The Oracle Paths

Chapter 17 The way to survival


[-Mission: Improve your knowledge and survival skills.]

[Authority level: +40%]

A long list of books or activities to perform was given to read and learn by heart. It was not worth considering. With his procrastinator mindset, he would give up far too soon.

[-Mission: Improve your communication skills.]

[Authority level: +30%]

[-Mission: Improve your body and brain]

[Authority level: + 30%]

As soon as he turned on the Paths, he realized it would be painful and costly. His cheap vegan blends were considered unsuitable for his objective. First, he would have to go shopping again. Second, he would have to prepare and cook all his meals. He also had dietary supplements to buy he knew nothing about. Basically, it would cost him an arm and a leg.

If you added to the equation the books and the potential lessons he would have to pay for, he would have been ruined in an instant without his prudent investment. He was also asked to buy illegal weapons. In France, you could hardly get hold of firearms without having a specific license. Bladed weapons were different, but swords or katanas were mostly collectibles.

Concerning firearms, Jake could call his uncle Kalen. This gentle-looking middle-aged man had a military background and used to be a colonel. He had retired early in order to begin a career in politics. It was a failure but he still had many contacts.

Life was full of surprises. He had not called his uncle for months and was now about to give him a call for the second time in two days.

Uncle Kalen answered at the first beep.

”Hey, Jake! I was thinking I wouldnt hear your voice before a few months with all the money I lent you. ” The old colonel teased with a somewhat happy tone.

”worry not, you will have your money with interests in a few days. ” He guaranteed. ”I am calling you for another reason. I need some firearms and a lot of ammunition. ”

Uncle Kalen who was trimming the vegetal hedges around his villa dropped his shears upon hearing his nephews demand.

”Have you lost your mind?! What do you want a fire weapon for? ”

”Obviously, to protect myself. ” Jake said solemnly. He also decided to warn his uncle. ”You are not stupid uncle. The government secrecy, the alien spaceship, the recent news. Question your Oracle, you will naturally find some anomalies in his answers.

”If you dont have a gun, you should get one too. ”

Kalen pondered over his words for a while. Maybe, he remembered some recent news or perhaps he was interrogating his own Oracle right now. After a few minutes, he had taken his decision.

”All right. I will have to ask my old friends, but I can definitely get you a proper license. Recently, the darknet has been too risky, so dont try to look there. ”

Jake almost facepalmed. Did this old fox really think he was working for the mafia or something? He didnt even know how to access the darknet! True, he was an eminent cheater at video-games. Yet, except for that and a tiny little bit of illegal downloading, he was a lawful abiding citizen.

Afterward, they exchanged small talk with each other before hanging up. Jake also tried to contact his cousin Anya to warn her too, but she couldnt be reached. It was not unusual coming from her, so he didnt fret about this.

Jake spent his morning taking care of his grocery list at the commercial center. The previous shopping cart he had kept with him from his last outing was still faithfully accompanying him. When he finally came back home, he had become poor again. However, it was just temporary. His bank account would be back at full health in a few days time.

He fed his cat, relaxed for an hour or so and at last took a deep and resolute breath. The laziness was strong in this one. It wouldnt be easy for him to act the opposite of what his instincts told him. He got dressed in a training outfit that he hadnt worn since his university days.

At first, he wanted to wear a loose short and tee-shirt with the intense heat, but the Shadow Guide had decided he wouldnt do anything right by himself.

When Jake got out of his apartment, he was dressed as for a winter workout, even wearing a parka above his outfit. He was

sweating like an old pig brought to a slaughterhouse. His motivation was already leaving him. He wanted to go back.

But then, he walked by next to the dark back alley that was still giving him nightmares. He couldnt hear any noises inside. He was convinced. There were no stray cats in this lane anymore. The fear struck him back at full power, leaving him panting heavily. When he calmed down, he vowed to himself he would never let a mouse or any other monstrosities fuck with his mind.

His determination rose again. His first training of a long series had begun.

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