The Oracle Paths

Chapter 14 The customer is king

ell, these languages havent vanished yet. Old people dont adapt so easily and many families use their native language at home. ” Jake assured her it wouldnt be so fast for the Earth to be united under one tongue.

Jake opened for her the VR room she had chosen, letting her put down her jacket on one of the resting seats in the room. In spite of the summer heatwave, Ruby had a cold body, unable to warm up.

”Now I need you to help me equipping the VR gear. ” She reminded him with a shy voice.

”Oh, ok… It is just the first time I have to help someone to equip this, so Im not sure how I should proceed. ” He admitted slightly embarrassed.

” No worries! Its quite simple. ” She promised with a confident tone. ”Just pass me the VR suit and let me get changed. ”

”Oh, ah yes I need to go out, of course… ”

Jake waited patiently outside the VR room for his customer to finish changing herself. When she called him, he walked back inside.

”Then, what should I do now? ” He asked for the next step.

”Just bring my wheelchair on the treadmill under the straps hanging from the ceiling of the VR capsule. ”

Jake obeyed, pushing her to the right position.

”Ok, now I need you to attach the straps to my VR suit. Once it is done, adjust the straps length so that Im not too close to the ground. I can do it myself if you carry me for a few seconds. ” She suggested, her face going red.

Jake awkwardly took her in his arms, princess carry style. Ruby was very light and bony according to his fingers feedback where they touched her body. As ugly and handicapped as she was, he couldnt help himself but think how nice she smelled. It was a scent very different from the deathly one he expected.

If he had one bad sense to mention, that would be his sense of smell. For that matter, the Oracle Status was formal about this. His perception stat was 10 points as every healthy male, but when he had looked at his sub-attributes, he had discovered his sense of smell only had 7 points. His sight and hearing were above average, though.

To return to the subject, she smelled nice, but he was unable to describe this fragrance, even less put a name on it. He wouldnt recognize the scent of roses if he smelled it, even less so a complex perfume like this one. All he could say was that it reminded him in a way the fragrance of red berries.

Ruby quickly adjusted the straps length, then did a double knot, showing how experienced she was.

”You can let go of me now. It should hold just fine. ”

Jake released her body. She was now hanging in the air thanks to the straps.

”You said, you were here for the qualifying rounds, right? Then how were you supposed to compete without legs? ”

Jake realized after asking that his question was a bit too personal, but he had worried for nothing. Ruby didnt seem to care at all.

”I only play Mage classes that can fly. Disabled people can fill in a form when playing VR games to explain the nature of their handicap. Most games adjust the gameplay like this depending on your disabilities. ”

”It makes sense. ” He nodded with an expression of understanding.

”So what simulation game am I supposed to try with you? ” He asked again.

”Thats a surprise. Change in a VR suit then tie yourself up exactly like I did. Put a VR helmet, then I will invite you in the game. ” She explained.

When it came to the games she loved, Ruby was quite confident and decisive.

Slightly expectant now, Jake hurried in another simulation room. The main difference with normal VR rooms was that they could simulate rain, wind, sand and so on. For this, the multidirectional treadmill, the walls, and ceiling of the capsule needed to be built differently. They needed to be porous to facilitate the passage of air, water or any other matters improving the immersion.

Once fully equipped and tied up, he turned on the VR helmet. He logged with his real name. Even, if Ruby didnt know it, he was the only other person online in the center. After a while, he received Rubys invitation.

Invitation accepted.

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