The Oracle Paths

Chapter 13 Expectations and reality

ally unique that could redeem this somber description, that would be her eyes. She had different colored eyes. The left eye was a deep marine blue while the right one was amethyst-colored. It was just a detail, but Jake had never seen such eyes. It was enough to catch his attention.

Despite her terrible appearance, her eyes were full of spirit. She didnt seem to care about how he scrutinized her, as if she had long been used to the reactions her physique could trigger. She determinedly moved her wheelchair to his reception desk.

Remembering the mission and Xis warning, Jake got a hold of himself, acting as if it was his cousin in front of him. Fortunately, it was not so hard. As an introvert, it would have been impossible to act normally before a top model, but with a woman like this… It was effortless.

”Hello young lady, what can I do to help you? ” He asked with a friendly smile.

The disabled woman stopped an instant slightly disconcerted. There was something off with this receptionist attitude. It was unlike anything she was used to. Where was the condescending look full of disdain or pity? It was almost as if he didnt care. Almost.

She owed her cursed appearance to the False Third World War. Her parents lived on the outskirts of London when the city was nuked. Not even fifteen kilometers away from the capital. They had seen the weird multicolored light, listened to the frightened screams reverberating from afar. The couple didnt evacuate immediately. As many ignorant people, they just waited, staying comfy at home.

Then they watched how a military bomber flew above them to finally drop the nuclear bomb that would destroy their future. The couple was not in the impact zone, so they survived just fine.

However, as communications were cut off for a time, they waited again for official instructions from the authorities. This waiting forfeited their lives.

The nuclear cloud reached far beyond Londons suburb. Because London had a rainy weather, the radioactive fallout didnt spare them. It rained buckets of radioactive water for days and no one could escape this unscathed. When it stopped raining, nuclear dust had infiltrated everything.

When the nuclear winter officially began and her parents were finally evacuated, it was too late. Her father having been exposed to the rain died a few weeks later from global body necrosis while her mother, less exposed, survived a few months.

At this time, she was already pregnant. She lived the last months of her life in a hospital under permanent medical care. A cesarean gave birth prematurely to her daughter. After her mothers death, she was sent to live at her aunts home.

At this point, the teratogenic properties of the radiations had already caused irreversible damages. She was certainly not the only poor orphan born like this, but not many of them survived with so many complications.

It couldnt be seen from her exterior appearance, but she also had congenital heart disease. Her heart was misshapen, not strong enough to pump blood efficiently. She had to wear support stocking under her clothes to avoid edemas and was easily tired. She also had a very weak immune system that made her easily fall sick.

Her life was a living hell, but she still wanted to find happiness.

However, Jake was not wrong thinking she desired what she couldnt have. In the 22nd century, it was not hard to regrow some limbs by 3D printing her new legs. Scoliosis could also be taken care of. Even her defective heart could be replaced.

However, all this was under the assumption you could pay for it. Those kinds of advanced technologies would definitely not be wasted on a cripple like her. Most of all, her body was very weak. It was unsure if she could endure such a surgery.

”Are you ok miss? ” Inquired Jake with a concerned voice, drawing her out of her thoughts.

”Im fine. ” She answered with an almost inaudible voice. Her voice was surprisingly mellifluous and had nothing of the roughness her appearance presumed.

”So, how can I help you? ”

”I am here for the qualifying rounds. ” She answered sincerely.

”Oh, have you not seen the announcement on the internet? The VRGF competition has been canceled because of the Oracles devices impact. Too many competitors asked for a deferment.

She suddenly grimaced as if she was about to dissolve in tears. This VR competition seemed very important to her.

”Dont worry, its probably just delayed for a few days. The time for people to adapt. To be frank, you are our first customer of the day. ” He explained patiently to her the situation.

She finally calmed down. It was not easy for her to come here alone with her wheelchair.

”Can I use a VR room then? They should all be free at the moment. ” She asked with her hope renewed.

”Indeed, they are. I just need a name for the register. ” Jake confirmed.

”Ruby. Ruby Hale. ”

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