen.]

”Phew. It is not as bad as what I imagined for a moment. ” He sighed with relief. ”So what are the non-sure ways to know when someone follow a Path? ”

[Observation. Vacant look, latencies in reacting or responding abnormal behavior, eyes focusing or moving from left to right as if reading and so on. If you look carefully enough, you will naturally see flaws appear.]

[Paths are great tools to grant your wishes, but you cant become over-reliant on them. With every living being on Earth having an Oracle assisting them, you will soon realize that Prediction and Shadow-Guide are not all powerful. They are only tools. A monkey will use a rifle as a stick. Dont be the monkey.]

[As you improve yourself more and more, new Paths will open to you. So from now on, you cant be lazy as you had always been. Otherwise, you will be left behind on the starting line.]

Xis warning repeated in a loop inside his head, while he yawned. At last, Morpheuss arms were coming for him.

”Good night Xi. ” He said half-asleep.

She responded softly a few minutes later. Jake serene breathing showed how deeply asleep he was.

”Good night Jake. I hope you can still sleep peacefully like this when you will know what the future holds for your planet. ”

Jake never heard her last sentence, his consciousness already blown away by the wind of sleepiness.

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